25 Best cooking games for kids online Free to Play

Hey! Tell me you have lot more work load and you might be busy because of which you cannot manage to do cooking with your kids and looking for some best cooking games for kid online that can keep your kid tide-up with and keep your kids teaching about how to cook food, safety tips about kitchen, adding ingredients in the food and lots of extra good things they can learn while having fun.


We are all well aware how parents have no positive views on playing video game for kids but according to an article published in Forbes link clears the doubts that games have positive psychological effect on children, gaming research centers believe that it’s healthy to play video games for some brain exercise and have no wrong influence on kids but there are some point parents should take care of before choosing any games for their kids.

Impact of Video Games:

According to an article published in pamf.org (Palo Alto Medical Foundation) about the impact of video games here stated that, 97% teen in US play video games as the result of which the sales in gaming marketing are growing extensively.
But only a positive and brain game have positive impact on kids thinking power, violent games can grow the aggression in children.
Some tips on choosing games and behavior management that’ll help your child in improving their thinking level:

  1. Always choose positive, educational, focus and behavior improving video games that are good in challenging mind, growing skill and always tech something new and interesting to your kid.
  2. Limit their video games playing time and never ever let your child play video games all the time, playing even an educational game all the time have some negative effect on behavior and mind that’ll make your child aggressive and irritating.
  3. If possible play with your kid and try to teach them via the game, it’ll help them to learn faster and give them indirect lesson on how to take or value video games in their life.
  4. Focus on personal development and skills building game more that may help them in real life activity.
  5. Always check rating and review the video games your child play.

Keeping that all in mind below are the best free cooking games for kids online.

Lists of 25 best free cooking games for kids online

1). Panda’s Restaurant: Asia

Very educational and awesome game, playing this game kid can cook the recipe as they want. You can experiments with available ingredients by chopping, blending, frying and more, after which you will serve that self-prepared dish to your customers and see how they’re reacting about your prepared food.

Dr. Panda’s Restaurant 2 has feature such as you can choose from 20 available ingredients including Fish, eggs, peppers, kiwifruit, tomatoes and much more. You can chop, bake, boil and fry your ingredients.

This game got 40,107 downloads after updated release in June 18, 2015 rated 4.2 stars available free for both Android and IPhone OS, you can download this game for your iPhone.

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2). Cooking Dash 2016 – best cooking games for kids

Free-to-Play awesome time management cooking game with over 176, 600 downloads this is one of the top game available for Android and iOS.
Flo is a game character who is a celebrity chef and she cooks to get TV fame, it’ll build your skill while cooking and serving the delicious menu dish in each different restaurant in front of live watching audience in studio, every time you’ll earn point in each episodes they’ll cheers for you.

Cooking Dash 2016 game features: hundreds of episodes to play, collect profits and upgrades your kitchen’s food and restaurant, cook delicious food for more customers to roll in, get famous and one of the most interesting feature of this game you can exchange gifts & compete with friends.
You can also download this game for your iPhone for free.

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3). Sara’s Cooking Class: Kitchen

This free game is among top known cooking game online as well, it has high rating and users review. This 4 star with 71,448 installations is fun game for kids to play and learn making different delicious recipes for kids to be a chef, make dishes like cupcakes and fruit cakes sweet desserts and Chinese food. It’s a good graphic game free-to-play game available for both iOS and Android.
Features of this game: stepwise cooking recipes, easy and beautiful interface for kids, free updates, and 17 most delicious recipes to cook with 183 various ingredients.

You can download the Sara’s cooking class lite version for your iPhone from given button.

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4). Chicken Wings Cooking

Do you love chicken? This is a nice game. This is easy to play step by step cooking game, the game will give your instruction to add different ingredient to make chicken spicy and tasty.
With total of 87,785 downloads and 3.6 stars rating this game is good to play for free.
Chicken Wings Cooking free online game available only for Android users.

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5). Brownies Cooking

Brownies lovers this game is for you kids, game is full with delicious dishes of chocolate and walnut, start making brownies now.
Game is very easy and diagrammatic graphic, look easy to eyes downloaded more than 38, 218 times rated 3.6 stars by users available free for android users.

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6). Bistro Cook 2

This game Bistro cook have 3 parts, all of them is good cooking game to play online with total of 12,917 installs and 3.9 stars rating this is the best free game to play.

Bistro Cook 2 has features like have more food that previous version, good quality graphic, real looking pans and frying. New category drinks is added in this version, with the increase of speed it has 3 levels of difficulty and supports all screen sizes. It’s free to play for android users.

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7). Cooking Fever : cooking games for kids

Very popular game with huge downloads of total 813,101 downloads and 4.4 stars rated.

