How to get rid of fruit flies [12 Best tested ways]

How to get rid of fruit flies : The day to day life these days is not everyone’s cup of tea. Even the meal of a time is hard to earn. And what if that meal too is wasted by the small insects like fruit flies? It feels like an irritation to you when some of the insects keep on flying or roaming around your mean while you are having food after the hardship of the whole day. You just do not feel like eating anything. And if you eat such a food out of haste then it results in different disease or infections in your body.

How to get rid of fruit flies

To keep you hygienic these days is very much important. Whatever you cook it should be made with utter cleanliness. That is why doctors always warn you to not eat junk or outside food because the vendors outside prepare the food with not so much hygiene. The street food which is available easily and also very low in price is usually not prepared with keeping cleanliness in mind. That is why whenever you eat the outside food either you do not feel good or if your body is too much sensitive towards the disease then you can be attacked by the food poisoning. And in case of severe food poisoning you can even die. That is why it is said that health is wealth.

Many diseases are caused by such food because lots and lots of insects and flies roam around on this food. As these dishes are not covered up by any sort of utensils then it is very easy to get infections because of such food. Usually many small insects can be seen by the side of the containers but what found easily are fruit flies. Fruit flies are the creatures which can be seen on any sort of food and it contaminates them.

Fruit flies are the creatures which are easy to be seen in store, kitchen, supermarket, or any other food stuff. These creature posses the bacteria which rot or ferment the food. Fruit flies lay their eggs in every 2 months. And each time they lay 500 eggs which is a really huge number.

The most common idea to keep your food safe is to always cover them up with a lid. They can cause many harmful diseases because they transfer the bacteria of one harmful disease to another. They carry the bacteria in their saliva and ferment the food. The most common disease caused by fruit flies is food poisoning, stomach ache or headache.  You should always keep the doors of your home closed in the season of the fruits so that no fruit fly or other insects can enter your home.

But now the modern society has come up with many ideas which can keep the fruit flies away from your delicious food. Many home remedies and other things are useful enough to keep the fruit flies away from your food stuff. We have listed so many ideas on how to get rid of fruit flies. These ideas are so simple to use and you can try them at any time. With these simple ideas you can get rid of fruit flies and then you would not have to worry about your food. With the avoidance of fruit flies you can also avoid so many diseases. Always remember prevention is better than cure and no wealth is worth than your health. So you should always take care of your health. Because once you get trapped by the disease then the chances of the weakening of your immune system gets high.

Methods for how to get rid of fruit flies (Best Tips)

Here are the ways to trap fruit flies without even applying too many efforts : Most of these traps are home made and you can prepare them easily. They are also cost efficient so you do not have to spend much to get rid of the fruit flies. Also they are effective enough to remove the problem of the fruit flies. These traps can be renewed day to day because they are very easy to be prepared.

1. The vinegar trap

If you are looking simple how to get rid of fruit flies method then this will proving best for you. This idea is used for trapping fruit flies and then to get rid of them completely. This idea is just very simple and anybody can try it out to keep the fruit flies away from their delicious dishes. All you have to do is take a bottle of apple cider vinegar and remove its cap. There is no need that the bottle should be completely filled, you can take a bottle which is nearly empty. As soon as you remove the cap cover the opening of the bottle with a plastic wrap. Make sure that the plastic wrap should cover the opening of the bottle completely and it should be tight enough on the lid. You can put a rubber band to make it tight. Now make a whole on the plastic wrap which will work as the opening of the trap for the fruit flies.

vinegar trap

Put this trap in the most prone area for the fruit flies. This trap will attract the fruit flies as they can not resist the smell of the vinegar. They will enter the bottle through the hole but then would not be able to exit from it. And after sometime they will die in it. This trap is easy to make and very effective to get rid of fruit flies. If this trap is used on a daily basis then you will see a noticeable change that now fruit flies are less in number. You can save your health by reducing fruit flies by this trap.

2. Vinegar and dish soap

If the apple cider vinegar trap hasn’t work in your favor then you can try out this trap to kill the fruit flies. Now this is an improvised trap for catching and killing the fruit flies. If the previous method has not worked then you can try this one.

