– Get Addicted to This Underwater Fish Battle for Establishing Authority in Water Kingdom

The games are always entertaining. Most of us love to play the action packed games based on different themes. Every one of us, who had played games in childhood, must have played games like Pacman, Contra, and other such games. If you have played any of these games in your childhood then you will surely love, a fishmatic game where you need to eat other fishes smaller in size to grow bigger and frighten other fishes with your unique skills. Let us know more about this gripping adventurous game and explore its features.

1 – All you Need to Know is an underwater fish battle game that will excite and make you addicted in a few minutes. The refreshing sound and its stunning graphics will please your ears and eyes. This thrilling game has been created by the Junglee Games and is available worldwide for Android and the iOS users. They can easily download it from Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore respectively.

The game can be a real stress buster to get you out from the tiring hectic routine and giving you the sheer joy and entertainment. All you have to do is download this game on your devices and start playing it. To establish your authority underwater, you need to grow bigger in size and eat whatever comes in your way. Make sure that the object should not be a fish that is bigger in size than you otherwise you may get eaten by the other fish. The HD graphics of this game and the color variants will be loved by just any player. is a pure delight to be played on your smartphones and tablets.

Why will you Fall in Love with

This fish battle game has plenty to offer to its players. You might have hardly played any fish battle game of such quality and effects before. The game will turn you into an addict. There are a number of reasons to love this adventurous underwater game.

  • Choice of Fish: You can choose your fish from 7 different choices. You will get a fish of your own at the start of this game. As the game progresses, you can collect 6 more fishes by unlocking them while you feed more and unlock special items. Once you start collecting different types of fishes, you can use them in the gameplay.
  • Timed Aquatic Combat: You have to play the ferocious 2 minutes battle and win trophies by ranking high in the fish board. Make sure you feed the fishes that are smaller than your fish size. If you try to feed on bigger fish, you will be swallowed in. Other than these common dangers, you have to make your moves safely to get away from bombs. allows you to easily invite your friends to play this game and share your scores too to any social platforms you like. The game will be fun to play with the friends.
  • Fish Upgrade: You can upgrade your fish by spending the earned coins and take the fish to new level. The upgrade will help the fish to enhance its speed, splitting distance and acquire more skills. The color of the fish, skin tones, and other aspects can be changed to give it a deadly look.
  • Unlock New Treasures: Every battle you play will give an opportunity to unlock treasures that were hidden. If your fish ranks 1-10 in the fish chart then you will get tanks or magical fish bowl along with few gold coins. Also, you will get only the gold coins if your fish ranks above 10. Moreover, you can win a new fish, magical bowls, new skills, and earn extra gold coins while playing the game. If you want to unlock the magical bowl to see which fish it is, you have to spend either the shells or wait for 2-8 hours for auto-unlock.

Learn How to Play

There are no hard and fast rules for playing this fishmatic game. Firstly install this game on your device and then follow the below mentioned guide to play this game.

1). Open by tapping on game icon on your smartphone’s screen.


2). You must be connected to the internet for game to load. Give it sometime for loading.

3). After the game loads, you will be asked for entering the fish name.


4). After you have given the name to your fish move to the next step by tapping on ‘Enter’.


5). Now, you have to select the type of movement. There will be two different options – ‘Tap to Move’ (move the fish by a tap on the screen) or ‘Virtual Joystick’ (the fish movement will be controlled through a joystick).


6). After you have selected the movement type, test the fish movement on screen.


7). To proceed directly to the game, click on ‘Skip’ option.

8). As the game starts, feed on as many objects and small fishes that come in your way. Beware from the big fishes that might eat you.

9). If any fish bigger than you eats you, wait for 5 seconds to start playing again or revive the fish to same size by spending some gold coins that you have earned so far.


10). You performance in this 2-minutes game will decide what rank you are given.

11). The rewards and treasures are given to you as per your rank.


The Last Words is an interesting adventurous game that requires brilliant skills and concentration to play it. One will definitely get addicted to this mind blowing game. I bet that you might not have played such type of game so far. The game is colorful and the whole theme of game is joyful. You can turn your fish to a scary beast by changing the color, skin tone, and other features of your fish. The ultimate way to rule this game is to eat whatever comes in your way. Only the bigger fishes will trouble you. So, play this game with complete bliss and happiness.