Best time management game, it has more than 400 dishes to cook using 150 available ingredients, you have the choice of using different locations such as breakfast cafe, café Mexicana, paradise cocktail bar, sushi bar, ice cream shop, corn dog van, as well as fast food like Chinese, bakery, pizza, Indian food and seafood.
This game gives you more than 400 levels to play and upgradation of your kitchen appliance & interior on levels completion.
This game available free for both Android and iPhone users. IPhone user can download this game from bellow links.

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8). Pizza Maker Kids -Cooking Game

Everybody loves pizza, this game is pizza making kids cooking game downloaded 17,224 times and rated 3.8 stars.
Pizza Maker Kids has features like good quality graphics, easy to play game, animated scene in pizza making, baking and eating with different pizza shapes and types like cheese and sauces available. It has ingredients such as seafood, species, fruits, ketchup, meat, candles.
You can save the photo of your prepared pizza in your phone.

Available on Google Play and iTunes for free. IPhone users download Pizza Maker Kids free online cooking games by bellow given button.

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9). Cake Maker Kids

This cake making cook game is totally free to play game, you can make cake for any occasion or send it as gifts with number of cake shapes and fillings with decoration.

This game has a beautiful graphics easy user interface, lots of toppings, fruits, creams, candies, candles, crumbs and marzipan with some sound making toys.
Game has been downloaded 16,070 times and rated 3.8 stars on Google Play.
Cake Maker Kids available free for both iOS and Android users. IPhone user can download this game from iTunes.

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10). Kids Kitchen – cooking games for kids

The theme of this game is opening a new restaurant and getting kids customers, there will be pizza, cupcakes, burger and drinks to decorate and serve from after the work clean the kitchen as it was this make kids learn to care about cleaning part.
Game has feature like tap to select food for cooking, drag and click for decoration or to clean the kitchen all easy to play. With all this game have kid friends to help and food makers.
Kids Kitchen online cooking game is available on Google Play with the total downloads of 13,029 and 3.6 stars rating.

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11). COOKING MAMA Let’s Cook

With the simple and easy control play many mini-games inside and try to be a Special Chef. After the completion of your recipe service it to papa, the tasty you will make the happy papa will become. In the game character papa request daily for the food like Hamburgers, pizza and ice cream with the completion of every request you’ll get a return gift from him.
This game available for Android OS 3.0 or later, got more than 169,170 downloads with 4 stars rating.

This game is available for iOS as well; you can download it free from iTunes.

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12). Burger – very popular cooking games for kids

This game have got over 726,570 downloads and rated 4.2 stars on Google Play. Right! That much downloads, definitely a very popular burger preparing and serving time management game.

In the game you will be hired to work in n fast food restaurant to serve customers’ burger as fast as possible in a career mode with higher difficulty to make money and tips from them. As the game keep going, new ingredients will keep coming. As you’ll keep working all week till Saturday and complete your money making goals to become a great employee for which you’ll unlock new achievements.

Burger cooking and serving game has features like wide list of ingredients with more than 300 levels and 40 achievements. Awesome and addicting free to play game.
Available free for android users.

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13). Toca Kitchen 2

It is a popular online cooking game. In the game you’ll have to prepare a dish for new guests with new food combinations to do experiments.
Pretty flexible game where you can cook as you want you can juice, fry and try out your own recipes to serve your guests. As you’ll serve your guests watch them reacting on your food.

You can cook variety of food in Toca Kitchen 2 like chicken, prawn, strawberry, peach, Octopus leg, rich and spaghetti with new condiments available. It has features like fridge with new ingredients, character to serve and deep fryer available.

Available for Android and iOS (not free), Toca Kitche 2 has been downloaded over 150,339 times with impressive rating of 4.3 stars.

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14). Ice Cream Maker

Who don’t love ice-creams? Kids love ice creams a lot. In this game you can make ice as you want, make ice adding taste and color your like most.
This game is very famous available for both Android and iOS got total of 148,144 download and 3.7 stars rating on Google Play. Interesting and free-to-play game for kids online.

IPhone users can download Ice Cream Maker online games for free from iTunes.

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15). Bake Cupcakes – most play cooking games for kids

With over 84,364 downloads on Google Play and 3.7 stars rating this is an interesting game for kids to enjoy the cooking fun. This is a cup cake cooking game and playing this game you can to bake tasty cupcakes.
This game is popular with lots of fan base, awesome graphic and music, nice color and design. Easy to play game skills developing game for kids to play for free online.

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16). Street Food Maker

It’s a street food based cooking game for kids. In this game you can prepare French fries and can make your favorite available street food delicious, clean and too easy game.
5 Stars online cooking game with total of 23,739 downloads on Google Play which is a good to go game, available for android and iOS.

