30 Top Best Torrent Download Sites List

Download! When it is about downloads there are hundreds of options on the web that you might make use of and the best one is torrents! Did you ever try torrents sites i.e. torrents downloading sites? I think it’s a familiar word for the net lovers.4% of files on web are shared through the torrent sites. Surprised! Large files (which include Movies, music, computer software’s etc.) can be downloaded from the torrents, Right! If you are looking for the torrent sites for movies and the best torrents sites then you are at the right place. Torrent sites for software’s and torrent sites for books and music are also included in the list. For those who are completely aware of torrents, don’t be wired just go on. First of all go through the following technical terms for better further understanding.

Bit Torrent:

Bit Torrent is a set of rules which permit two or more entities to transfer information. These set of rules express syntax, semantics and error recovery methods which are possible. This protocol can be implemented in the combination of both hardware and software or may be individually. In short they are well formed formats to exchange the stuff.


Torrent is a search aggregator (Meta search engine) which gathers results from the other search engines which are on the web and display the requested results. They particularly consist of two blocks that is a search bar and other is menu, no need to register on the site to download the required files. Registration is optional on the torrent sites. I hope now you had an idea about the torrent sites and now let’s move on to the tutorial where we discuss about the best downloading torrent sites for various categories.

Points to remember:

1) All the alexa ranks of the torrent sites which are listed below will be updated after every regular Alexa update.

2) Some of the torrent sites with good Alexa rank are not listed here as they are completely down now. No need to bother on this issue.

3) The list is written in the sorted list (Alexa rank considered).there may be many torrent sites with good Alexa rank, but we had listed the sites which cares for the visitors (Alexa rank is not a big deal here).

4) You can download the movies, music, software’s, books, anime, adult content, TV shows etc.etc. from these torrents. You can download any file from the torrent sites which are listed below.

5) I had personally suggested some of the torrent sites for some categories. So please go with them; it’s a bit helpful for you.

Top Best Torrent Download sites of 2015(with updated Alexa ranks):

Here we go with the leading torrent sites where you can import your requested files.

1). Kickass torrents:

This is an all in one public Torrent site i.e. many torrent sites of different categories are available here .It entered the web in 2009 and exceeded the The Pirate Bay with its activeness. KAT (nick name of this torrent site) was the most visited torrent site in 2014.They annually moves to other domain names to prevent pressure form the entertainment industries. They currently moved to kickass.so domain name. You can download any file from this torrent in one click.

Alexa rank: 80(Improved 18 positions from the past three months).



2). Extra Torrent:

This is also similar to the above where you can lot of torrent resources regarding category. When compared to the past the site was more popularized now with its activeness. It’s a home to the many popular groups. The home of this torrent is builted with a single box which is a search label and has a good menu which is easy to navigate. You feel somewhat better if you visit the stats page of the extra torrent.

Alexa rank: 312(Improved 10 positions from the last three months).



3). Torrentz

Ahh!It has been nearly 12+ years on the web.Torrentz is a multi-search engine i.e. the requested result is gathered from a dozen of search engines. It is completely different from other torrent sites as it does not host the files. The indexation of this site is automatic that is they do not consider whether the content is good or evil. The existed files are simply metadata and cannot be copyrighted. There is no need to login or register to download the required files. Finally it redirects the visitors to the destination links and it uses several domains where .eu is the popular one. The sad part of torrentz is you can’t download a file in a single click.

Alexa rank: 486(It had improved nearly 60 positions from the past three months).



4). Openbit:

Open bit is a public torrent which doesn’t host the files. It is the part of the pirate bay as both the torrent sites include with same trackers. A legal case was filed on the open bit and pirate from the Hollywood entertainment in 2010 which results in its downfall. It was back again into the track in 2012 and so was listed here for its activeness. Openbit doesn’t display the tracker address from this annual year (as it was shut down in 2015 and was live again).It is operated from the cam4 domain.

Alexa rank: 1027(Improved 423 positions from the past three months).



5). The Pirate Bay:

It is one of the giant torrent sites which was founded in 2003 and was so listed here. It was nicknamed as TPB.But in 2009 the site was blocked in many countries as it provide the copy righted content. But still the torrent is accessed through the proxies. It was a public torrent site where you can find stuff related to many categeories.It a bit easy to download files from the pirate bay when compared to other torrent sites (apart from single click download torrent sites).Just download uTorrent (For windows) and choose uTorrent from the file downloading page to import the requested files easily on to your desktop. One more thing about this torrent it ignores DCMA (it may have copies and clones).

Alexa rank: 1040(Improved 460+ positions from the past three months).