Vinegar and dishsoap

In this method take a bowl and fill it with the vinegar. As vinegar’s smell is so sharp, the fruit flies will be easily attracted to it. if you would keep it only with vinegar then fruit flies can easily suck it and would fly away. So to trap the fruit flies add 3 drops of dish soap in it. by adding soap in it, the surface tension of the vinegar will be broken and as soon as the fruit flies will enter in it they would not be able to get out of it and eventually killed by the trap. Fruit flies can not get out of this trap because they get trapped in it and then sink and finally drown in it. This is another effective method to trap and kill the fruit flies. Also it is easy to make and easy to use too.

3. The paper cone – how to get rid of fruit flies method

There is yet another method to trap the fruit flies and kill them. In this method all you have to do is take a jar with not so big opening and place a perfectly piece of any ripe fruit in it. Sometimes only ripe fruit is not enough to attract the fruit flies over it as its smell is not that sharp. So put the drops of vinegar over it. Now take a paper and roll it in such a way that it turn out to be in a cone shape. This paper is almost 8 to 10cm in length. You can use the butter paper instead of the simple paper. Or the cone can be made out of the newspaper too. Make sure that the narrow ending of the cone should be kept towards the jar.

Now what will happen after sometime is that fruit flies will get attracted to the sharp smell of the vinegar and ripe fruit and will surely enter the cone to eat it. But as the other ending will be in the jar then they would not be able to get out of it. And ultimately they will all be killed in the trap.  This tap is also effective to catch the fruit flies easily and then kill them. or you can simple empty the jar outside your home.

4. Red wine like vinegar

Fruit flies love the smell of wine and they easily get attracted towards it. but in this trap we are not going to exactly use the red wine to trap and kill the fruit flies. All we have to do is just confuse the fruit flies with false red wine. We will use red wine like vinegar instead of red wine.

Take a bottle and fill it with wine like vinegar. Now leave the bottle open by removing its cap. Apply the slippery liquid on the walls of the bottle which will loose the grip of the fruit flies over the skin of the bottle. Now as soon as they will get attract to the bottle, they would not be able to fly out of it because of the slippery walls and eventually will be killed by this trap. Try out the trap for some days and you will be amazed to see the results. Make sure that the bottle should be kept in such a place where fruit flies reside in greater number. The greater the number, the more they will be trapped in the bottle.

5. Milk, sugar and pepper

I love this how to get rid of fruit flies method and try many times into my home and got best result. hope you also like milk sugar and pepper method. It is the time to cook something to kill something. Yes, you heard it right. You will have to cook the recipe which will kill the fruit flies and you will get rid of the fruit flies easily. It is a bit of tricky but effective way to kill fruit flies that they will think twice before eating anything.

Milk sugar and pepper

What you got to do to prepare the trap is. Take a pan and add some milk in it, now add raw sugar in it (4 oz), now add the ground pepper in it (4 oz). Make sure that the amount of milk should not be too much. Now cook the mixture for 10 minutes on a simmer flame. Now put it in a saucepan and spread it evenly in the pan. Put this pan in such a place where fruit flies are easily found in your home. After sometime fruit flies will be attracted to it, as it contains sugar.

But once they will enter the pan they would not be able to come out of it as they will sink in it and ultimately drowned in it. This is a really nice and effective way to kill the fruit flies by simple ideas.

6. Aunt Fannie’s fly punch – Method for how do you get rid of fruit flies

This chemical composition has been proved to be more accurate and excellent than any other home remedies that people usually use. This chemical formula is made up of the mixture of sodium lauryl sulfate and malic acid. It comes in a stand up pouch.  Many chemists in the health, beauty and environmental science labs were excited to see this new fruit flies killer product. This is the newest product in the market to kill the fruit flies and also it does not require any other thing.

Aunt Fannies fly punch

This mixture is completely natural and you do not have to do any hardship to use this product. All you got to do is just rip off the pouch, spread the formula on the counter and wait for some time. The time by you will come back to see the result you will be amazingly shocked to see the results. You will see many dead bodies of the irritating fruit flies lied on the counter. You can use it any time. Just remember that keep it away from the reach of the children and wash your hands properly after using this formula. I saw many times people used fly punch,  I think this is the best solution for how to get rid of fruit flies.

7. Fruit fly spray – method for how to get rid of fruit flies

You can prepare the fruit fly spray by filling a fine misting spray bottle with 70% rubbing alcohol in it. Spray it on the hovering fruit flies and they will be killed by it. Sweep the fruit flies and then dispose them properly.

