How to Apply Eyeliner : Beginner Eyeliner Tutorial

How to Apply Eyeliner: The everyday struggle of a girl’s life is something different from a boy’s life. Boys are busy in understanding the statistics of market. Girls are busy in understanding the statistics of their makeup. Each day they have to go through the confusion of what to wear? What to apply? Where to go?


From top to toe they have to keep themselves pretty and stunning. Makeup is the essential part of every girl’s life. It can include applying foundation, making hairstyles and many more. There are a lot of things one have to go through while taking care of themselves. It can be about your clothes. It can be about the replacing of the outdated makeup. A girl would have to be careful for using her makeup essentials.

Eyes are one of the most beautiful parts of a girl’s beauty. Girls can say it all from their eyes without even saying a word. So it is too necessary to keep them beautiful always. It includes the removal of dark circles. It also includes selecting the perfect kohl and eyeliner for them. Good eyeliners can totally change the look of your eyes just like that. You will not notice it but you will be the most sought after girl suddenly.

It is a struggle to apply the perfect eyeliner on eyes. Before we apply it, we should know that which one is perfect for us. The color and quality of the eyeliner is very necessary to choose rightly. But now you would not have to worry at all about it. We have come up with some great tips for you to overcome this problem.

We have listed out the tips and tricks for how to apply eyeliner. Here we have also mentioned some of the beautiful styles of applying eyeliner on our eyes. The complete details of how to apply eyeliner is given here. You just need to read them and apply them to become an expert in applying eyeliner. Now you would not have to face those uneven lines anymore on your eyes.  These tips and trick will totally change your idea of applying the eyeliner.

Different Types of Eyeliner

There are many types of eyeliners available in the market. Each of them has different properties and usage. Some of them are used for the bold looks. On the other hand, some are used for the subtle look. They are all available in wide range of quality and colors. Here are the different types of eyeliners

1). Liquid Eyeliner


Liquid eyeliner is one of the most typical types of eyeliner. It makes the process of how to apply eyeliner even more difficult. It is too hard to apply the liquid eyeliner as it is very bold and slick. The chances of smudging of this eyeliner are very high. Although, many people prefer this one as they are expert in the makeup department.

This eyeliner comes in a tube with a brush on the outer side. There are many liquid types of eyeliner which also comes in bottles and we have to apply them just like we apply nail paints from the brush. This eyeliner should be applied with a steady hand. If it would be applied with shaking hands then it would become smudgy on the eyes. For how to apply eyeliner tutorial you should not start with the liquid one.

Advantages of Liquid Eyeliner:

  1. This eyeliner gives a bold look that is why perfect for cat eye makeup and Arabic makeup.
  2. It is the most suitable type of eyeliner for dramatic look.
  3. This type of eyeliner spread very faster, so it makes the eyelashes look bigger.

Disadvantages of Liquid Eyeliner:

  1. This type of Eyeliners is very difficult to apply and require a steady hand.
  2. It requires a lot of practice to use the Liquid eyeliner.

2). Gel/Cream Eyeliner


This type of eyeliner is usually used by the professionals only. There are very few mainstream public who choose to stick to gel eyeliner. But when we are talking about now a day’s people, then it is becoming very common among public too. It gives a complete look for how to apply eyeliner.

This type of eyeliners comes in a pot. It becomes very handy to use them as they are quite easy. They give the freedom to use any kind of brush in the pot to apply the desired type of eyeliner. This eyeliner can also be used as a creamy base under the eyeshadows. This type of eyeliner takes a lot of time to get dry. They are also prone to glide so we should take care of it for how to apply eyeliner.

Advantages of Gel Eyeliner:

  1. It is the perfect eyeliner for the Smokey eyes effects.
  2. Very creamy and hence perfect for the smudging.

Disadvantages of Gel Eyeliner:

  1. It is less portable than other types of eyeliners.
  2. It takes a lot of time to get dry.

3). Pencil Eyeliner


They are one of the most used types of eyeliners. For the beginners of How to apply eyeliner, it is the perfect one to use. They are used largely because they are very easy to use. They are very much manageable and controllable too. You do not need to worry about the steady hands for using it. You just need to use the eyeliner like you draw with normal pencil.

They can be sharpened by the sharpeners. Some of the eyeliners also have a sharpener on their cap. Apart from the black, they are also available in different colors. You should always use the best pencil eyeliner. They low quality pencil eyeliners can cause irritation in your eyes. They are the best one to try for how to apply eyeliners.

Advantages of pencil eyeliners:

  1. They are very easy to use kind of eyeliners.
  2. It comes in a very wide range of colors. It gives you the freedom of experimenting with colors.
  3. They can be easily found in any brand of makeup. They are easily found at any makeup store.

