Chest tattoos for men [Cool Tattoos Design]

Chest tattoos for men : Chest tattoos are the kind of tattoos which are most famous among the youth. But they are not suitable for the ones who like to show off their body art. As they are drawn on the chest so they kept hidden under the wraps. But they can also be a bit of revealing if drawn on the neck too. They can also be drawn extending to the full sleeve or half sleeve length of the arm. There are various ways in which they can be drawn on the body including the fact of making it revealing or hidden.


But there are various doubts in the youth that which tattoo design should be chosen for the chest tattoos for men. This confusion leads to the wrong designs on the chest which can not be corrected again except the painful laser surgeries. But now you guys don’t need to worry about the tattoo designs for your chest. As chest is the most crucial part in terms of body art so right design matters a lot in this era. This section is comprised of lots of chest tattoos for men which are so damn good and suitable for the youth.

Different chest tattoos for men according to their significance and meanings-

1). Skull Chest Tattoos for Men

Skull tattoos for men are the most ravishing as well as horrifying tattoo designs. They depict the bad boy image of a men and they suits the best on the bikers and on those men who love adventures. Skull on the chest reveals the darker side of a man although it is not important that this is the real phase of his life. Skull tattoos can be done in many ways. It can be done on the whole chest as it provides a larger area to get inked. Skulls can also be drawn on both sides of the chest looking at each other. Skull tattoos are the best chest tattoos for men who love the bad boy image tag on them.

2). Quote Chest Tattoos for Men

In the category of chest tattoos for men quotes designs are getting famous a lot. Such quotes are the life teaching lessons in someone’s life. These quotes can also be the past memories that you always want to stick to you as you do not want to forget them. chest can proved to be the best part for a quote chest tattoos for men as it covers the heart which is the emotional strength of such quotes. You can get them inked on right above your heart or at any other part of your chest. Now it depends upon you what kind of quote you want to get inked on yourself. Do not prefer the large size of the letters as it can be more painful so prefer small size of letters for the quote chest tattoos for men.

3). Tribal Chest Tattoos for Men

Tribal tattoos are the oldest of its kind but fashionable too. They look amazing and stylish on the chest. Chest tattoos for men are the hardest to be drawn but best to be seen. A little bit of modification in the existing design can make the best tribal chest tattoos for men. The main thing to be noted for the tribal tattoos is that they are not comprised of different colors in fact they are drawn with the help of a single color which is black. Adding to the fact that they do not even look great with different colors. The simple black color gives them a macho and bold look. Tribal tattoos of the oldest designs look the best on chest as they get a larger area to be covered.

4). Dove Chest Tattoos for Men

Dove is basically a bird which is white in color. White color always depicts the harmony and peace. Dove is a bird which gives the message of peace, love and forgiveness. As per the Christian mythology is to be believed then dove is understood to be the significance of the holy spirits which is always seen as a nice symbol. Dove tattoos can be inked on arms, neck, back, hands, foot anywhere but when you are willing to draw a large size of dove tattoo then chest and back can proved to be the best body part for it. Especially on the chest as it represents the symbol of love and peace which looks the best when drawn on the chest.

5). Angel Chest Tattoos for Men

Angels are the creatures which are believed to be the messenger of god residing in heaven. They are always seen as a kind hearted, innocent and peace making creatures. They are always seen as wearing white clothes and having wings on them. when you are choosing the angel tattoos then they can turn out to be the best chest tattoos for men. But while you are opting for the angel tattoos then you should always make them in such a way that they symbolize a message for the mankind. They can be drawn with a devil showing that good things always hover over the bad things. They can also be drawn with the flying wings which also depict the hope and new beginning in life.

6). Scripture Chest Tattoos for Men

Scripture tattoos are basically the verse from different holy books of any languages. They give a new meaning to the life as they always give a holy message to everyone. They are always so strong that it can prove to be enough to change your mind set about anything. For the scripture chest tattoos for men you can choose the bible extracts along with a sign of cross. It will always give a holy touch to you as these verses will always give you a pure feeling. You can also go for the Chinese lines as they comprise less area but give a strong message. Scripture tattoos can also be the Egyptian language which also spreads a holy message.

7). Religious Chest Tattoos for Men

Almost each and everyone in this world love their religions. Be it a catholic, Hindu, Islamic or anyone. Some prays a lot or some respects a lot. Some even go to many extents to show love and respect for their religions. There is also one more way to pay a feeling of respect towards your religion and it is by dedicating a tattoo design to your religion. There can be many designs available for this but choosing the best one is your decision. For the religions chest tattoos for men a large area of chest is provided which is linked to our heart depicting our emotions towards our religion. A small symbol of your religion is always the nicest choice for a tattoo design. A large design for show off would always cause a greater pain.

8). Biomechanical Chest Tattoos for Men

Biomechanical are the kind of tattoos which are the most different and unique type of tattoos for men. They always require a large area so that they can be drawn properly as they always looks best while drawn on a larger area. So they look the best when inked as the chest tattoos for men. These biomechanical designs are gaining a lot of popularity among the youth. They give a three dimension touch to the body. They can be drawn in various ways. They can be of the internal part like bones and muscles on the body or they can also be like the machinery parts of a robot. They look so amazing that they even look like real body parts.

9). Three dimensional Chest Tattoos for Men

Three dimensional chest tattoos are the modern tattoo designs which are as famous as biomechanical tattoos. When they are chosen for the chest then they can be the best chest tattoos for men. They give you such an optical illusion that it looks like your skin not a tattoo design. They are the realistic looking tattoos which can produce such a confusion that nobody can judge whether they are tattoo designs or original skin. There are not many designs in such category as this category is the newest in the tattoo making art. There are designs like superman’s skin peeping out from your original skin which looks very real. It can also be the old withered map drawn on the skin which gives an absolutely three dimensional look on your body.

Celtic tattoos are believed to be originated from the Irish era. They have a spiritual connection and they have a mythological relation too. They are seen as the symbol of good luck and great fortune in life. They are also seen as the good luck charm in the wearer’s life. They belong to the traditional form of art as they have a deep meaning. They are the oldest forms of designs because they bring luck to the wearer’s life. They can also be related to the mythological stories and traditional tales. They are the most interesting types of designs for the chest tattoos for men. They are the combination of traditional designs and modern creations.