EASY96 RADIO App review: The Ultimate Bollywood Radio

EASY96 RADIO App review: Music is the best way which gives us the precise emotions what we required. As an Indian, Bollywood music used to be the best wellspring of expansion the favor, since it suits to our expectations. While driving, the radio stations fulfills our music requirements and it turned into our host and dost for that trip.

Easy96 Radio is one of that kind of application which has the capability to pursuit all of our expectations and it actually does it well. There are massive no of applications as of now present in the Google play store. Be that as it is, which makes Easy96 exceptional is it is totally free. You won’t requested to subscribe or purchase any extra bundle.

The features of Easy96 Radio is very good. The streaming quality, the audio quality and the broadcast functionality is awesome.  There are many other apps present on the Google app store, but Easy96 is the widely used one. The most acceptable reason behind this is that it operates globally.

The main fault about our local FM stations are that they only operate on a locality. Even after a few miles from the broadcasting antenna, the signals become week and as a result we get too many noise. But this problem is now solved as an internet Radio player.

What is Easy96 Radio?

Easy 96 Radio is an online radio player and it plays all the evergreen songs from Bollywood movies. The interesting facts about Bollywood songs are that it is the second most preferred music all over the world.

Source by Techlazy.com

Source by Techlazy.com

android-buttonEasy96 app is created by easy96.com and it serves globally. They broadcast their stations from the New-York to the Asian villages. Another major features about this app is their RJ’s (Radio Jockey). Have you ever imagine a radio station without RJ’s? But some online application doing it. They used to call themselves a radio broadcasting channel but they don’t have a single RJ in their office.  Well, at some of the point Easy96Radio app is the best app to listen Bollywood Music online. The depth review is down below-

The UI of Easy96 Radio

homepageThe client interface of the application is exceptionally basic. The application engineers and the application advertisers have confirmed that basic however intense applications has the ability to draw in tons of clients. Since they are entirely easy to explore. The Easy96 application is doing extremely well in this. Their Client interface is extremely easy to explore. Indeed, even a 5 years of age child can explore through this application.

The homepage of the app is very much simple. As the image enclosed here it has the live stream screen on the middle always. On the upper left corner it has the navigation button, on the upper right corner it has the information about the app button. The main area is filled with an advertisement of its own. It displays all the contact numbers for USA, Australia and UK to listen the radio over phone.

Below that the player navigation bar is there. On the middle of that bar, it has the play and pause button and above that the seek bar is present.

There are one more noticeable functionality that it has the sharing option on the home page. You can share this app to your friends just clicking on that small sharing box. For an app like this, this is a very good features that they have implemented.

The overall homepage design of the app is pretty basic and easy to navigate. Let’s explore more digging on the navigation functionality.

SidebarThe navigation bar consists live streaming, Sleep Timer, Alarm clock and Exit button. Which running the app, the live streaming window is displaying on the front. As we have already familiar to the live streaming window, let’s discuss about sleep timer functionality.

The sleep timer functionality is the advanced feature seen at any online radio app. This allows the user to turn of the radio after a certain period of time. This is a great feature. The user need not to touch the phone to switch the app off. They can automate the switching off criteria from this function.

Below that there is the alarm clock. The alarm clock wakes you up and as an alarm tone the radio used to start playing. In the morning, no need to touch the phone to enjoy your favorite Bolly songs. Just set everything up and you are good to go.

This is the most advanced functions which makes Easy96 very unique. And the functions never fails. They are as reliable as the player itself.

Below that there is the Exit button.

The major feature: Streaming

As this app provides online radio streaming, the streaming quality matters a lot. Probably Easy96 is one of the best streaming application. What is the major problem regarding streaming technology? Well, some streaming applications used to consume lots of data on the background. This is really annoying. But Easy96 gives their best to minimal the data consumption and provide the high quality streaming.  The audio quality is really very good. In 2g network also, this application moves like a rocket.

 The songs and the programs

The songs that Easy96 broadcasts is purely evergreen Bollywood songs. While playing their songs, they categorized some programs so that the users get the exact experience what they wanted. Also, unlike a local radio channel, they have dedicated RJ’s. They are quit good to attract every person by their voice. Imagine a radio station without a RJ. Is it possible to run a Radio channel without RJ’s? Well probably not.

Final verdicts

Easy96 Radio is one of the best application for Bollywood songs. They used to broadcast purely Bollywood evergreen songs. Radio is the most favorite household tool for all the people. It gives more pleasure while taking the first sip of morning tea while playing the Radio behind. But in the era of modernization, where radio take place into everybody’s smartphone, Easy96 Radio gives their users the exact experience as a radio. The main reason behind the success of a radio is its playlists. Easy96 app has everything that need to be there on a Radio. This is best application for online radio on the Google Play-Store.