Best Google AdSense Alternatives for Bloggers In 2016

Best Google Adsense Alternatives: Did Google banned your AdSense account and looking for top ads network to monetize your blog traffic? If yes, you search completes here, no need to further more research.


Today we are going to look up some of the Best Google AdSense alternatives which may be among the Best Online ways to earn money online. Isn’t Google AdSense one of the Best way to make money online? It is for many but also not for many. It depends on several factors which we will also discuss in this article.

Let’s move on.

Reasons for Looking Google AdSense Alternatives

There may be a lot of reasons why not to go with Google AdSense and looking Google AdSense alternatives. Here below, I have listed a few of them which are the most common for bloggers that’s why they start thinking that they should have some Google AdSense alternatives.

Some of the most common reasons to look up for the Best Google AdSense Alternatives are:

  1. Google AdSense do not approve everyone. They have very strict rules and regulations which every site using it should fulfill. Every blogger or a webmaster applying for Google AdSense should pass through their approval process which is not simple and most of the time; they don’t approve sites quickly. So, this is the primary reason to look for the Google AdSense Alternatives.
  2. The next reason to find Google AdSense Alternatives is that most of the AdSense users face Account Banned problem. When Google AdSense bans your account for the reason like, copyright violation, then you also lose your all previously made earnings. Thus, those people who face such type problems, they need to find another best Google AdSense Alternatives to earn money from your website.
  3. Google is Pay per click network and pays when you have a sufficient number of the ads over the number of page views while there are many other Google AdSense alternatives such as the Paid reviewing. And it is a better option to earn more as compared to using Google Adsense.

Type of Advertising

Some of the most  used types of Advertising are below:

  • Advertising via an Advertising Network (Such as Google AdSense)
  • Direct Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • eCommerce Advertising
  • Internet Marketing or Email Marketing
  • Consultation Services Advertising
  • Event Based Advertising

Some of the types of advertising I have listed above.

Now, let me come to the main point, best Google Adsense Alternatives.

Here is the Quick list of Best Google AdSense Alternatives.

  1. Direct Advertising
  2. Paid Review Websites
  3. Products, Online Courses and Services Selling
  4. Amazon Display ads
  5. Infolinks
  6. AyBoll
  7. Adversal
  8. BuySellAds
  9. Chitika
  10. Viglink
  11. Skimlinks
  13. Intellilinks

Now, let us discuss each of above listed Google AdSense alternatives in deep.

1). Direct Advertising

Direct Advertising is the primary way to earn money from a popular blog. Many of the news blogs which are already getting millions of visitors on their website or blog are already making thousands of dollars by Direct Advertising.

Any blogger may offer Direct advertising on his/her blog and may ask their advertisers the desirable amount he/she want according to some factors such as traffic and the type of audience.

Do you know? Those who are aware of direct advertising, has already found this best option as one of the Best Google AdSense Alternatives.


If you are bored using Google Adsense and are looking to try something new then choosing popunder network can turn out to be a good idea. No strict policies like Google Adsense and your publisher account can get approved within two hours of signup. All types of sites whether adult or non-adult are accepted here.

This popunder advertising network can be really fruitful for both advertisers and the publishers. An advertiser can start from $5 while the publisher is given liability to withdraw the amount as soon as he/she reaches $10. The live support given throughout the year is really appreciable and of the reasons for its popularity.

Following features of Marketads have been listed below:

  • It follows fast approval policy and no minimum traffic is required to get the approval. All types of sites are acceptable here.
  • A publisher can withdraw minimum $10 from the account through PayPal. The advertiser can start a campaign from as low as $5.
  • The payments can be withdrawn or loaded into the account through different means by requesting the concerned team of Marketads.
  • Publishers & advertisers can get the live statistics report through the dashboard.
  • Advertisers can even choose to withdraw the amount in their account if the amount is not used in any campaign.

3). Paid Review Websites

Another great way of earning huge amount of money in seconds or minutes for doing actually nothing is Paid Reviewing. You can yourself write the paid reviews for your clients and publish them on your blog and can earn lots of money easily.