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17). Cooking Breakfast

Breakfast based theme game, fast and easy to play and to prepare breakfast recipes, good graphic and sound effect, you can choose plates for your breakfast make delicious waffles and croissant and various types of fruits. You can also take picture of your decorated kitchen and breakfast.
Cooking breakfast cooking online game got total of 17,080 downloads and almost 4 stars rating. Fresh and clean game just like morning breakfast to play for free.

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18). Cooking Master – cooking games for kids special

It is an another exciting game to serve customers before they leave the table angrily based on casual and in timing mode with three difficulty level in casual mode in which you can select food, frying pans, tab to serve customers’ orders and become a famous chef.
Cooking Master cooking game that has 4 stars rating and over 47, 984 downloads.

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19). Make Cookies

In this game you can make cookies in different shapes using ingredients and cookies shape maker, you can also make juice as you want.
Make Cookies is a simple and very easy to play cooking game with over 10,367 downloads and 4 stars rating.
This game is free for Android as well as iOS downloads for free, iPhone user can download this cookies cooking game on iTunes by given button.

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20). School Lunch Food Maker

The School Lunch Food Maker online free game is based on school lunch theme, easy to play.
In this game, kids have control to cook what you want to have in lunch, prepare salad and wash ingredients to cook macaroni and nachos with nacho machine and chips in various sizes and shapes.

This android and iOS available free cooking game downloaded over 29,654 times, three half stars rating and lots of positive gamers feedback on Google play. IPhone users download this game by bellow button.

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21). Cake Pop Cooking

Easy to play cake pop cooking game available on Google play for android devices with three half star ratings and more than 9894 download. Game is not very complicated or includes so many features to play. Kids will have flour, sugar and milk to mix up to prepare cake pop and match it up with some funny sticks and adding of some toppings.
If you don’t want your kid get busy playing cooking game for long, this is a good-to-go quick game available.

Cake pop cooking games for kid can be downloaded on iPhone from bellow given button.

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22). Donuts Maker-Cooking game

Good rating of 3 and half stars and 11,238 downloads on Google Play Store this is the best donut cooking game online to play for free. In the game its gives flexibility for kids to cook many types of donuts from start with numbers of flavors and kids can decorate their donuts using lots of toppings.

Later they can share the picture of their prepared donuts; it’s an easy to play game.

Donuts Maker cooking game is available for Android as well as for iOS users.

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23). Kitchen Fever Master Cook

It is time management game to test your cooking and serving with speed. It is a new restaurant theme based game where you’ll have to serve customers delicious dishes to make them happy. It helps kid in enhancing their accuracy and speed by completing orders in time.

Kitchen Fever Master Cook free online game has features such as 18 gameplay food serving tasks, good graphics and running your own restaurant with downloads of total 7,867 times and 3.5 stars rated on Google Play Store, this is nice game to play for free. This cooking game is available for both Android and iPhone users.
For your iPhone you can download this free game on iTunes from bellow download android or iphone button.

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24). Pizza Maker – Cooking game

It’s a very easy pizza maker game, with simple graphic, with the different size of pizza making options and topping pizza maker is free to play game online available for android and iPhone users.
Pizza Maker cooking game has got more than total of 47,958 download from Google Play and 3.7 stars rating.
Free Pizza Maker game to play for iOS user can be downloaded from bellow link.

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25). Rising Super Chef: Cooking Game:

Rising Super Chef is a kitchen and restaurant empire building and an addictive time management cooking game online.

Emma is a character of this theme truck based adventures cooking game. In the game you’ll help Emma for making breakfast, lunch and dinner for customers as soon as possible which makes this game good time management cooking game as well. This game got more than 76,350 downloads and 4.3 stars rating. This game also has got so many positive feedbacks from gamers.
Rising Super Chef free online cooking game is available for iOS on iTunes..

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So here we go you have it all the free 25 top online cooking games for kids to play, these games will definitely help your kids to get some brain exercise and improvement in strategical thinking and balance.

Hundreds and thousands of research or studies has been done over the effect of playing games on kid, playing games is kind of brain work that enhance your child thinking and strategic ability, makes them good at following instructions, problem solving logics, planning and multitasking skills by involving their brain in conceptual and high level of strategic thinking.

Although too much in anything is not recommended and good for anybody.

All the cooking games for kids listed here are safe to play and are of high rating as well as downloaded by many users, check them out and teach interesting lessons about kitchen utensils, cleaning, safety and cooking to your kids via these games.

Now if you ask me Top 5 cooking games for kids online from the list, I would recommend these five games Cooking Dash 2016, Sara’s Cooking Class: Kitchen, Burger, Toca Kitchen 2, and Bake Cupcakes from these 30 free cooking games for girls online.

Comment below and let me know which game your kid love a lot and how is that helping your kids. Also comment below some games for kids online which is popular, helpful & interesting you think I may have missed and should be in the list.