Why Foreigners Like Russian Women

It’s no secret that Russian women are one of the most desirable brides in the world. Quite a few Europeans and Americans want to marry a Russian girl. What makes those women so special that the foreigners use all the possible Internet resources to meet a Slavic girl or even cross the ocean to see her in real life? Here are some features typical of Russian women that the foreigners do appreciate prepared by Brides Stars Site.



1). Russian girls are feminine

To be a woman does not automatically mean to be womanly. European women can serve a good example of that. As to Russian women, no one will argue their femininity. Even when they don’t wear high heels, they look more womanly than most of the European women. Even putting on jeans and sneakers they want them to fit well and look attractive. They manage to look womanly even in fur coats and parkas.

2. Russian women take good care of themselves.

They always want to look stunning and men from all over the world like them for it. Russian women wear makeup even if they’re simply going for a walk. Some of them may overuse cosmetics, though. Anyway, it is their striving for looking great at all times and in all places that make them so magnetic for foreigners.

3. Russian women are caring wives.

Of course, she doesn’t have to satisfy a man’s every whim and put his needs and wishes above her own. However, every man loves to be cared for. Russian men are spoilt by their women’s attention and caring. Foreigners have heard about how careful and loving Slavic women are, that’s why it’s another reason why they’re attracted to Russian girls. Being careful doesn’t mean running a man round. However, even a small bit of attention will melt the heart of the most brutal man. European women don’t consider it to be their duty to take care of a man the way Russian women still do. European and American women don’t treat their men with kid gloves, so those men start looking for a wife from Russia or Ukraine.

4. Russian women want to have a family and children.

It’s a pity that more and more European women don’t want to start a family because they just don’t want to take care of children and dedicate their life to someone else. They are childfree consciously and by choice.
Most Western women are really concerned with their career and often stay single until their 40s. Despite all those feminism trends, Russian women cherish family values and are willing to become good wives and mothers. That’s what foreigners like them for.

5. Russian women don’t mind a man being the head of the family.

No matter how eagerly Western women struggle for sex equality, not all men are ready to live according to this model. Due to this, foreigners want to have a traditional family relationship with a Russian wife. They want a family where a man is a head and a breadwinner and a woman is a quiet and tender housewife managing the household and taking care of children. That’s a dream family of most foreigners.

6. Russian women are grateful.

Sometimes, their life can’t be called a fairyland. It concerns, first of all, those women living in small Russian towns and villages. That’s why, those Russian women married to foreigners are very grateful if men offer them to move abroad. In their turn, women show much attention and give all their warmth to their spouses. As the foreign women can’t be surprised by material benefits, you can’t expect from them the same level of gratefulness.

7. Russian women are excellent cookers.

It’s a bit exaggerated statement since not all of them like cooking or can cook at all. However, their bred-in-the-bone desire to create comfort and to be a good wife and mother often makes up for their lack of cooking skills. No doubt, Western women can cook, but they don’t have that drive to care about their husbands and do everything to ensure their comfort.