Kerish Doctor Review:  The All in One Windows Maintenance Solution

Kerish Doctor Review: Is your Windows PC/Laptop not performing up to the mark? Do you need to wait for some time after clicking on an application/program to open it? Is your desktop/laptop is too slow? If yes is the answer to all these questions then I would love to ask you another question. Do you have a Windows maintenance toolkit installed on your system? Yes, then you need to uninstall it because it is not performing its job to optimum level. And if you don’t have any Windows maintenance software installed on your system then you must start looking for it.

Windows Maintenance is really very essential if we talk about doing work relentlessly on our system. You will surely need a system that responds to the tasks instantly without showing any lag or slowing down at times. A well maintained Windows system is needed to perform your tasks with full dedication as slow speed of the system often irritates the person working on it. There is a strong need for people to look for a decent Windows maintenance solution.

Reasons behind Slowing Down of Windows PC/Laptop

The problem of slowing down of Windows system is common with most of the users around the world. The problem persists due to lack of knowledge. Users often fail to protect system from internal threats, though they tend to protect the system from malware in most of the cases. The internal cleaning of the Windows system is definitely required to prevent the system from crashing of slowing down. Here are few common reasons of slowing down of a Windows desktop/laptop:

  • Overheating of device.
  • System might be infected by malware.
  • Too much cache that is not been deleted from couple of time.
  • Too many junk files or folders occupying space unnecessarily
  • Bad sectors in the hard disks.
  • Less storage space.

These are few reasons why a Windows system slows down often. So, you need to look for better software to provide maintenance to your Windows device. Kerish Doctor is one of the big names when we talk about Windows Maintenance. We will learn more about this tool in following Kerish Doctor Review.

Knowing About Kerish Doctor

Kerish Doctor is not a new name in the market. It has been serving customers since couple of years now and the majority of Kerish Doctor Reviews have been positive over the time. The people are really happy by the performance of this affordable software tool which helps them to track the health of their Windows system and manage it accordingly. It does everything – from protecting your computer to repairing & cleaning the files. Further, it tends to optimize the performance of your system by letting the jobs to be completed on time. If you are looking to aid your Windows system with reliable Windows maintenance software then Kerish Doctor 2016 is the tool to eye at.


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The tool has been updated by the experts regularly whenever you are connected to the internet. It provides some of the most brilliant features that one can expect from a tool like it. Kerish Doctor 2016 will never fail to impress you and will work to its best for optimizing the performance of your Windows desktop/laptop. We will read about its fascinating features in Kerish Doctor Review below.

Krish doctor 2

Kerish Doctor 2016 Compatibility

Kerish Doctor 2016 is a tool that provides user-friendly interface and makes it easy for anyone to use this tool with perfection. It is very well compatible with different versions of Windows including XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and the latest Windows 10. Read Kerish Doctor Review thoroughly below and find out the reasons why one must buy this tool.

Benefits of Using Kerish Doctor 2016 for Windows Maintenance

Kerish Doctor 2016 version is the one of the best Windows maintenance software that I have ever used so far in my life. Here are some of the benefits of using this tool on Windows computer/laptop.

  • It will work without any user intervention throughout the year and look after your system automatically.
  • It makes use of the best security algorithms to provide advanced security & safety.
  • The use of latest technologies helps the software to clean irrelevant cache or junk files from your system.
  • This software is updated on a regular basis by its expert whenever you are connected to the internet.
  • It provides a range of tool needed for maintenance of your system.

Kerish Doctor 2016 Windows Maintenance Center

The Windows Maintenance Center of Kerish Doctor is really handy for the users. It ensures that the performance of your Windows system is optimized to the next level. Read some of the diagnostic options provided by it in this Kerish Doctor Review.

1). Full Scan: This feature allows you to scan your entire desktop/laptop at a go. It will diagnose the junk files, malware, unwanted shortcuts and other non-useful data in the sacn process. The problems detected can be checked after the scan is over.

Krish doctor full scan

2). Repair of Errors: This option allows you to search the repairable errors present in your system. You are allowed to repair the detected problems at one click.

