Adnow Review – The New Lifeline for the Publishers & Advertisers

The modern day world is establishing swiftly by improvement in the technology and efficient harnessing of the available resources. The field of internet is also growing significantly with a number of people connecting to it every day. The businesses, websites, and data are flourishing all across the internet. Talking about the websites, there are a number of them making thousands of dollars just by a healthy monetization. But, how to monetize a blog efficiently so that it pays off? Are there the significance means to do so? Yes, there are.

Earlier very few ad networks like Google Adsense, Infolinks, and few others were considered to be the monetization options by most of the webmasters. But as days passed, the terms of these ad networks kept on getting tight and many publishers started to look for other options for monetization. Many new companies established and many went down, but Adnow was one of the survivors of a cut-throat competition that has thrived itself above the others and has made a big name in the industry. Let us learn more about this native ad network in details in Adnow review.

Adnow Review

Adnow – A Brief

Adnow is the most popular native ad network that helps you out to optimize your site’s widget with its ads. The company established itself in the year 2014. It was started as a joint venture by a professional group of the digital marketers who are highly experienced in Big Data and RTB. It has grown over the years and has a large network of 150000 publishers and 1700 advertisers in 107 countries of the world. Now let us explore the potential benefits of associating yourself with Adnow as a publisher and advertiser in this Adnow review.

Why Adnow is Fruitful for Publishers?


Adnow can be utilized by the publishers to perfection. It is a leading native ad platform that helps you to display some of the coolest widget ads on your website. The ads offered by Adnow are far better than traditional form of advertising. Adnow Review further provides you with its benefits to the publishers.

  • Multiple Payment Methods with low Threshold: First of all, you get the payments weekly as it follows NET 7 policy. The minimum threshold amount is $20 and you are paid through PayPal, Wire Transfer, or Payoneer.
  • Safety Check on Ads: The advertisements to e displayed on your site’s widget are pre-moderated and are checked for safety.
  • Easy Setup & Assistance: Once you sign in with Adnow, the things can be done in few minutes and the ads can go live in the same time after approval. Moreover, you are provided a dedicated account manager who can speak your native language.
  • Competitive Rates & Good CTR: The CTR can go as high as 1.50%, even more than that. Though the average CTR still remains 1.15% which is still more than any such ad network.
  • Referral Program: You can easily refer Adnow to your site visitors and if anyone sign up with Adnow, you get paid for the reference.

Using Adnow

To start with Adnow, you must fulfill certain requirements. Here are the essentials to be a publisher on Adnow native advertisement network.

  • Your site should not have any copyright issue.
  • Your site should not contain any form of the objectionable content like adult, adware, spam, spyware, or malware.
  • Your site must not promote any sort of illegal activities.
  • As a publisher, you should never use bots for manipulation of the clicks.
  • You should not click on your own ads and should not ask someone to do it for you being a publisher at Adnow.
  • For generation of fake traffic, the publishers must not use auto refreshing websites, PTC sites, or proxies.

You can customize the native ads of Adnow and change the number of rows & columns, font, color, size, and other aspects of the advertisement.

If you still have any query, check out this

Why Adnow is Fruitful for Advertisers?


It doesn’t only benefit the publishers, but also the advertisers. This Adnow Review further tells you about the benefits of Adnow for the advertisers.

  • No Fake Clicks: Adnow has a powerful system to catch the fake clicks on the ads made intentionally. The traffic on the ads is monitored with full attention.
  • High CTR: The click-through rate on the advertisements is really high. It may go as high as 1.50%, sometimes even more. It receives over 900000000 visitors and 4200000000+ impressions each month.
  • Campaign Organizing and Tracking: You can easily track your campaign through the Macro ID given to you by them. Moreover, you can set the daily budget for the advertisement and can also target your campaign based in network, operating system, carrier, and browsers. The campaign can also be targeted on specific days, dates, and time intervals.
  • White List & Black List: The publisher website can be added to your favorite list and similarly it can be added to your hate list.

The most vital aspect of Adnow is RTB (real-time-bidding), which helps the advertisers to bid on the spot. Over 60 percent of the advertisers throughout the world are in its favor. Many advertisers still have less knowledge about RTB and they don’t utilize it to perfection.

In Europe, only 20% advertisers are in favor of this approach. With Adnow, the advertiser can get complete integration and support for the RTB. Moreover, the custom integration like JS tags, API, and XML is also supported. For more info check out


You can utilize its knowledge base and tutorials to learn more about Adnow. You can also ask the direct question from them by joining there, though you get the dedicated account manager for solving your queries and assisting you at hard times.

Final Say

Adnow has emerged as a popular native ad network in time. The company has grown exponentially without looking back. Its widget ads are optimized to perfection and are surely better than the traditional widget ads. You will definitely get more user-engagement through its native widget ads. Try it now