Benefits of Paid reviewing are:

  1. You can earn money as well as may keep your blog up to date with latest stuff without actually wasting your money and the precious golden time.
  2. You can ask your client for the well-made content which has the capability to be get published on your blog so that you may update the authority of your blog. And notice that authority is necessary to keep up the high status of your blog online.
  3. You can have regular paid reviewing clients and can also have desirable agreements with them. You can have your own rules and regulations. You may feel like a Boss who nothing have to do much but is still the most earner.

Here are some of the Paid Review Websites which you may go for:

  • Link Vehicle
  • Blogmint
  • com
  • Matomy SEO
  • SeedingUp
  • IZEA

You can join any of these paid review websites and can get paid for writing reviews for various clients or advertisers.

4). Products, Online Courses and Services Selling

Coming next to a talent and quality based way to earn money as a blogger or even a talented anybody who has special qualities in a particular field. Are you a person who has special skills such as designing, programming, architecting, etc. You may offer your services online on your website or blog.

Here are the ways in which you can go for this option along with the benefits.

  1. If you have a business in which you sell some kind of products, why not to sell them online? You can sell your products online such as by making an ecommerce website. And specially if you willing to sell a digital product such as your very own written book, you may earn lots of lots just a step away without any additional costs such as book publishing costs.
  2. If you have a quality or you are a tutor who may give tutorials to other in order to help them, you may also make money from it by offering your courses online.
  3. The third kind is services. Can you some kind of services which may or may not be technical such as Blogger to WordPress blog or website shifting service? If yes, you can make easy money from it. Do you know a lot of professional bloggers make thousands of dollar by just offering consulting services? Means earn money by consulting others? Isn’t great?

The above listed three ways are some interesting and incredible ways which are different from the concept of advertising. Now let us discuss some of the advertising network based alternatives.

*Miscellaneous Advertising Network Options as Google AdSense Alternatives.

5). Infolinks


When it comes to find an alternative then Infolinks is the first name pronounced in the sense of the Advertising Network which works like the same module as Google AdSense works so. (Not exactly the same but similar like CTR, CPC factor similarities) Thus, it is considered at the top among the Best Ad networks and the one of the Best Google AdSense Alternatives.

google adsense alternatives

The module is very simple. Publishers have to create an account with Infolinks, then they will give you some code which you have to paste in the code your website or blog’s template and that’s all. They will then display ads and you will be getting the payment on the basis of various factors.

One of the major features of Infolinks, which makes it different from others, is the type of ad formats it offers. It offers various ad formats such as the In-text ads, Sidebar ads and overlay ads, etc.

They have the following Payment features:

  • Infolinks pay publishers 45 days after the month ends if the applicable payment threshold has been met.
  • Payment is by PayPal, Payoneer, Western Union, Echeck or ACH (for publishers with bank accounts in the USA).
  • The payment threshold depends on the payment method you choose. It’s $50 for ACH or $100 for wire transfers or the Western Union.

6). AyBoll


Ayboll is another Advertising Network and one of the Google AdSense alternatives which claim to offer and display such advertisements on your blog or website which looks like content so that you can get the maximum exposure. They have good rates to offer for their publishers. They AyBoll do not have any pre-approval process, thus all sites may be accepted and anybody can start earning very soon.

AyBoll has the following features:

  • You have to just customize their widget and then have to embed it on your website or blog and that’s all you are ready to track your results and revenue.
  • Their ads are responsive for all of the devices. So, chances of earning gradually increases.
  • Currently, they have just two methods of payment and according to them, they are adding more methods soon. The present methods are Bank Wire ($30 fee) and Skrill (No Fee).

7). Adversal


Adversal is also an advertising network which is based on the factors of revenue such as CPC. RTB, CPM, CTR etc. already common in this type of regard. They have good options for publishers. But one thing which you may need to know before going with Adversal is that your website or blog must have at least traffic of 50,000 page views per month which may be an issue for many of the publishers.

Adversal can be summarized as below:

  • They offer payment via PayPal, Check and Bank Wire.
  • They have multiple ad formats which you can check on their official website prior to applying for it.

8). BuySellAds


BuySellAds is one trusted name in the matter of Online Advertising and many of the professional blogger from all across the world have been suggesting it. They have automated tools for Advertising. BuySellAds have the following listed features.

