WhatsApp Pranks That You can Play on Your Friends

How hasn’t played a prank on their friend’s right? Every one of us has chosen to play a hilarious or mean joke on our friend at a point of time. And with the growing generation, a lot of pranks have also gone online with playing image pranks and text pranks with friends. Well, this is where Whatsapp also plays a great role as this is one of the most widely used messaging apps.



And if you are here then it inevitably means that you already know about Whatsapp & you too want to play pranks on your friends because he/she played a trick on you or if you want to play around with your friend.

So let me start off with the list of the prank Whatsapp messages that you can play on your friend but note that all this has to be a part of the prank or informational purpose and should be used to with certain restrictions.

List of few of the best Whatsapp Pranks that you can try on your Friends:


Creating your own Prank Fake Conversation:

With all the Smartphone’s taking over the world of technology, with a new app or game release you will be able to see screenshots of the app running all over. And this also goes the same for messaging app. If you see a funny text then what you will be able to notice is that the screenshot has the funny incident has been running through the social media network like Volt.

Well if you see a similar text from Whatsapp then just ignore it because it’s probably a fake one. How? Well just head over to prankwhats.com and then all you have to do is follow a few simple steps to create your own new Whatsapp message the way you want.

How you can use it is make fun of your friend by saying something stupid (just as a prank).

Create and Send a Prank Message To your Friend:

Now with this trick you can easily play a trick on your friends as a whole new different person. You will be acting like a totally different person as you will be using any number you want so your friend won’t even notice that it would be you.

Now to make is trick work for you the first thing that you will need to do is collect your friend’s id. Different users have a different id so you will need to get your friends id on which you are willing to play the trick.

You will get the id from Setting>About>Status and when you have it, you will need to go the site prankwhats.com. Now you will need to enter in all the details that will be asked at the site and that are it.

Note that this trick is a little on the serious side so know the limit of this texting prank or you may get a black eye.

Image Conversion Trick:

Remember those greeting where you need to click on the picture and just as you do so it changes into a whole new image. No not the GIF images, Do you know how to make them?

Well all you have to do is install an app called Fhumb for all iOS users and Magiapp for all android users and then you can follow the steps to create any type of image that changes on click.

Whatsapp Spy:

Well when tricks need to be more of serious type then you can always go for a serious chat tracking which is a dream for all spying people. Though it isn’t recommended to use this trick using is against rights and so it is illegal.

What you can do as a prank is simply track the usage of the texts and take a screen shot and tell them that you know their entire secret and start exposing them one after another.

Also for all the boys and girls who want to spy on their loved ones which is indeed a part of the making them trustworthy (LOL) can use this app to keep a track on their opposite loved ones. To do that you will need to download an app from right here: http://www.spymasterpro.com/.

Note that the app isn’t for free and it is also not recommended to get this app as using this app for spying without the knowledge of the user is an illegal action.

And so these are the list of few of the best Whatsapp tricks that you can use as a prank too for getting down with having a fun time with your friends or loved ones.