Disadvantages of pencil eyeliners:

  1. You need to sharp them every time you use them.
  2. The blunt top of the pencil does not give you perfect and sharp eyeliner.

4). Eyeshadow as Eyeliner


This is the fastest and easiest solution of how to apply eyeliner. This is used by all the makeup professionals and experts. You just need a stiff angled brush or a pencil brush to use this eyeliner. You just need to dip the brush of your choice in the Eyeshadow and start using it over your eyes. But you cannot use this on your waterline. This eyeliner causes irritation in the eyes.

Just like the pencil eyeliner it has too much variety of colors in it. But this type of eyeliner looks more perfect for the daytime look. You can use the Eyeshadow Eyeliner on pencil eyeliner too. It will make you get rid of harsh lines of the pencil eyeliner. It is a very effective and perfect solution of how to apply eyeliner.

Advantages of Eyeshadow eyeliners:

  1. It is easy to use type of eyeliner.
  2. It has too much variety in context of the colors.

Disadvantages of Eyeshadow eyeliners:

  1. It cannot be used on the waterline as it causes irritation.
  2. This type of eyeliner does not last longer like other eyeliners.

How to Apply Eyeliner: Tips and Tricks

1). Different Colors and Their Effects

Here are the different colors of the how to apply eyeliner tutorial. Each color gives you a different look. Try them out and enjoy the wide range of colors in eyeliner.

Black – It gives a striking and bold effect to the eyes.

Brown – This color gives smoky but subtle effects to the eyes.

White (Lower Waterline) – This is done on the lower waterline of the eyes to make them look bigger.

Gray – This color makes eyes look softer and brighter.

Nude (Lower Waterline) – This color is almost like skin color. It gives a awake touch to the eyes.

Navy, Green or Purple – These are the colors of eyeliner which are trending in these days.

Glitter – It gives a bubbly and sparkly look to the eyes.

2). The Shaky Hands Struggle

We all have to go through the shaky hands struggle while applying the eyeliner. The result of which is totally disastrous. We have to apply the foundation again and again to fix up the shaky eyeliner on our eyes.

But now you would not have to go through this again. The biggest problem of how to apply eyeliner has now solved totally. Follow these simple ideas and you will not be facing those eyeliner disasters again.

  1. Sit down calmly and not stretching your body.
  2. Place your elbow on a flat surface.
  3. Rest the smallest finger on your cheek. Now start applying the eyeliner being stable as much as possible.
  4. You will definitely witness a drastic change in the applied eyeliner now.

3). Start with Dots

If you are beginner with the liquid eyeliner then start with dots. This is the best way to win over the problem of how to apply eyeliner. Apply the liquid eyeliner in form of the dots on the upper waterline. Then slowly connect them. You will have the perfectly done eyeliner in the result. You will have to keep patience for doing so. If you will do this out of haste then you will end up ruining the eyeliner on your eyes.

4). Not Pulling the Skin

While applying eyeliner many people pull their skin to make it perfect for applying eyeliner. But it is totally wrong to pull your skin as it totally ruins the results. So try to apply the eyeliner without pulling your skin from the edges. This is a smart trick for how to apply eyeliner.

If the eyeliner becomes a bit messy, then you can use the foundation over it. You can also use the makeup remover soaked cotton to dab on it.

5). Fixing Smudges

If you find your eyeliner getting messy and spreading then you can use the concealer for it. This can do wonder for fixing the smudges caused by the eyeliners. It is a quick tip for the issue of how to apply eyeliner.

Take some amount of concealer on the back side of your palm. Not take an eye bud and take some concealer on it. Apply the cotton bud on the part over which the eyeliner has smudged. Now you will see that the smudges are gone. Apply some eyeshadow afterwards to make it look perfect.

6). Petroleum Jelly

You can also clear out your smudges by the use of petroleum jelly. Start applying the eyeliner by drawing a messy line on the eyes. Now clean it up by applying some petroleum jelly. It will give a perfect look to your eyes. It is the easiest way to cope up with the problem of how to apply eyeliner. To avoid the spots of the petroleum jelly, you can rub it away with the help of your hands.

7). Lip Gloss

You can also use a lip gloss for the emergency smudge remover. It has the properties like the petroleum jelly so it will be perfect for the usage. This little thing can be really helpful for how to apply eyeliner.

8). Tight lining the eyes

There is always one problem which always occur on the quest of how to apply eyeliner. It is the gap which seems visible in the upper waterline and the eyeliner. There is one simple step to overcome this problem of how to apply eyeliner.

All you need to do is just apply some kohl on the upper waterline through inside. Pull your eyes upwards and apply some kohl in it. Now apply the kohl on the lower waterline too. Now apply the eyeliner. It will give a perfect finish to the eyes. This will tight line the eyes.

