Short Crew Cut Hairstyles for Men

Crew cut hairstyles for men : Fashion trends are always uncertain and they keep on changing every time. And our new generation always wants to be updates about every small change in fashion. It can be clothes, new footwear, accessories or may be a new haircut.  People always want themselves to be groomed from tip to toe. And haircut plays a vital role in changing a person’s personality.

Well it is completely a myth that men do not spend so much time on grooming themselves. A research shows that a man spends 2-3 hours a day for grooming himself instead of a woman who spends only 1-2 hours a day.

What latest trend says?

As per the latest fashion sense rugged jeans, loose t-shirts and a funky hip hop caps are really in trend for boys. And in the other hand crew cut hairstyles for men are quite common these days. Well it is quite cool and requires less grooming too. As it consists of short hairs and a less of care.

These types of hairstyles are always been adapted in militaries and armed forces. As they people are too rough and tough so they require such a haircut which does not need any care.

Crew cut hairstyles for men and boys are quite in these days. Short hairs and a zero trimming near the edge of the ears look so cool and decent.  These types of hairstyles can be seen everywhere. From small children to college going students or to professional people and businessmen.


These crew cut hairstyles for men are easy to carry.

They require less care and trimmings.

They are sophisticated and cool at the same time.

It can be carried by every age group. From funky boys to classy men, its suits on everyone.

They can be modified according to the demands.

The retro look:

These crew cut hairstyles for men are easy to be modified from retro to modern looks. For example: If you want an old look with a crew cut hairstyle then just go for a zero trim up at the edge of ears and  keep up the mid width a thick one. Let the hairs from the middle part of the head be a bit longer than the usual. Apply some gel into the hairs and make them parted completely backward. It will give you a look of royal men from 90s.


If you wanna go for a modern look then single parted crew cut hairstyles are really in these days. Just trim up your hairs to a very thin line just from the one side of the edge of ear and leave the other ones in usual haircut that you always prefer. It looks really cool.

You can use some modifications here. Like you can ask your stylist to use a razor to completely shave off hairs in form of 2-3 lines.  From ear to the point where the thickness of the hairs are starting.

Your hair type:

If you are a men having straight hairs then its quite adorable to sport these looks easily. As for the straight hair type the hairstyle looks amazing and can be carried off with confidence. But in case of curly ones this can be a bit problematic.

Don’t worry, we always have a solution for everything. You must have seen raghav juyal (crocroaze) in the famous reality dance show Dance India Dance. He possesses curly hairs but he carries off the crew cut in a really different and amazing way. He used to have a hairstyle in which he had his hairs shaved off from the outer edges and had a tail of the remaining hairs at the back. If you want to experiment with your hairs then you can go for it.

Adaptations in girls:

A bit of crew cut is also famous in girls too. You can see the examples like Ellie Goulding and Sonakshi Sinha are really great examples that how can girls use a crew cut in their hairstyles. The former big boss contestant Sapna Bhawnani also possesses a crew cut hairstyle.

You just need to shave off your hairs from one small partition in the form of thin hairline and leave your flamboyant long hairs at the other side of the partition. Match this hairstyle with long ear cuffs in your ears. It looks really stylish and everybody would love to follow your fashion sense.

The craze for crew cut:

Many celebs are there who possess these crew cut hairstyles for men from a really long time. Politician like Barack Obama is a really great example for this. In case of sports person there are Neymar, David beckham, Virat Kohli who are a great examples of crew cut hairstyles for men. Bollywood celebrities like Shahid Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor can also be seen sporting this look ravishingly these days. Also there are many celebs like Robert pattinson, Brad Pitt, Zack Efron, Eminem who can be seen sporting the amazing look of crew cut hairstyles for men.

Experiments with crew cut:

You can try these amazing ideas to experiment your hairs along with a suitable crew cut hairstyle for men:

Color your hairs at the thinner parting with brown shade.

You can also go for highlighting of a flick in your hairs.

You can completely shave off a partition instead of trimming it.

You can change your hairstyles daily by applying gel in your hairs. Always use good quality of gel as it can damage your hairs.

Keep it simple:

If you wanna keep it simple then you can go for a simple military crew cut hairstyle for men. It looks decent and yet classy. Can be matched with your three piece suit perfectly. Gives you a sophisticated yet charming look.

Do not forget the inner you in the glam world of fashion. The real fashion comes from within which enlightens with your confidence.

And always remember you possess a different style which no one else can ever adapt and “style never goes out of fashion.