The Playster Service: Does It Benefit Bookworms?

Playster is the first multimedia subscription service, offering all the different types of digital entertainment you could think of in one app. It has offices in North America and Europe and offers members a combination of audiobooks, ebooks, music, games, movies and much more. Let’s have a closer look at Playster and everything it has to offer for your entire family.

How Does It Work?

Playster gives you access to its full catalog through its website (similar to Oyster, Spotify and Scribd), as well as through its apps, which are available in the Google Play and iTunes stores. What sets Playster apart from its competitors is that it offers unlimited access to movies, music, games and books — all in one app. All new users can sign up for a 30-day free trial and the all-inclusive service costs just $24.95 per month afterwards.

My Thoughts

The majority of Playster’s customers focuses on the book and audiobook selection. First of all, I like the website layout. It is the same as the Netflix layout wherein there are rows of music, books, etc. and it is easy to scroll through them all and add ones that strike your fancy to your personal library or to a playlist with the click of a button.

The functionality of the website makes searching for different choices super easy. Playster displays its book and audiobook selection in an organised way and splits them all into the typical genres of mystery, romance, fiction, etc. I also appreciate their additional categories and moods.

If you are interested in subscribing to Playster just to take advantage of their books and audiobooks, you can certainly do that and will only have to pay $9.95 per month. You’ll also get access to comic books, which is a nice added bonus. Last week, I finished reading a book on my iPad using Playster’s mobile application and the overall experience was positive.

The Playster Experience

Between the price and the selection, in my opinion, Playster is the best subscription service out there for avid readers. You just pay a flat fee and don’t have to keep track of how much you’ve read or how many credits you’ve used. With Playster, you have unlimited access to the service’s full library at all times and can enjoy their ebooks and audiobooks online and offline, too.

Prompt Customer Service

If you have any questions at all, you can contact customer service via a telephone call and even online. When I called, the customer service agent was helpful, friendly and prompt. 

I hope that this review will give you a basic idea of what getting the Playster subscription is really like, but remember: If you’re curious about Playster, you can start with the free 30-day trial and give it a go without having to commit to a monthly membership.