Small Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women

Tattoo Ideas for Women: Tattoos are not only meant for the guys. In today’s world women are also getting themselves inked here and there. They are not at all afraid of the pain by these tattoos.

There are some amazing tattoo ideas for women which looks better than the guys. But before getting yourself inked, you should always take care of the pain you are going to receive. There are many girls who stop the process in between out of pain. But it takes even more painful laser surgery to get these tattoos undone from your skin.

But if you are totally sure about getting a tattoo on your body then this section is completely for you. You need not to get confused about the tattoo ideas for women as we have plenty of them. In this section, we have listed out some really amazing and great tattoo ideas for women. Some of them are for the strong personality women, and some of them are quite cute too. You can opt for any tattoo design according to your wish.

Here are the descriptions of each tattoo designs which one can go for. They are so good that you need not to think twice before getting inked with them. You just have to think, and the design is all yours to be inked forever on your body.

1). Back Tattoos Ideas for Women

Back is the most attractive and beautiful part of a women’s body. It is the largest area to be given as the canvas for the tattoo designs. We can choose some really large and complex tattoo ideas for women on this part. There are a lot of designs available to get the back of a women inked. You can try out something really amazing for this purpose.

You can try out the designs like bow and butterfly on the back. This is not necessary that you use the complete back for drawing the tattoo designs. You can use it in such a way that it looks attractive plus complete at the same time. You can also try out the designs like crown and quotes at the back.

tattoos ideas for women

2). Half Sleeve Tattoos Ideas for Women

If you want your tattoo to be revealed according to your choice, then this one is for you. Half sleeve tattoo ideas for women as insanely awesome. There are some great designs available for this that you just cannot resist yourself from it. As the name suggests, it is drawn on the part from shoulder to the elbow of the arm.

There are a lot of designs available for this part of the body. But when you are opting out the tattoo for the first time then you should not choose the half sleeves tattoos for it. You should opt for such place which is more revealing and visible. You can try out the designs like flowers, skulls and many more for the half sleeve tattoos for women.

tattoos ideas for women

3). Leg Tattoos Ideas for Women

If you are not the one who believe in revealing then leg tattoos are the best options for you. You can try out different tattoo ideas for women over the different lengths of legs. If you do not want a large tattoo then you can go for a small tattoo over your feet. This area gives you the options of numerous small and unique designs.

There are versatile designs available for the legs. You can choose such designs which make it look like you are wearing the stockings. You can also choose the identical designs for both the legs. There are also designs like of anklets which looks so beautiful on feet. These small designs also cause less pain on the body part.

tattoos ideas for women

4). Wrist Tattoos Ideas for Women

Wrists are the most delicate part to get a tattoo on. Although this is quite in trend to get inked out there in these days. According to the taste of the youth, there are a lot of designs available for the wrist tattoos. If you are a first timer, then you should never go for the tattoo ideas for women on the wrist. The tattoos inked on wrist cause a lot of pain.

The tattoos inked on the wrist are quite small yet classy. You can extend them up to the lower half of your hand. You can draw the design of key on your wrist and lock on your guy’s wrist. You can also go for the symbols like infinity. A short quote can also be chosen for the purpose. There are also some tattoos which are continued to the wrist of another hand.

tattoos ideas for women

5). Neck Tattoos Ideas for Women

Tattoos done on this part of the body are quite revealing and cool. A tattoo is done on the neck gives the feeling of tom boyish and carefree. You should care of it a lot because the neck is quite delicate body part. You can either go for the side part of the neck or the back part. There are various tattoo ideas for women available for the neck.

You can go for the designs like cross and someone’s name on the neck. There are also designs like Arabic words. You can also go for the amazing rose tattoo on the neck. You can also go for the words like ‘dreamer’ and ‘free bird’ to be inked on the neck.

tattoos ideas for women

6). Full Sleeve Tattoo Ideas for Women

Full sleeve tattoos as the name depicts are the tattoos which are drawn on the entire length of the arm. They give a look of the bold and strong personality of women. The amazing tattoos can be included by the tattoos like the sword and the Mexican skull.

The tattoo ideas for women for the full sleeves are quite awesome. But make sure that you only opt for them if you are ready to reveal these tattoos. You can also go for the tribal tattoos which also cover your shoulder till the entire length of your arm.

tattoos ideas for women

7). Finger Tattoo Ideas for Women

Fingers are the most delicate part to get a tattoo on. But it looks quite cool and amazing when we get inked out there. They are quite creative and look so adorable. There is a very little space out there so only small designs can be drawn on the fingers. The tattoo ideas for women on the finger are quite less, but they are definitely so much attractive.