6). Rarbg:

It’s a recent entry into the torrent world but still drives decent number of visitors.Rarbg was recently blocked by the UK ISPs which makes it a bit down. The landing page confuses a bit! Don’t go away!!Just click on the torrent label and search for the required file.

Alexa rank: 1077(Declined 2 positions from the past three months).


7). Eztv:

First of all, this is not the original torrent site.eztv was founded in 2005 but was shut down due to legal issues as it includes the copy righted content. Many clone websites with similar database are available on the web. It’s the best torrent site through which you can download the best and latest TV-news and shows.

Alexa rank: 1946(It entered the torrent world recently as a clone).


8). Torrent hound

It is one of the largest torrent sites leading with 5 million torrents. The landing page with white space in the side bar which results in better view drags a very large number of visitors. The only disadvantage was it hides the comments count on a torrent (generally a torrent can be selected if it had a good number of comments).So you have to click on the every torrent which leads to frustration.

Alexa rank: 1956(improved 107 positions in past three months).


9). 1337X:

This torrent site was launched by its respective owners with an aim to provide the ads free torrent sites with public trackers. Really cool .I thinks the above line attracts you and so it had a good number of visitors. They are going to organize from an .org domain from this year and now are organized from a .to domain. If you are completely new to the torrents section I recommend to go with this as it provide the list of updated trending torrents on the web.

Alexa rank: 1396(Improved 234 positions from the previous three months).


10). Torrentdownloads:

One of the best torrent site whose files database increasing day by day like a rocket into the sky good number of loyal visitors. If you are looking for the torrent site to download quality files with magnet links then it’s worth to search this. I recommend this torrent especially for the movie files. It’s a bit easy to search for the new torrents (which are uploaded recently) as there are two labels which provides the torrent files which are uploaded yesterday and today. Smart use of side bar (some of the famous torrent sites are linked in its sidebar) also results in its success.

Alexa rank: 3196(Improved 937 positions in the past three months).


11). Bit snoop:

One of the largest torrent sites with 29.80 of files (while I am writing this).The stats of the files increases day by day along with the notices. It’s still worth to have a look at it.

Alexa rank: 3903(Improved 251 positions from the past 3 months).


12). Isohunt:

Isohunt.to is a public torrent site which enters the web in 2013.due to some earlier legal issues from MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) isohunt.com was taken down (shutdown) and so not directed to the current torrent site. Old staff and writers are not associated with the current torrent site. But it still gains a loyal number of visitors.

Alexa rank: 3543(Improved 360 positions from the past three months).



13). Lime torrents:

It’s one of old of the old torrent which is trending out now with its activeness. But the sad part is it was facing a legal issue right now for posting a leaked copy. The case is still going on. Hope this torrent should not be down (news about this legal issue will be updated).Currently the torrent was operated from a .cc domain.

Alexa rank: 4204(Improved 351 positions from the last three months).


14). Torrentfunk:

It’s one of the best torrents to get the verified torrent sites for your search term. To be frank many public shared downloading pages are embedded with virus files and some other malwares.Right! Compared to other torrent funk is the one which is free from such malwares and virus on the downloading page. This helps it in increasing its visitors and gets placed in the list. The landing page is divided into the following categories such as top 10 music torrents, top 10 movie torrents. Top 10 software torrents, top 10 anime torrents, top 10 eBook torrents etc.

Alexa rank: 4394(Improved 2568 positions in the last three months).


15). Monova:

It is one of the torrent sites which attract the visitors with its clean layout. It not only index the torrent sites but only new group sites which may be faster (sometimes) than torrents sites. It is operated from an .org domain. Popup adult ads will be visible. This search torrent had a strong catalog of modern torrents

Alexa rank: 4498(Improved 134 positions in the past three months).


16). Torrent project:

Torrent project is a torrent search engine which indexes only public tracked torrents. It nearly indexes 9403313 live torrent sites. The best thing about the search engine is it denied the torrents which didn’t have the minimum views in a week.so that it’s easy to find the trending torrents from this search engine. Currently the site is under development but still you can import the required files.

Alexa rank: 4883(Improved 1490 from the past three months).


17). Games torrents:

You may be waiting for this!!It is specially designed torrents for the game lover’s in2008.It gets popularized as it provides the free 3D games. Remember it’s a pure game oriented torrent site. If you are looking for some other files other than games then it’s better to ignore this torrent.

Alexa rank: 5583(Declined 481 positions in the past three months).


18). Torrentreactor:

One of the old leading torrents you whom provide you the files related to anime, software, games, adult, movies, music, TV shows, serials, etc. It’s a public tracker and allows the users to comment, through which we can identify the verified file (if the file had good number of comments it may be a good one) and it results in downloading the requested file in less than five minutes. You cannot download the files through a single click but still it’s worth to search through this torrent site.

