How to Play Rummy Circle

How to Play Rummy Circle: Rummy Circle is all about playing different versions of Rummy online in a group for real money.

There are several versions available from easiest to toughest named as Points Rummy, pool Rummy, and other tournaments.

Rummy Circle is a way to play online Rummy for free and is the perfect mode for those who want to search some real cash by using their cards playing skills.

Here, I’m going to discuss the how to play Rummy Circle in this article and also some tricks and tips to score higher and to win.

Playing Rummy Circle is very easy, and when it’s about the points Rummy, then nothing is easier than this one. It is same as playing it your friends in any club. While paying the Rummy Circle, you need to follow some certain rules to master “how to play Rummy Circle.”

  • This Rummy Circle facilitates you an online Rummy game that consists 2 to 6 players, and the packs depend on the number of players. Here a pack means playing cards and one pack meanings 53 cards including one printed joker.
  • Players are required to play to achieve points and to win the pre-decided money.
  • There is fixed amount that you have to bring to the table, and then you can begin the Rummy Circle.
  • The first step is the tossing which decides the first player or the person who makes the first move and each one of you will have to deal with 13 cards here.
  • The open deck is the place where you put the first card that indicates that the game has begun.
  • Remaining of the cards are always put face down in the closed deck section.
  • Then you pick the joker card randomly and also the joker printed cards to make your sets or sequences.

So to know how to play Rummy Circle correctly, you have to set the objective in mind which is making possible states with the 134 cards given.

Tips and Tricks on How To Play Rummy Circle

How to Play Rummy Circle

After getting known on how to play Rummy Circle, you need to know some tips and trick to do the cards differently and to win smartly.

Winning Tips On How to Play Rummy Circle

  • The first thing is to get one pure sequence, consider this one as a mandatory thing to win the game.
  • Observe the tricks of your opponent, keeping a close eye on the picks and discards of the opponent helps you a lot to make your step forward.
  • If you think that a Sequence only can have three cards then you’re wrong because a sequence also can have four cards.
  • Always choose middle cards instead of high cards, so choosing cards like 4, 5 or 5, 7 or 7, 8 can increase your chances. So ignore making sets with ace as it can only form a combination with 2 and 3.
  • More joker cards mean more chances of winning. You just need to use them wisely, so if have already made your first set and have a joker then is it to make the second set or pure Sequence.
  • If you have your two sets, then try to make your first set with high point cards like Ace. So in the stage you need to use the jokers wisely to form a pure sequence with high end cards.
  • It is right to keep two consecutive cards other than two alternate cards to make the set faster.
  • If you feel it confusing because of the color then first arrange your cards in red-black-red combination to avoid any confusion.
  • If you have any card that is not useful in making the set then discard them to make you free.

Winning Tricks On How to Play Rummy Circle

Rummy Circle is all about using better cards playing skills and understanding your opponent’s playing behavior.

If you want to establish yourself as a smart player for Rummy Circle, then keep these points in mind on how to play Rummy Circle wisely.

  • Never pick up the discarded cards; if you’re doing so, you are losing your chances. The opponent already knows about the discarded cards and if you pick up the one, he can hoard the alongside cards to keep you from making sequences.
  • You are a smart player if you know the trick to get the needed cards from the opponent in the form of discarded ones. So if you have one spade of 10, one club of 10 and one heart of 9 then discard the 9.

This way the opponent might discard the heart of 10 and you eventually success in fishing him.

Steps To Finish the Rummy Cards Game

  • In order to finish the game, you need to have at least two sequences and one pure among them is mandatory.
  • If you meet the objective of a Rummy game (you have to know what the objective is to win the game), you can put an end by discarding a card in the finish slot.
  • So to set the end, a player discards a card in the final slot and this way the game ends. Now they range their cards on the table to process with the next step of winning.
  • The player who discards the card and finishes the game should meet the objective of the game. If he shows that the objective is done he is the winner, else the opponent is declared as the winner automatically.


Rummy Circle provides you the ability to connect and chat with others while having the Rummy online. There are several fans of Rummy Circle in India who love to play Rummy online for free and to make some real cash.

So this offers you with several versions like Multiplayer tournaments as well to earn cash prizes by beating your opponent in Rummy techniques. I hope you now have a better idea and knowledge on how to play Rummy Circle and use tips and tricks while playing Rummy online.