ContentMart Review: Best Content Writing Platform for Writers & Clients

What’s the most important, most time-consuming and most crucial part of your website?  The domain name? Theme? Plugins? Nope! It’s the content, isn’t it?

So where do you get the content from? Do you write it yourselves? Isn’t that just extremely time-consuming? Additionally, it’s a productivity killer! You could’ve come up with dozens of other marketing strategies, security upgrades and stuff like that in the meantime which you spend writing content!

So what’s the answer to the question? Outsourcing obviously, isn’t it? But hey, wait! Outsourcing has couple of problems, and that’s probably why you aren’t focusing over there:-

  • Content is extremely expensive.
  • The Cheap content isn’t worth publishing.
  • Deadlines!

And things like that, right? So let me answer your question in one simple word:- ContentMart!

Here’s the deal, of course it’s a review but I could’ve written a review about the dozens of other content outsourcing platforms out there, so why did I choose ContentMart? Because of it’s features! Yeah I’ll explain them to you worry not.

What is ContentMart?

It’s a content outsourcing platforms, simple as that! (So why not iwriter or Upwork?) Good question! Well, here’s why it’s being written about here:-


  • 10 221 orders Already Completed.
  • 45 280 writers
  • 43 668 clients are using ContentMart.

Those numbers show the kind of trust and quality it has built for itself in the IM market, right?

What does Content Mart Offer?

Apart from Content, (which ofcourse it offers), there’s a lot more you get with ContentMart!

3-Click Content Outsourcing:-


That’s how easy it is to get content done on Content Mart! You just have to post writing jobs, (Which has lot’s of options!), pick a writer, and you’re done!

So okay, first of all, visit ContentMart and Login to Contentmart, (Use the Facebook login and you’ll be in in less than 5seconds!)  it’s free to signup. Once you’re in, you’d be taken to the dashboard which looks something like:-


So now all you have to do is, click on the “New order” button! Once you do that, you’re asked to fill in your project details, which are carved out as simply as possible. Just fill in the required information, and you’re done!


How Expensive is It?

Exactly as much as you want it to be! Well yeah, on the New order page itself, there’s a “pricing’ option, which lets YOU decide how much you want to pay for your project.


So no $5 boundations like Fiverr or Upwork maybe, you decide what you pay simple as that.

How Detailed Will it be?

Yeah a good question, on other platforms you get to choose the Title of the project, and a small description maybe, and that at times ruins your whole project, the inability to describe your project as you want to, right?

Not with ContentMart! It’s a platform specifically for the “content writing services”, right? So ofcourse it gives you more than enough options to pitch in the details for the project.

On the same page, where you build up your New Project descriptions, there’s a mid-section, that let’s you choose lot’s of things.


The primary attention being, the DEADLINE! Yeah that’s one of them ost important aspects of any project isn’t it? The deadline! And that you can choose on ContentMart!

And the best part is, you even get to choose your category, and “expertise” required! That helps Contentmart suggest you the most expert and related writers for your project.

Wide-Range of Language Selection:-

Another point of Interest with ContentMart is that, while on other platforms you get primarily just ENGLISH as your project language, with ContentMart, you’d be surprised with the kind of languages they support.

Being a native Indian platform, they support Gujrati, Marathi, and a range of different languages for you. So in case you need an essay written or an editorial piece, in your local language, well ContentMart has got it covered.


Special Features:-

1). 100% Refund:-

I don’t think I even need to explain the above image, right? You pay only when you’re happy, simple as that! Try getting a similar deal with other platforms, I’m sure they won’t agree!


2). You don’t pay a Penny to ContentMart as a Client:-

If you’re a client, someone looking to get his job done, well it’s free for you! Meaning you only pay what you’ve agreed for, no extra commissions to ContentMart! Does this Mean ContentMart doesn’t take Commissions?

Just to clear the air, well they do! But not from you. They take in their share from the “writers”, so once you pay your promised amount, it’s between them and the writers, no extra charges on you.

3). Advanced Algorithms:

Let me quote ContentMart directly here “Each content sent through Contentmart is automatically checked with anti-plagiarism algorithm. Acceptable unique text — 90%. Good — 95% and above. If the uniqueness of the text is less than 90%, the content will automatically return to the copywriter for revision.”.

See that? You don’t even have to worry about your content “NOT” being original. Because if it isn’t, ContentMart won’t ever let the content reach you.

Their plagiarism checkers automatically detect content that’s 90%+ “non-unique” and it isn’t sent to you. Look at it the other way around, you’re actually saving money!

Well yeah, I personally spend somewhere around $50/month on Plagiarism checker tools, but with ContentMart that $50 is saved isn’t it?

Final Verdict:-

Do you want Content? Good Content? Without making a hole in your pockets? ContentMart is the answer simple as that!

Now if you’re wondering what’s the catch, well, there isn’t one! They’re letting YOU decide the prices, and you don’t even pay if you aren’t happy! Still not convinced enough?

Well here’s one more feature (among many) from them capable of making you re-consider your decision! They have a live-chat tool too, nope not the “support” thing, instead you can live chat with your writers and clients! So it’s almost like a Social Media for Content!


So yeah they’re cheap, they’ve over 40K freelance content writers (which ensures that you won’t ever run out of people willing to work), and they offer you a 100% refund, if that can’t convince you, I don’t know what can.