You can get the designs like the crown and the key inked on your tiny delicate fingers. They look like you are totally ruling over the world. You can also prefer designs like the heart, the sun and the moon and the stars too. The arrow signs can also be chosen for the purpose.

tattoos ideas for women

8). Shoulder Tattoo Ideas for Women

Shoulders are the part which is the best one for the bold tattoos. Tattoo designs like skull and other badass tattoos looks perfect on them. a skull drawn in 3 dimensional designs looks perfect on the shoulder. If you wear an off shoulder top then the slightly revealing tattoo seems even more attractive and hotter one.

The tattoo ideas for women over the shoulder are totally amazing. You can go for the star tattoo on the shoulder. You can also choose the tattoos like butterfly and flowers on the shoulder. A tree tattoo on the shoulder would also look good if done perfectly. Designs like the music notations and quotes are also done on the shoulder. Scenery can also be drawn on the shoulder in a mysterious look.

tattoos ideas for women

9). Angel Tattoo Ideas for Women

Angels are the always seen as the symbol of love, peace, and togetherness. If you want to modify the angel tattoo, then you can go for the fairy tattoos. They are small and quite girly which gives you a bubbly feeling. There are various ways in which you can get the tattoos of angels done on your body. They are always serene and beautiful, and there are numerous tattoo ideas for women on it.

There are various tattoos like flying angels and grief angels. You can also get the wings of an angel inked on your back which looks totally mind blowing. You can also get inked with the angel and demon tattoo together. There are also the angels of motherhood and guarding angels which can be drawn on different body parts.

tattoos ideas for women

10). Eagle Tattoo Ideas for Women

The tattoo of eagle represents the traits like power, cunningness, and formidability. Eagle is regarded as the “king of the sky”. Hence, the bearer of the tattoo should have such a personality that totally matches up with the tattoo. The tattoo ideas for women regarding the eagle give them the look of bold and strong. There are different designs available for this purpose.

You can simply go for the eagle’s wings at the back as they give the message of freedom. A girl can also go for a small eagle tattoo on the wrist along with the tag ‘free bird’. You can get us different rebellious quotes along with the tattoo to give it a more rebellious look. These tattoos are totally in for the women. You can also have an eagle tattoo in the form of a tribal tattoo.

tattoos ideas for women

11). Skull Tattoo Ideas for Women

Skull tattoos are popularly inked over the body of men. But there are a lot of badass women who love the skull tattoos. This is not necessary to get the large skull tattoos done on your skin. You can also go for some small skull tattoos. The skull tattoo ideas for women are quite interesting and unique too.

You can go for the skull tattoo which is effective in the UV rays. It will give you a totally different look. You can also go for the two skull tattoos on two fingers; one is black and another one white. You can also have a skull tattoo with rose done on your back just below the neck which gives you a totally carefree look. There are also the designs of Mexican skulls which are totally different from the normal skull designs.

tattoos ideas for women

12). Scripture Tattoo Ideas for Women

Scripture tattoos can also be termed as the quote tattoos. But there is slightly difference between both of them. Scripture tattoos are basically the verse derived from some religious books. But quotes are the sayings said by some people. You can get a scripture tattoo done on your wrist or the arm. This is the perfect place to get these tattoos done.

Scripture tattoos are so inspiring that they can totally change your perspective. These can give a powerful message to you which will remain with you even after your death. Scripture tattoo ideas for women are just like the men. You can get any verse inked on your body from any religious books. You can choose Bible for it as there are some amazing quotes in the bible which are totally inspiring.

tattoos ideas for women

13). Picture Tattoo Ideas for Women

There are many people who get the picture of their wife or children inked on their body. Now this is your time to do the same for them. You can get a picture of your husband inked on your body. This can be a surprise gift for him. Picture tattoos cause a lot of pain so you should think twice before getting inked from such tattoos.

There are also some other picture tattoo ideas for women available. You can also get a picture of someone special inked on your body. Shoulders are the perfect place for such tattoos. You can also use some quotes under these tattoos as the tribute.

tattoos ideas for women

14). Portrait Tattoo Ideas for Women

Portrait tattoos are different from those picture tattoos. Their sculpture as the tattoos gives an artistic look to your body part. They always look adorable and turn your body part into a canvas. Many people prefer to have portrait tattoos in black color only. But you can play with the colors and get an extra ordinary portrait tattoo done on your body.

