Adcash Review: The Startup Friendly AdNetwork

What can you expect from a company that has been in the industry for a decade? Sheer Professionalism. Right? Yeah, that’s what Adcash offers you.

It’s mere existence in this rough and tough industry for long nine years is proof that it’s not kidding around, the features and services it offers are what people want and are happy with, or else the company would’ve been long gone by now.

So after I tried Adcash for myself, I just thought with almost all the newcomers struggling to make money with Adsense and other ad platforms (which take years to work, and that too with hell lot of limitations) I just had to share this new platform out here.

Well, I’m reviewing Adcash here, so why should you read this article, right? I mean I might just be trying to sell you the product, fair enough.  Well, first of all, Adcash is free to join, so there’s no money anyone is asking off you whatsoever, and secondly Adcash tries to make money for you not take it from you, two very solid reasons to continue reading, right?

What is Adcash?

As the name already hints us, it’s an Ad platform, which makes cash for Publishers, and is a great advertising platform for advertisers too.

They mostly focus on “gaming” and “Entertainment” related ads (of course they offer “general” ads too), so no shady plot here either. It’s all legal, for general audience and won’t impact your site from any negative perspective.

What I Like Most?

No Minimum Traffic Required:-With all major Ad networks, “traffic requirement” is a major problem! They all have a minimum traffic threshold set, and we can apply only if we meet that traffic criteria.

Well not with Adcash! Even if you’ve a week old blog, if it’s professional and has really future-potential content, you’ll be accepted.

Manual Control on Ads:

The other major edge it has over almost all other major ad networks including Adsense is that, with those other companies you can’t control what comes up or doesn’t on your site.

But with Adcash, you get to control which ads would be displayed, of course, there’s an automated algorithm too if you want it all to happen on its own, but well if you do need control, it’s there.

Anti-Ad Blocking Technology:

AdBlockers are making our lives harder, we give away so much information and content for free, but people don’t even want us to display them some ads.

Now, you won’t make any money with Adcash if the ads don’t get displayed, so they’ve developed an advanced algorithm to make sure your ads get displayed despite adblockers.

In other words, they bypass the adblockers, and it’s something that’s included for free with your Adcash accounts, no strings attached.

Lots of different Ad-Types:

Now I understand not all our blogs are best suited for all ad-types, well Ad-cash has enough ad-types to go with any kind of blogs.

  • CPM
  • CPC
  • CPA
  • CPL
  • CPV

Creative-Conversion Optimized Ad Formats:

Well, you don’t need to be an ad-placement expert to work with Adcash. They take care of that part by offering a lot of ad formats pop-under, interstitial, in-stream and lots more.


Mobile Responsive Ads:

As you can see in the above screenshot, the ads are also well optimized for mobile devices, one less problem for you to worry about.

What’s Unique?

AdApt Algorithm:

5/5: For the creative naming of the algorithm for the team of course.

Well what AdApt does is, it takes in its 9 years of experience and historical data to calculate and analyze your traffic to make sure that the most relevant ads appear to your visitors hence more conversions and more money for you.

Installing Ads:

Well, installing ads on your site is literally easier than creating a Facebook account. It’s basically a three step process, the following screenshot explains better.


So see? No rocket-science needed.

Authentic, Automated, and Advanced Reporting System:-

Adcash has this feature where you get almost real-time statistics data about your ads / performance / changes etc.

Additionally, it has this awesome feature where you can opt for the reports to be e-mailed to you automatically at time intervals of your choice.

Payment Terms:

Already down to the sweet section are we?  I already know what are the most common questions you might have, so let me answer them right away.

What Are The Methods via Which You Can Be Paid?

I lost over $150 couple years back with a different platform for the lack of a payment method which they supported, so I know how important this question for you is.

Adcash offers quite a number of different and most widely used payment methods, so you don’t need to worry about getting your cash withdrawn. It offers:-


  • Paypal (Problem solved already right?)
  • Skrill
  • WireTransfers
  • Web Money
  • Payoneer

Now if you’re seriously into this industry, it’s just not possible for you not to have any one of the above methods.

Minimum Payment Thresh-hold:– Well you need to make a minimum of €100  before you can cashout, but with the potential that Adcash offers you, trust me that’s totally achievable.

Overall Review:

The dashboard to start with is pretty simple and user-friendly so that it might be your first day with Adcash, and you’ll still know how to get the things done.

Everything is laid out right in front of you, where to create the ads, choosing ad types, checking out statistics. Everything and anything is put forward as simple as possible.

Secondly, the no traffic requirement thing makes it extremely startup friendly. Now it might not be able to replace your job, but it takes care of funding and keeps the bread running till your startup/website pays off.

The Ad-niche too is extremely user-friendly. I don’t remember people not liking Gaming or Entertainment right? Although those two aren’t the only niches it supports, it basically covers all the general topics.

Final Verdict:

I personally am pleased with Adcash. But hey don’t take my word for it, I’d suggest you try out Adcash for yourselves before arriving at any conclusions.

After all, it’s free to join, extremely easy to setup and has enough options for you to get your money out, They aren’t even asking you to be a traffic-rich guy,  I don’t feel you’re losing anything right?

Do try Adcash right now and let me know your experience with it, take your time even after 15-30-100 days, the comment sections are always open for you.