GetResponse Vs AWeber: Which is better?

GetResponse Vs AWeber : Email marketing has always been beneficial and proved successful for the online businesses to grow and make long term customer relationship. It reflects how much a business cares for their subscribers and makes them visit the blog or site again. Therefore, randomly choosing an email marketing service may not be a good choice. Out of the various email marketing services present, let’s take the two most popular services, AWeber and GetResponse, to have a look at their features and benefits.

Both GetResponse and AWeber are email marketing tools that helps you to connect with your subscribers through attractive e-newsletter templates, mailing list and via ‘autoresponders’.


Features and Functionality

GetResponse and AWeber have many features in common. The similar ones they have to offer are:

·  Over 500 Responsive Templates

·  Capturing of data and tracking of the subscribers’ locations and pattern of checking mail, clicked links and unread mails etc.

·  Many pre-designed newsletter templates.

·  100+ landing page templates.

·  AutoResponder functionality, to help you send emails to the new subscribers and promotional messages, gift vouchers, wishes, cards automatically to the users.

·  Analytics, report generation with ample amount of charts, tables and graph to easily understand the behavior and patterns.

·  Integration with 3rd party sites/tools


Auto Responder

Basic functionality of both, GetResponse Autoresponder and AWeber Autoresponder are somewhat similar in sending scheduling and creating an auto respond messages but AWeber has an annoying feature that when a new email is added to the auto responder, than it is automatically sent to the subscribers list which sometimes makes no sense for new subscribers.

Moreover, GetResponse has ‘time travel’ feature with which you can schedule the message to be send in near future and may capture the local time for subscribers to send them at the desired time only. Another amazing feature of GetResponse is ‘Send Time Optimization’, with this feature, the email will be sent to the subscribers at the time when they are most likely to be checking their mails.

Reporting and Analytics

AWeber and GetResponse, both provides a large number of graphs, tables and charts to analyze the reports. The data is organized and available by both the email marketing tools to easily understand the subscribers list, subscription and unsubscribe rates, email open rates, clicked links etc. The reports generated by GetResponse can easily be sent to the inbox whereas the reports of AWeber can be downloaded in CSV files.


Generally GetResponse offers 7 plans whereas AWeber offers 5 plans. Although the number of plans does not affect much as the plan can be chosen as per the needs and a quotation can be obtained from both GetResponse as well as AWeber according to the requirements for a larger list of subscribers. But GetResponse has slightly lower price than AWeber for smaller list of less than 25,000 subscribers. Since both charge recurring fees for their services, so overall price may affect your decision in a major way. Hence, GetResponse is a cheaper and cost effective solution.

aweber pricing


Landing Pages

GetResponse surely has an edge over AWeber when it comes to landing pages. GetResponse provides with landing page editor with limited functionality which can be exploited by purchasing the add-ons. The cost of creating the landing pages with GetResponse is quite cheaper in comparison to AWeber and is much easier and simple to create with over 100 landing page templates provided by GetResponse marketing tool.

getresponce-landing page


Both, GetResponse and AWeber, offers excellent 3rd party integrations. They integrate with almost every payment gateways and shopping carts like Paypal, Amazon payments etc. They even have their app centers and social apps through which they can get their subscribers and connect with people from social sites like Facebook, WordPress and other ecommerce sites.


GetResponse offers more than 500 templates while AWeber has slightly more templates, more than 600 templates under various categories. Though the templates offered by AWeber are quite appealing and more attractive ones than the predefined templates offered by GetResponse, but all the templates can be tweaked and personalized to make it suitable and according to the business.

But when it comes to functionality, GetResponse offers the templates which are responsive and hence can easily be viewed on different devices whereas AWeber previously did not have the responsive feature in their templates but now that has been taken in consideration. So, both the email marketing services now provides with the responsive templates.

Split Testing

Creating a split (A/B) test is easy and simple in both the GetResponse and AWeber email marketing tools but AWeber does not provide flexibility and may need to copy paste the same message again in order to split that message whereas GetResponse is more versatile in this area.


Support plays a major role in gaining the subscribers and visitors trust and to maintain a long term relationship with them. Both GetResponse and AWeber provide live chats, telephone, emails and guides/ knowledge base support. While GetResponse provides 24 hours live chat support during the weekdays, AWeber extends their support service during the weekend as well but for shorter duration. It may be difficult to judge who is better in proving support to the subscribers as they can be easily contacted via emails or other mentioned source at the appropriate time.

Aweber support

Free Trail

GetResponse offers a free trail of one month without asking the credit card details from the customers whereas AWeber also gives one month free trail to their customers but in order to avail the free service, you need to enter the credit card details. Although it is fully secured, but still no one would like to take a risk of entering the credit card details and getting charged after the trail period expires.


GetResponse and AWeber are somewhat similar in terms of templates, responsiveness, support, analytics, integration, and split testing etc. Taking all things into account, GetResponse is definitely better than AWeber in terms of pricing, flexibility, versatility, Autoresponder features, e-newsletter campaigning etc. Hence, it can be concluded that in a very close, neck to neck, competition between GetResponse and AWeber, finally GetResponse wins the race!