9). Line and Curl

If you want to apply the eyeliner while using the eye curler, then this one is for you. Now you can curl your eye lashes as well as can apply the liner on them. This is a very smart step for the how to apply eyeliner.

All you need to do is just apply some eyeliner on the upper section of the eye curler. Now apply it on the eyes. It will curl your eye lashes as well as will apply the eyeliner on your eyes too. The eyeliner applied through it will be very neat and slick.

10). Translucent Powder

To prevent the dreaded crease stamps from the eyes, we can use the translucent powder. It is a very simple way to give the final finish to our eyes. All you need to do is take a brush and dab some powder through it on the eyes. It will prevent the moisture and hence stop smudging the eyeliner. It is a quick tip which can be used for how to apply eyeliner.

How to Apply Eyeliner: Different styles

There are various ways in which eyeliner can be applied. Sometimes it gives you a smoky look. But sometimes it gives you a very bold and strong look. You can also apply eyeliner in form of the cat eye. This look goes perfect when you wear some traditional attire. The cat eye effect gives you a sexy look even in sexy outfits.

Sometimes we get bored with applying eyeliner in the same usual way. So here are different types of the styles in which eyeliner can be applied to the eyes. They look subtle, beautiful yet stylish. You can easily learn these how to apply eyeliner tutorials.

1). The Semi Outlined Eye

how to use eyeliner

This look is perfectly done with the help of gel eyeliner. They give you the perfect look of it when used in black color. All you need is gel eyeliner and an angled brush for this look. Use the angled brush to trace the lash line and creating a winged look at the edges.

Now use the gel liner and brush combo to draw the line from the outermost part of the cat eye. Now extend it to the halfway point of your bottom lash line. Now you are done to rock this perfectly amazing look. This is a simple tutorial for how to apply eyeliner.

2). A Chic Kitten Eye

how to use eyeliner

This can sound to you like the cat eye effect. But this is a partial cat eye and hence called the kitten eye. This is the how to apply eyeliner tutorial for the chic kitten eye effect. You would need coffee colored gel eyeliner and an angled brush for this look. This color would not give you a harsh look like the black color eyeliner.

All you need to do is tightly line your top lash line and extend it out. You need to extend it into a baby cat eye. You do not need to curl your eye lashes for it. Also do not put the mascara to make the liner pop. This look would be perfect for the day as well as night look.

3). A Skinny Cat Eye

how to use eyeliner

They how to apply eyeliner cat eye tutorial is so easy to apply. This effect gives you a rocking new day diva look. You will need liquid eyeliner and jeweled false lashes to rock this cat eye look.

All you need to do is use black liquid eyeliner to line the top lash line. Now extend it out past the corner of your eyes to make your eyes look elongated. You can use the jeweled false lashes to make your eyes look more dramatic.

4). Smudged Outliner with Smoky Look

how to use eyeliner

It is the time to switch from your usual makeup to the stunning look. All you need to do is modify the look by recreating it. This look will make you look more noticed and sought after. Here is the simple how to apply eyeliner tutorial for this stunning look.

You will require the black kohl pencil and a gold eyeshadow for this look. Start applying the black kohl pencil on the lower waterline of your eyes. Now blend it out into an almond shape way past the lash line by using a smudge brush for it. Now apply the gold eyeshadow on your eyelids and on the corners of your eyes. Now blend it again with the help of smudge brush for a flawless finish.

5). Smoky Lower Lash Line

how to use eyeliner

This is an imperfect look which gives a totally perfect look. The imperfection is the new cool these days. You can rock this look at anywhere any time. This look would give you a rocker vibe girl. You will look cooler than before. Wear the trendy clothes like tank tops and rugged jeans for the perfect look. Here is the how to apply eyeliner tutorial for this look.

All you require for this look is a flat eyeliner brush, a black eyeliner pot, and a black kohl pencil. Dip the flat eyeliner brush in the black eyeliner pot and trace the top and bottom lashes through it. Now use the black kohl pencil to dot along the bottom lash line. Now blend this look with the help of smudge brush to give it a rocking look.

Video Demo: How to Apply Pencil/Gel/Cream/Liquid Eyeliner:


Here are all the tips and tricks related to the issue of How to apply eyeliner. Anyone can become a makeup expert just by learning these small tips. These tricks will help you to work upon the problems you have faced till date for applying the eyeliner. There are also different types of eyeliner on the basis of usage and texture. You should always choose the right one for you.

Unnecessarily experimenting with the makeup of your eyes can cause irritation in your eyes. You should always be cautious when it comes to eyes. There are also different types of eyeliner makeup given above. You can try them out according to which suits on your eyes. This is the perfect tutorial for how to apply eyeliner.