Cool Back tattoos for men [Best Design Ideas]

Back tattoos for men : Some people think is that back of a man is such part of the body which always faces the ignorance but they are wrong. Do not forget it ever that it is that part of the body which carries the back bone and it depicts that it is the part responsible for our strength. This part of our body can be the best part to get a tattoo on. Although they can be only revealing at the time when a man takes off his shirt.


To get the best tattoos done on your back we have got many ideas for you. we have listed out different types of tattoo designs to make them back tattoos for men. They are amazing as well as ravishing and also compliment the looks and physique of a man. You can’t get away from these designs after taking a look at them.

1). Tribal back Tattoos for Men

Tribal tattoos are basically the tattoos which is the oldest form of tattoos and specially done as a ritual in African states. These tribal tattoos are seen as a symbol of warriors. The people who used to get these tattoos were seen as the heirs of the soldiers and these tattoos used to signify the strength of the people. Tribal tattoos are the kind of tattoos which are mostly liked by the people having great physique. When tribal tattoos are done on the chest then their boldness and fierceness becomes even more ravishing. They have hidden meanings and there is no way you can resist them to be drawn on your body. Back of your body provides a great area for the tribal tattoos and that is why they make a perfect back tattoos for men.

2). Angel back Tattoos for Men

Angle tattoos are very much famous among females as well as males. When they are done on the girls then the tattoo artist make them a bit girly by adding different colors in them and making them looking like a fairy. But when it comes to the angel tattoos for men then the girly looking tattoo looks amazingly ravishing on the men. It just depends upon the tattoo artist that how it is drawn. It is a matter of surprise that how a small angel tattoo can can look great as the back tattoos for men.

Then we have got this for you. You can go for the only face of the angel along with her wings covering almost all the part of your back. They make some amazing back tattoos for men and liked by many people.

3). Dove back Tattoos for Men

Dove is the symbol of peace, love and harmony. It is a bird that signifies that we should live together peacefully and should respect everyone. It represents affection and care too. As the fashion of body art is growing then getting a tattoo of dove on your body is not a new things. They are basically too much famous among the girls as they give a bit girly look and they look lovely too.

But in this time nothing can be biased or partial with anyone so the modern art have transformed the dove tattoo this much that it has been used by the males to be drawn on them especially on their back. They look ravishing as the back tattoos for men as they can be done along with the aquatic plants which give a mysterious look to the tattoo.

4). Quote back Tattoos for Men

Quotes tattoos are quite similar to the scripture tattoos which are getting famous a lot in these days. Instead of the mainstream tattoos many people prefer to have such quotes type of tattoos which can be very special to many people. These tattoos can be related to the past incidents or past memories of the wearer’s life. They are really great as you do not have to bear much pain while getting these kind of tattoos inked on your skin.

The design of the alphabets should be chosen correctly as it can affect the tattoo design a lot. You can even get something else inked on your skin along with this quote tattoo. If you are going for a love quote then you can use the heart or love birds to be inked on your body.

5). Dragon back Tattoos for Men

Dragon tattoos are the most famous tattoos in the countries like Japan and China. Dragons are seen as the symbol of strength and power in such countries. They are also related to their ancient culture and mythology. Dragons were used to be the part of the wars in these countries and that is why such tattoos are this much famous in these countries.

Dragons are they symbol of fierceness and boldness and that is why they are drawn the best on a larger area. And because of this, back can be the best part of the body to draw a tattoo on. The dragon spitting fire from his mouth, dragon showing his claws boldly and the dragon looking aggressive with his red eyes are they different forms in which a dragon tattoo can make the best back tattoos for men.

6). Picture back Tattoos for Men

Buying fancy and expensive gifts and asking them for dinner is the old story now. If you love them then prove it with something passionate towards them. getting yourself inked for them and dedicating your pain is the new language of love and care. And it is not about your soul mate only, you can also dedicate a tattoo to your family too.

For this purpose you need such an area which should be large enough to done this tattoo. Pictures of your family members and loved ones got inked on your back looks amazing. You can also get the picture of your mother or father inked on your back along with a quote on the mother’s day or father’s day. It would be the best gift ever given to your loved ones.

7). Portrait back Tattoos for Men

Portrait tattoos used to be so much famous among all age groups of men. These tattoos are not so in trend very much but their modified version is very much in these days. In such type of body art people usually get this tattoo done in form of 3 D art. This portrait can be of anyone. In fact you can even get the love of your life inked on your back in form of classy portrait.

The portrait you are getting drawn on your body should be pleasant enough to catch someone’s attention while you take your shirt off. The best portrait to be drawn is of a lady in disguise. Her eyes revealing along with lots and lots of flowers on your back. Such tattoos are so good to see that they are the most beautiful type of back tattoos for men.

8). Skull back Tattoos for Men

The man having a passion of biking around and having a bad boy image always possess a skull tattoo no matter on which body part. It depends upon your choice that you want to keep it small or large and if you want to keep it very large like spread on your entire body part then you should always your back to get such tattoo done. You can also choose the chest but as it is very soft and sensitive part then choosing the back over the chest would be a wise choice.

The skull smoking and depicting a bad boy image can be a nice choice. Also the skull having bandana on his head can also be a nice choice for the back tattoos for men. They make you feel lot of pain but they look so amazing afterwards.

9). Phoenix back Tattoos for Men

Phoenix is a mythological bird which is believed to be recycling its own life. This bird is a part of many old stories told in many cultures of countries like china, Egypt and Greek culture. This bird is seen as the symbol of rebirth, strength and longevity. As they symbolize the strength so they can look the best if drawn on a larger scale and the back of a men provides the same. Phoenix tattoos are the powerful back tattoos for men. You can imagine a phoenix tattoo spread all over the back with its reddish wings and sharp claws represents the power and royalty.

10). 3D back Tattoos for Men

3 Dimensional tattoos are the recent addition in the different forms of tattoos. They look very real like they’ll come out of the skin at any time and will appear real in front of your eyes. 3 D tattoos are damn famous in the youth in these days. When it comes to the 3 D tattoo then they always looks the best on the back although they do not cover the whole area but still the designs for the back tattoos for men in context of 3 D figures are the best. You can go for the designs like star, super hero’s skin and many more.