10 Applications That Feature Augmented Reality

After the success of Pokemon Go, Augmented Reality is becoming increasingly popular around the globe. It overlays compelling content on top of real-life objects with the help of your smartphone or headset. Here are ten exciting and successful apps that you must try!

1). Snap Inc.

A few years ago, Snapchat became famous thanks to its self-destructing messages and videos. However, their most recent feature Lenses uses the phone’s camera to apply three-dimensional stickers onto your face in real time. The augmented reality can be activated by tapping and pressuring on your face while taking a selfie.

2). Ingress

Ingress is a location-based multiplayer game that features the augmented reality technology. Players can choose between “The Enlightened” and “The Resistance.” Players must discover sources of mysterious energy located at different spots in the real world while capturing and protecting territory.

3). Wikitude

If you are a fan of Wikipedia and you often Google landmarks while traveling then Wikitude is surely for you. It gives you information on the go, as you scan an object or a landscape in front of you.

You can easily learn new things about historical monuments only by pointing at them with your camera. It also works as a shopping tool due to the fact that certain products can be bought through 3D catalogs.

4). Augmented Reality Soccer – Kick Ball

If you are a big fan of football, then you will love Kick Ball because it gives you a virtual ball to kick. To play the game all you need to do is point the camera at your feet and a virtual ball will appear on the screen. You can kick the ball around and perform various tricks

5). Star Walk 2 Constellation

Do you love looking at the stars during summer nights? Well, now you can learn more about your favorite star by pointing your mobile device’s camera at it. The application doesn’t require internet connection, which makes it perfect for camping trips in the forests

6). Quiver

This application gives you the opportunity to bring drawings to life by choosing a drawing from the application and then coloring it. After that, they can watch it moving with the phone’s camera.

7). IKEA

In 2013, Ikea their newest catalog which uses Augmented Reality to show customers how the furniture would fit in their home. The app measures the desired furniture, and the client can even choose the color he wants. Then it gets visualized by the application, and you can decide whether to buy it.

8). SpeckTreck

This is the application for you, especially when you are a fan of ghost stories. With this application, you can hunt ghosts with augmented reality as you must track them down on the map. Each hunt can last from fifteen minutes to eight hours.

9). Google Translate

From now on, you can translate foreign written language by pointing your camera at it with Google Translate’s mobile application. You can translate text in 28 languages without using any data connection, which means that you don’t have to pay for roaming abroad.

10). Toy Car RC

Nowadays, kids don’t play with little plastic cars onto the carpet. Toy Car RC creates a virtual map onto your floor and gives your children the opportunity to race this way.

They can drive throughout your home collecting items and gold coins in a sweet-themed world. This fantastic game is available for both Android and iOS devices.