Top 10 Makeup Hacks for Girls Who Wear Glasses

According to the official stats, 6 out of 10 people in the world’s population have to wear glasses in their everyday lives, and scientists assure that the majority of them are women. Such phenomenon mainly is a result of a fast technical progress. At least 95% of our population uses various gadgets in studies and life. Besides, the majority of employers had already integrated numerous gadgets into the working process to ease some of the everyday actions; for example, academic services where students come and ask “please, write my essays for me” employ thousands of online authors, and 90% of them have issues with their vision due to the constant work on the computer.


Many “girls with glasses” have many complexes regarding their look which forces them to go through dangerous and complex operations, corrections of vision or wear uncomfortable lenses; in this article we are going to prove that lenses can be not just good for your eyes, but can also become a glamorous and beautiful part of your outfit if you are using these simple makeup tricks.

What are some helpful tips for makeup glasses?

Some decades ago, lenses were used just as a medical tool. Today, these accessories had appeared in the arsenal of many fashion lovers all around the world, and, several seasons in the row, stylish glasses keep their positions in top charts of the most popular trends. If you are wearing spectacles, it will help you to create a certain style and mood, but, in order to complete the picture, it’s important to make some good maquillage decisions.

The “makeup spectacles” assumes following lots of rules. However, for everyday life, it’s enough to be aware of just a few nuances.

1). It is important to make sure that your makeup does not compete with the rim of your glasses and doesn’t look too bright. Makeup guru Bobbi Brown assures that it’s enough to use a simple eyeliner, neutral shades, and black mascara to create a good makeup for glasses. However, there are some other nuances.

2). Women should choose the colors for eye makeup for glasses, which will be in harmony with the rim of the spectacles; if the rim is catchy, then try to stay away from eyeshadows as your face will still capture attention and look bright. Focus on the eyelashes. Use “two-in-one” mascaras to lengthen and give volume to eyelashes, and then your eyes will look more expressive.

3). Famous artists recommend smoky gray shades for thin silver rims, and if your accessory’s rim is golden, it will be wise to stick to the brown, beige and cream shades.

4). The makeup under the lenses should be done carefully. The glass makes all errors easily noticeable.

5). Makeup artists advise not to forget about the concealer and pay attention to the scheme of applying the blush: these should be applied strictly on the “apples” of the cheeks. However, this is just a general rule. The makeup technique depends on the choice of glasses.

6). The makeup for girls who are wearing glasses will also depend on what the problem with vision a certain person has, as an example – spectacles for those who are far-sighted, visually enlarge the eyes, while spectacles for nearsighted people make your eyes look much smaller. This should be taken into consideration when choosing maquillage.

7). When you are looking at different techniques of makeup, take photos to find the perfect one for you. It’s much easier to see what you have done right or wrong when look at the pictures, and remember that if you are far-sighted, the face will stand out more, and therefore all the errors of the maquillage will be more visible.

8). A simple makeup is the best option. There are two recommended options: either to focus on the eyes or not apply makeup at all and use just lipstick to outline your lips.

9). Refrain from pearly and shiny eyeshadows. Through magnified glasses, they look vulgar. Also, note that glasses for far-sighted people create the effect of close-set eyes; if you need to enlarge the distance between them visually, blend the inner corners of the eyes with the shadows and bright colors (as we remember, not of pearl and shiny!). Apply a dark shadow in the area from the center to the outer corner of your eyes. Choose a color in contrast with light.

10). If lenses visually make the eyes smaller, it is better to do maquillage without clear lines and do more shading. The MAC artist Petros Petrohilos advises to make intense smoky eyes if you have glasses with black frame, it will also help to emphasize and enlarge the eyes.