Fruit fly spray

Instead of the traditional composition of 70% rubbing alcohol, you can also use the new 91% rubbing alcohol mixture. This is much more powerful than the older one. It is more effective than the previous 70% alcohol mixture and it immediately kills the fruit flies and also used as a disinfectant. For the precaution you can use the mask and the gloves. This alcohol is less poisonous and dangerous than the pesticides.

8. Drain cleaning

The drain of the kitchen is the most common place where fruit flies lay their eggs. So if you want to remove fruit flies from your kitchen completely then you should remove their eggs first to stop them from growing.  These drains are full of the rotten fruits and other supplements which are the food source for the eggs of the fruit flies.

Drain Cleaning

You should also take care of the places which can be a food source for the fruit flies. If you will strop the supply of food for the fruit flies then they will be automatically removed from your kitchen. If you make compost in your kitchen garden then this can also be a food source for the fruit flies. So you should keep on checking whether they are laying eggs there or not.

For the cleaning of the drains you can flow the gel and water combination with a high pressure. It will clean your drains and which will result as the destruction of the eggs of fruit flies. If you can not stop the present number of fruit flies then you can at least stop them from growing into more numbers.

9. Pest control

The ultimate solution of getting rid of any sort of pest is the pest control in your home. This is a bit costly but it is the most effective way to get rid of the fruit flies. If you are facing the problem of growing fruit flies in your home in a large number then you should definitely go for the pest control in your home.

In the pest control method you just have to call the people who do pest control and they will spray the poisonous composition in your home to kill the fruit flies as well as other small and big pests. This pesticide is a mixture of harmful gases in which no creature can survive. For the pest control you have to empty the house from the eatables. Also you can not stay at your home for some days after the pest control. But it definitely works for the control of the pests in your home. If you are facing the problems of fruit flies a lot in your home and it is not able to control from the home remedies then you should definitely go for the pest control method.

10. Poisonous bait

How about killing the fruit flies directly? All you have to do for this is add the poison in your bait and then directly kill the fruit flies. For this you should take such a poison which is effective enough and takes no time to kill the fruit flies.

Take a bowl and keep the bait in it. For the bait you can take the perfectly ripe fruit, or vinegar or any other sweet. You can also take the smelling juice for it. for the poison you can either take the powdered one or the liquid one. But usually the liquid poison is much better because it directly enters within the bait completely. So there is no chance that the fruit flies can stay alive from it. the smell of the bait will attract the fruit flies and as soon as they will taste it they will immediately be killed by it.

11. Cleanliness

Main thing that attracts the fruit flies the most is not so proper cleaning in your home and kitchen. Remember that no insect comes in cleanliness. Every fruit should be washed before used. Always keep the jars of the eatables clean enough to use so that no insects fly around them. Cold drink bottles, cans and other plastic utensils should be properly disposed. Also keep the maintenance trap freshly prepared on a daily basis. By keeping in mind the simple steps you can keep the fruit flies away from your delicious food.


All the day to day food that has been cooked should be covered by the lid properly that no fruit fly can enter in it. also if the eatables are in no use outside then you should store it in the fridge immediately to keep it fresh enough. You should also eat everything that is fresh. Even the partly rotten eatables should not be used, it can cause the disease.

I love this how to get rid of fruit flies method because this method main focus are is cleanness, and by help of home cleaning you can prevent lot’s of other deciases, If you regular clean your home then you can stop fruit flies in your home, hope this method also proving helpful for you.

12. Stop fruit flies from returning

Now time for last method for how to get rid of fruit flies discussion, after getting rid from the fruit flies you should stop them from growing again into your kitchen. When the season of the fruits come, it is very easy to find fruit flies again in your kitchen. So watch out before it is too late for you. When you bring fruits check them completely. Any rotten fruit can be a home for the eggs of fruit flies. You should also wash the fruits before eating them. The checking of the fruits should always be done whether they are brought from the  farm or a food store.

You should also keep the maintenance trap near the fruits every day. Every time you bring the fruits in the season you should always keep the mixture of cider vinegar, water and dish soap to drown and then finally kill the fruit flies.

Use the screens to cover the windows of your home. If you are not able to use the screens for every windows then you should at least cover the windows of your kitchen. It will help to prevent the fruit flies from coming into your home again. Your home is more prone to fruit flies if you have a fruit tree outside your home.

Hope you also enjoying my how to get rid of fruit flies tips and method article, if you proving this article helpful for you then please comment your thought about this article by help of comment bellow..