  • BuySellAds is a little bit different than other advertising networks. It acts like a medium between you and the advertiser. BuySellAds have many advertisers which can buy space for ads on our website or blog depending upon several factors.
  • The advertiser will pay to BuySellAds for the placement of their ads on our website or blog. BuySellAds will take up their commission which is maybe 25% and will give the rest to the publishers.
  • Payment options are Wire transfer, PayPal and Bitcoin. They have various threshold limits for various payment methods.

Aren’t these features enough to get BuySellAds listed in this list of Best Google AdSense alternatives?

9). Chitika


Chitika is considered one of Best Google AdSense alternatives as it may provide you the same experience that Google AdSense ads may provide just in a different way. The way in which Google AdSense ads are displayed on the websites or blogs of the publisher is quite similar.

Here are the features of Chitika Advertising Network:

  • They have a lot of Ad Formats from small to the biggest possible Ad sizes. You will be completely satisfied with it.
  • The next it will display you the proper analytics of your Chitika ads. You can easily track your earnings.
  • They have the payment threshold of just $10, which is quite good for beginners. They pay via PayPal and through check. The threshold limit of $10 is for PayPal and for the check, it is $50. They pay like Google AdSense i.e. on Monthly basis.
  • They have a referral program which one can join and for referring others to use Chitika, and can earn good commissions.

10). Viglink


Viglink is another popular name in the world of online advertising and is always pronounced whenever it is the matter of Google AdSense alternatives. Viglink is a powerful network which provides advertising solutions like In text ads to get maximum exposure and earnings as a publisher.

Viglink has the following features:

  • Viglink is among the smartest may to monetize your content with the use of Non-monetized links. You have to just implement their code and have to see the magic.
  • They have lot of advertisers which is suitable for the Indian bloggers too. You do not need to fell into any hassle to setup it. It’s quite easy. They also have a plugin to help you in this setup.
  • It is somehow, similar to BuySellAds. It takes up the 25% commission from the advertisers and pay you the rest 75%. Do you know this ratio is quite well than the other Advertising solutions and programs?
  • It offers easy pay out via PayPal and threshold limit is quite less which is of $10.

11). Skimlinks


Skimlinks is usually compared to Viglink as “links” come in the name of both of the names. They also have the content monetization methods as similar to other Advertising networks. Here below, are the features of Skimlinks listed.

  • Skimlinks has over 20,000 merchants. So by joining Skimlinks you can join from 20,000+ affiliate programs at one place. They over quick and many methods to increase your earnings as a publisher. This thing makes Skimlinks one of the best Google AdSense alternatives.
  • Their user interface is quite pretty and we found it better than any of the other Advertising Network we reviewed so far.
  • Skimlinks is more than just advertising as it may be your first step to grow your earnings with Affiliate marketing.
  • They have Direct Deposit as a payment options for the publishers with US or UK bank accounts. Moreover, they pay via PayPal only for the users living any other country.


Website: is one of the biggest advertising network. is the Yahoo-Bing Advertising network. Two big Internet search engines Yahoo and Bing powers That’s why may have the options to maximize your revenue by implementing their ads on your website or blog. has the following features:

  • They offer quite good control on the ads you want to display on your blog or website.
  • They have easy ad implantation process which anybody may easily do quickly and start earning as soon as after implanting.
  • They Pay via PayPal or Wire Transfer. The amount of threshold is $100.

13). Intellilinks


This Google Adsense Alternatives list is incomplete without great Google AdSense Alternative Intellinks. Intellinks is also a medium for the connection of Advertisers with the Publishers. They have some requirements which your website or blog may satisfy before getting accepted and afterward you may proceed with it further like Google Adsense. They have the following features.

Intellilinks has the following features:

  • In Intellinks websites are listed and directly sold to the advertisers so that they can advertise on the site directly.
  • They also offers a referral program. They will pay you some amount of the commission on each referral.
  • They offer PayPal as a payment option.
  • They offer quite good support and offers easy to use platform.

So, this is our detailed article review of 12 Best Google AdSense alternatives. Anybody who failed in his attempt to get their AdSense account approved. May join any of the above listed Google Adsense alternatives as there are among the Best Google AdSense Alternatives which already a lot of people have tried and praised.

Hope you liked reading, if so do share it on social media and help your friends to find the Best Google AdSense alternatives.

Thanks for being here. Hope you will surely find the Best Google Adsense alternative for yourself to make more and more money with your website.