Alexa rank: 5717(Declined 651 positions in the last three months).


19). Seedpeer

One of the torrent sites with 3 million torrents gets popularized with its pleasing search box and the clean interface of the site. It was a well-known torrent especially for the movie lovers but still you can find torrents related to all categories. This is the only torrent which improves 3000+ positions in the past three months, I hope you got it.Right!

Alexa rank: 6854(Improved 3634 positions in three months).


20). Bit torrent:

It’s a popular torrent site which confuses you a bit. First of all the landing page asks you to download the bit torrent for various platforms(you have to choose a platform there).If you are interested to have it on your desktop then follow the instructions as shown in on the page. If you want to get directed to their website just click on the blog which is on the right top? No chance of uploading files for the public to their server? Free users are limited to 100MB only. I suggest you to ignore this if you are looking to download big files.

Alexa rank: 6911(Improved 369 positions in the past three months).


21). Demonoid:

This is one of the old torrent sites but was down due to the local political issues and a problem caused by the cancellation of the ISP service. Luckily it is getting into the track now days and so it was listed here. At present it is operated from a .pw domain.

Alexa rank: 9913(declined 1807 positions in the last three months).


22). Over get:

Over get is a new torrent website, which displays the complete site information along with the daily visitors on its landing page. You need to click on the “go to website” to head over to the main torrent site. It was organized from an .org domain. Click to visit the torrent directly.

Alexa rank: 19,034(Declined 1422 positions in the past three months).



23). Mininova:

This was the largest torrent site with the copyrighted material. But as per legal action from the Dutch courts all the torrents which are uploaded by the active persons (copy righted stuff) was deleted. So now the site is back with the legal redistributed media.

Alexa rank: 36,642(Improved 1561 positions from the past 3 months).


24). Our release:

Our release is a verified movie torrent site with 300TB of files. Our release is a better option to download the movies if you are bored with the above list. It’s not only about the movies, but also for other categories.

Alexa rank: 123,822(Declined 17,034 positions from the past three months).


25). Mamega:

It is one of the public torrent site related to all categories (movies, music, games, software’s, books etc.).It’s getting a decent number of visitors as we can download the requested file on single click.

Alexa rank: 158,388(Improved 9,455,775 positions in the past three months).



26). Toorgle

It is a Meta search engine which works similar to Google. It’s a bit to the torrentz multi search engine. It is very fast in fetching results and helps to find the rare torrents on the web. As it displays the results from the lot of torrent sites you had to select the verified torrents. If you had an idea over selecting good torrents from a list then toorgle works at its best.

Alexa rank: 195,891(Declined 55,797 positions from the past three months).


27). Torrent box:

Torrent box is a newly established torrent website with 4 million indexed torrents. Though it was a newly established one it was ranked in the list with its verified torrent files i.e. you can browse the verified torrent files here which are free from malwares and saves time. The navigation bar include a number of categories such as movies ,music, games, software’s, books, TV, mobile radio, adult, anime etc. Wait!!You have to install and run the torrent box client in order to download the requested files from this torrent site. Get the client here.

Alexa rank: 395,551(Declined 173,664 positions in the past three months).



28). Summotorrent:

Summon torrent is the new comer into the torrent world but it is eligible to stand in this list. Its landing page is a bit different when compared to the other sites. The home of the summon torrent itself describes the reason to choose the summo torrent. First of all you have to install and run it in order to search your file and to get it downloaded. You will find the download button on the landing page itself. This the thing which irritates the busy persons.

Alexa rank: 860,466(Declined 89,110 in the past three months).


29). Torrent DB:

An amazing torrent site which includes latest movies, music, and software’s etc.It provides easy navigation top the visitors with its search block. You can get the free binary content from this torrent site. But the sad part is you have to install a torrent DB client with an email ID (should be verified) to download the files from this torrent site. Due to hard instructions the site was shut down and as a result the rank was declined. It’s worth to have a look as it works fine from its comeback.

Alexa rank: 1,534,331(Declined 918,297 positions from the past three months).


30). Pull torrent:

Pull torrent is a torrent site which provides the legal information and so it has less number of visitors. Visitors value their searches!!Right? But still you can find the popular verified torrent files here.no registrations are required to download a file. It’s worth to visit this as no fake files are available in this torrent. You can add the pull torrent to your search engine list by just clicking on the top right corner.

Alexa rank: 2,749,917(Improved 2,214,523 positions in the last three months).



Hope you had got the enough stuff about the torrent sites. Finally what I want to say is “torrent sites are the best to download and share the large files”.

Keep sharing! Happy downloading

What is your favourite torrent download site?