Krish doctor Repair of Error

3). Cleanup of Junk Files: By clicking on this option, the broken shortcuts & junk files will be listed. You can easily delete them by following the next step.

Krish doctor Clean of junk file

4). Checking Windows Security: You will be able to find the malicious threat and can eliminate it using this option.

Krish doctor checking windows security

5). Performance Optimization: This diagnostic option will help you to optimize the Windows settings for improving the overall performance of the system.

6). Custom Diagnostics: With this, you can choose the options to be diagnosed. Just select the options to be diagnosed and start the scan.

Kerish Doctor – The List of Top Features

1). Prevent Windows Crashes: Its real time detection feature lessens the probability of Windows crashes by 30 percent. This prevents a lot of useful data of yours to be destroyed.

2). Smart Update: The superior computer maintenance algorithms are improved by the software experts whenever your system is connected to the internet. The threats can be identified easily through updated algorithms.

3). Error Correction: The Windows registry errors are smartly fixed by Kerish Doctor and diagnose process starts as soon as you open your system.

4). Effectual Cleaning Mechanism: Your computer/laptop is cleaned completely, every time you switch on the system. The number of junk files, unreachable shortcuts, cache and other unimportant things are removed from your system.

5). Game Acceleration: The performance of your system can be enhanced while you are playing game son it through its ‘Game Booster’ feature. It gives a nice experience to the game player.

6). Internet Speed Optimizer: The internet connection speed is optimized to maximum by the use of Kerish Doctor Software. It uses advanced mechanisms for optimizing the speed of internet connection.

7). Malware Protection: Your system will never be under threat from malicious programs or viruses with Kerish Doctor’s malware protection feature. It detects and deletes the unwanted threat enhancing your computer/laptop’s health.

8). Complete System Control: Your system is controlled by this software from power on to power off. This helps in reducing the risk of threat from any susceptible program.

Essential Tools Provided by Kerish Doctor

After a good look over this tool and writing this Kerish Doctor Review, I found some of the stunning tools provided by Kerish Doctor to enhance the system’s performance. Here is the list of these tools provided by this software:

Essential tool kit

1). Windows Startup: You can easily manage the program(s) that gets open on the start of Windows.

2). Running Processes: The current running processes can be managed by you and you can even check their reputation with the memory occupied by these processes.

3). Network Activity: Any sort of disturbance in your network can be noticed by this software and you can manage the network activity.

4). Installed Software: This tool is used to find the apps or programs installed on your computer/laptop apart from the inbuilt ones.

5). Windows Services: The Windows services which are currently running or are stopped with their reputation status can be checked.

6). Web Browser Extensions: The browser extensions that have been installed can be checked and deleted on your wish.

7). Confidential Data: The confidential data stored in your system including the saved passwords, bookmarks etc can be deleted at a go.

8). File Shredder: The files or the folders can be deleted and their recovery is not possible after the deletion.

9). Locked Files: You can easily release the files that might have been locked by the current running processes so that they can also be used by other processes.

10). System Restore: You can access the system restore points created and manage them too for bringing the system back to previous date.

11). System Information: The entire configuration can be looked through with this tool.

12). Context Menu: The context menu of Windows can be worked on and you can delete, rename, or create the menu items with ease.

13). Black List: The programs that are to be blocked can be added in this list. You can even release the blocked program from the list.

14). Rollback Changes: A user is allowed to rollback to any previous module available.

15). Quarantine: You can work with isolated or vulnerable programs that might have been detected unsafe by this tool.

16). File Protection: There might be some files/folders might be junk in the list of Kerish Doctor, but it may be important for you. You can add protection to them against deletion.


Kerish Doctor free trial version is also present on its official website which can be used for 15 days. The users can even choose its premium version as the software is available at affordable price. The minimal plan can be availed at $19.95 and it can be used simultaneously in 3 PC/laptop(s).

krish doctor Pricing

Final Say

So, till now, you must have gone through Kerish Doctor Review above. After reviewing the software, I personally found that the software is best for Windows Maintenance. The advanced protection and algorithms used by Kerish Doctor are good enough to protect your system from any vulnerability and this will never let your system slow down. One must try this software tool for once.