Tattoos designs for Men [Best Design Ideas]

Tattoo designs for men : Tattoos are the most amazing part of the body art which looks superb when done correctly. They are really famous among the youth. In this modern world you can find many people who possess a tattoo on their body part. But one should also aware of the pain and after effects done by these tattoos. So a nice and experienced tattoo artist should be chosen for the tattoo designs. Also the decent tattoo designs should be chosen when you are getting a tattoo inked for the first time.

tattoos designs for men

When it comes to getting tattoo done on your body for the first time then many confusion arises that which design should be chosen for which body part. So we are here to clear all your doubts about the tattoo designs for men. We have listed out many tattoo designs for men which are absolutely stunning and creative. Although one get very much pain while getting these tattoos done but still they looks amazing afterwards.

Best small tattoos designs for Men

1). Sword tattoos designs for Men

Sword tattoo designs look best on the arms. A person should have a nice physique and muscled arms for such kind of tattoos. With some additions in the existing sword designs, they can be modified easily. You can add the snake rolled over the sword to give it a mysterious look. These tattoos are not so much in trend in these days but still many guys can be seen having these tattoos on their body. Such sword tattoos for men can also be related to some mythological beliefs.

2). Scripture tattoos designs for Men

Scripture tattoos are those tattoos which possess the mythological verse and holds cultural importance. These tattoos can be the lines from the bible or from any other holy book. It all depends upon the wearer that what kind of scripture he wants on his body. The best body part for these kinds of tattoos can be the forearm or chest. As the chest covers up the heart so these tattoos leave their impression on our feelings too. The design of the alphabet should be chosen correctly for such types of tattoos.

3). Celtic tattoos designs for Men

Celtic tattoos are those types of tattoos which hold a special importance for someone. They are seen as the good luck charm for people. Celtic tattoos are the old symbols of good luck and good vibes. They are different from other tattoos. They can be lucky for many according to their belief. They are related to the old mythological stories and tales. They have their own importance and that is why their design should not be changed even a bit.

4). Love tattoos designs for Men

Love is all about sacrificing your wishes for your love. It is not about a give and take relation but about caring for no reason. And that is why people have started to dedicate a tattoo for their loved ones. It can be the name of someone written on your wrist. It can also be the heart with her name’s initial on your arm. There are many tattoo designs for men to dedicate to their girl. It is all about the dedication and love for someone in your heart.

5). Dragon tattoos designs for Men

Dragon is not only a fire spitting imagination but part of culture of many countries like Japan and China. Dragon is seen as the symbol of strength, power and superiority. No one can over a dragon just like that the wearer of a tattoo feels the same after getting inked with the dragon tattoo designs for men. The best body part to get a dragon tattoo is the back as it provides a large area. Dragon spitting fire, dragon with red eyes and dragon with amazing wings is some of the designs of the dragon tattoo.

6). Aquatic plants tattoos designs for Men

These tattoos are very artistic and look marvelous when done by using different colors. These types of tattoo should be done on those parts which are revealing enough to show off these tattoos. So mostly hands and legs are chosen for these tattoo designs for men. They look very much real and look better than the tree tattoos. These aquatic designs are mind blowing and look very much ravishing.

7). Biomechanical tattoos designs for Men

Biomechanical tattoos are just like the 3 dimensional tattoos but their designs are completely different with that of the 3 D tattoo designs for men. Their designs are similar of those robotic designs or machinery parts. The best body part for getting these tattoos done is the shoulder and legs. They look very much real like a futuristic vision. Their price is also high with respect to the normal designs.

8). Portrait tattoos designs for Men

Portraits are the beautiful pictures of a person done with showing extreme example of modern art. This modern art when done in form of tattoos then it is called the body art. Portrait tattoos can be of your loved ones or just random ones. They always looks the best on the back as they get enough area out there but you can also choose the chest for them.

9). Tribal tattoos designs for Men

Tribal tattoos are the most common type of tattoos that a guy with great physique always opts for. They look great on well built and muscled arms. They look the best on the shoulders and arms. You can also use some part of the chest or back to extend these tattoos. It really pains a lot while you get these tattoos done on your body. But along with the pain they look fabulous after you get done with these. They are always done in black color because it makes them look more tribal.

10). Angel tattoos designs for Men

Angels are the significance of love, togetherness, peace and harmony. They are believed to be such creatures that wear white clothes and have white wings. They guard us and protects us form the evil. Many people get these angel tattoos done on them. if these tattoos are done with small designs and with different colors then they give a girly look. So for the tattoo designs for men they should always be done in black color and also in from of a portrait. You can opt for the designs like withered wings, flying angels and innocent angels as the tattoo to be inked.

11). 3D tattoo tattoos designs for Men

The new addition in the category of tattoo designs for men is the 3 dimensional tattoos. Just like their name they look so real that it is very tough to judge that whether it is a tattoo or your natural skin. Some people also get such tattoos done in which the superhero costume seems peeping from their skin which looks so real. 3 D tattoos are very much in trend these days. As their designs are limited but unique so their price is also high and the tattoo artists doing 3 D tattoos are very less.

12). Dove tattoos designs for Men

Dove is a bird which is the symbol of love and peace. Many people who are against of violence get these tattoos done on their bodies. Dove tattoos can be drawn on the back and chest of your body. You can also get a small dove tattoo inked on your arm. You can get some quotes inked with them also you can get other peaceful designs got inked along with them. dove tattoos are never out of fashion and they always look fabulous on your body.

13). Tree tattoos designs for Men

Tree tattoos includes the black horror looking trunk along with the withered leaves here and there. Such designs should not be drawn using different colors as they only look great in black color. This gives them an artistic look. You can get these tattoo designs for men inked on your forearm or on the leg also. Instead of proceeding from hand to palm you can proceed from palm to hand in such designs of tattoos.

14). Skull tattoos designs for Men

Who is not aware of the bad boyish skull tattoo designs for men? They look amazing on everyone. It is not even necessary to have a great built for such kind of tattoos. They look amazing on the back of the body. You can get them inked on your complete back. Or the shoulder and the arm is also a nice place to have these tattoos on. The skull having bandana, the smoking skull or the skull with horror eyes are the few examples of skull tattoo designs for men. –

15). Bird tattoos designs for Men

The black chirping and flying bird all over the places and scattered on your body part looks so amazing as the tattoo designs for men. It is a misconception that they look good only on girls but the fact is that they look awesome on everyone. The best body part to have this tattoo on is your wrist or you can also get them inked on your shoulder too. They make a great and full of life tattoo designs for men.