There are a lot of unique tattoo ideas for women of the portrait tattoos. They are quite eye catching. You can choose the back for the portrait tattoos as they cover a large area of the body. Portraits of famous personalities like marlin Monoro and your favorite people would be perfect for you. You can also get a portrait of your mother inked on your body. This would look totally mesmerizing for your mother.

tattoos ideas for women


15). Short Tattoo Ideas for Women

If you are not the type of girl who believes in being loud, then this one is for you. You can go for the small and short tattoos. They are small in size but are quite attractive and good looking. You cannot resist yourself from getting inked with such tattoos. You can also get numerous tattoo ideas for women for the short tattoos.

You can get a small tattoo done on the delicate body parts. You can get inked with such tattoos on neck, finger, wrist, feet, behind the ear or wherever you like. You can also get inked with someone’s name on your wrist. There are various ideas available for that. Flying bird tattoos on the neck and butterfly tattoos are quite in as the short tattoos.

tattoos ideas for women

16). Tribal Tattoo Ideas for Women

Tribal tattoos are the most ancient types of tattoos. People used to get these tattoos done as the rituals of their tribe. Different types of tattoos used to define different types of tribes. That is why they got their name as tribal tattoos. In many tribes getting such tattoos is the symbol of being mature and manhood.

In now a days there are a lot of tribal tattoo ideas for women available. They are unique and classy and give empowerment to the women. In the old times tribal tattoos for women was a symbol that they are fit enough to give birth to a child. You can get a tribal tattoo done on your waist line or on your back. You can also get a tribal tattoo inked on your shoulder as this is the sign of strength.

tattoos ideas for women

17). 3 D Tattoo Ideas for Women

Three dimensional tattoos are one of the best tattoo ideas for women. They are quite in fashion and many people are opting for them. There are various designs available for the women as well as men. Such types of tattoos give a realistic look to the tattoo design. Instead of opting for the normal tattoos you should definitely try them out. These types of tattoos cost more than the normal ones.

There are designs like flying bird, walking scorpion, butterfly, rose and many more which are famous among the women. One can also go for the designs like superman and captain America. It gives a superhero type touch to the tattoos. You can have such tattoos on your back, shoulder, wrist and other body parts. You should definitely have them at such place which is very much revealing.

tattoos ideas for women

18). Biomechanical Tattoo Ideas for Women

Biomechanical tattoos were earlier very famous among the guys only. But in these days, this has been the favorites of the girls too. These tattoos are a mixture of machine and human. It gives you a totally different look. Usually, women opt for such tattoos on the back as it gives a larger area for the tattoo. But we can have them on our shoulder and legs as well.

There are very few artists who opt for these daring tattoo ideas for women. But when some women prefer them then they look different from the rest of the crowd. Most of the biomechanical tattoos are inspired by the movies like Terminator or alien series. They look like another skin under the human skin.

tattoos ideas for women

19). Celtic Tattoo Ideas for Women

Celtic tattoos are believed to have a very ancient background. They hold a great importance of hidden meanings and messages. These tattoos can be interpreted only be the professionals and experts. There are various tattoo ideas for women for the Celtic tattoos. Although only some girls prefer such tattoos as they are very intense and mysterious in looking.

There are designs like the knot and wavy images available for the women. They have a very elegant and meaningful approach. There are deigns which takes the personality of a women to another level. The designs like Celtic cross, two birds tied, Victorian Celtic style are quite in trend in these days. You can add some twists in them according to your choice. Fusion is in trend, and you can use this with the Celtic tattoos.

tattoos ideas for women

20). Black Light Responsive Tattoo Ideas for Women

This is the newest and modern addition in the category of tattoos. Such tattoo ideas for women are getting hugely famous among the youth and other age groups. Some people have reported an infection because of such tattoos. One should always prefer an expert when it comes to experimenting with your body. There are some really eye catching black light responsive tattoo ideas for women.

These are the tattoos which only glow in the dark when UV rays are scattered upon them. They also seem great under the effect of normal light. You can draw the tattoo of skeleton on the hands. It glows and looks totally real under the effect of UV rays. There are also designs like pace man, transformers, Christ, cupcakes etc.

tattoos ideas for women


Here are the various tattoo ideas for women given above. Each idea is unique in itself. Some tattoos are so eye catching that you would end up getting them inked on your skin. But you should always get such tattoos done by some renowned artist of your area. The local ones can harm your skin by the unprofessionalism. So always try to make sure that the artist is experienced and a perfect one.

There are also some tattoo ideas for women, which are quite complex and typical. Be sure that you are ready to take this much pain and then only go for getting inked. Because it takes a painful laser surgery to get these tattoos undone from your skin.