Kepard VPN Review: The VPN Network that You Need

Are you bit worried about your personal information getting leaked online? How to protect your information from getting shared over a network? Is there any possible way? All these questions are answered here. You need to transfer your data over some of the best secured VPN networks in order to make sure that your private information is not getting compromised with some other user that might be a threat. The public Wi-Fi networks are always a threat and put you at risk of getting robbed over the internet.

If internet privacy & online security is your major concern, then you need to sign in with the world’s safest VPN network – Kepard. Kepard is the VPN network capable of providing a secure network to you over which you can transfer your private information easily without any threat. The eye-pleasing interface and design of this software make it easy for the user to navigate through the app. You can even access two different networks at a go. This adds extra privacy to your data. The best part is that its servers are located at different locations, making it easy for the user to access a private network from different locations. Let us scroll through some of the extraordinary features of Kepard.



Top Notch Features of Kepard VPN

  • Multiple Connections Offered: It allows connection with two devices simultaneously if you are connected through Windows interface. You can get connected to 4 devices simultaneously if you are using Android OS.
  • Servers: A large network of servers eight with different locations- USA (3 servers), UK (3 servers), Netherlands (3 servers), Germany (2 servers), Canada (2 servers), France (1 server), Sweden (1 server), and Switzerland (1 server).
  • Free Trial & Referral Program: You get 1 day of free trial with Kepard, and this can be extended to 180 days if you are using its referral program. For each invitee that joins Kepard VPN, you get 30 days extra, and this is only limited to 6 invitees.
  • Customer Support & Email Ticketing: FAQs, affiliate questions, email ticketing, and manual setup guide is provided. But, the email ticketing system is only for registered users. Customer support is always ready to help and available for 24 x 7 x 365.
  • Compatibility: Kepard is compatible with MAC, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android devices too. Kepard even has its own apps for Android & Windows devices at present.
  • Data Logging: Most of the VPN networks log your data, but Kepard is one that doesn’t log your data. This is the proof that the network is not storing your data, and your browsing activity remains anonymous.
  • Bandwidth: Some of you may be the video lovers. But, playing videos consume too much of bandwidth. Some networks might limit the streaming data, but Kepard provides you unlimited bandwidth so that you can easily view lots of videos over a network.

The Setup – Kepard VPN Setup

All you need to is follow these steps to setup Kepard VPN and enjoy private browsing and transfer of files at high speed.

  • Setup process starts with a standard software license. Agree to the License and Press ‘Install’ button.


  • Once you press ‘Install’ button, the process of installing Kepard VPN will start.


  • Allow the installation to complete. A small window will appear. It will not be the progress bar. So, you need not


  • The progress bar will not appear, but the above window will continue to stay on the screen. A black screen may appear. So, you need not worry; it is DOS screen.


  • After this, you have to give permission for installation of device software. It is required for Kepard’s OpenVPN protocol. You can now click ‘Install’ button without ticking the box. The installation process will continue.


  • For a short interval, ‘Driver Installation’ message will appear on the screen.


  • Allow the installation of Kepard VPN to complete. Once it is completed, the below screen will appear.


Security & Standards

Security is the primary reason why people love to use Kepard VPN network. The unmatched security of Kepard has impressed people all over the world. It uses 128 & 256-bit encryption technique and also provides L2TP protection. NAT firewall allows the two connections from different locations to get layered up nicely in terms of security.

Speed Tests

If you love watching movies or listening to radio stations online then high consumption of bandwidth and slow internet speed is what may annoy you. But with Kepard, you can get over these annoying features. Some of the speed tests done with Kepard have shown these results.

Using Kepard VPN Network


Without Using Kepard VPN Network


The results can be seen clearly. The download & upload speed is really impressive and the ping time is also low when we are using Kepard VPN.

Kepard VPN Pricing & Money Back Guarantee

Kepard offers 1-day free trial pack that can be extended to 180 days and also offers monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans. If you take up the plan on a yearly basis, you need to pay really less as compared to quarterly or monthly basis. Here is the price list for Kepard VPN plans:

  • Kepard monthly Plan ($7/month)


  • Kepard quarterly plan ($17 for three months)


  • Kepard annual plan ($35/year)


Payment Options

You can pay through PayPal, Bitcoin as well as through credit cards. Checking out after selecting a plan is not at all a difficult task. Choose a plan, go to checkout and pay using one of the payment options. It’s really easy.


If you are eyeing at the best VPN service, then Kepard should be your first choice. It is one of the most reasonable and high-speed VPN networks that allow you secure browsing without worrying about the security of your personal data. So, if you wish to enjoy private browsing sessions and secure transfer, Kepard is one of the best choices to make.