Ninja Blaster Review: The Pro Marketing & Facebook Auto Poster Software

Social Media is gaining too much importance in every aspect. Let it be people or search engines, both have a close eye over social media websites. Social Signals have now become a part of SEO. If any business or website wishes to grow, it should tend to bring a lot of social signals. This will surely help any business to get a professional boost and a larger audience too. But doing manual work over social media is really a tiring process. You need to be hyper active. A tool called Ninja Blaster has revolutionized the way of being hyper active over social media.

Ninja Blaster: A Know- How

Ninja Blaster is a booming social media marketing tool that had made social promotion easy for number of companies and business owners. The best part is that everything is done on autopilot mode. You just need to give all your worries to Ninja Blaster and the things will be done at ease. Moreover, Ninja Blaster gives you suggestions about the related keywords after accommodating the data from five different search engines.

Ninja Blaster Review

It even allows you to post on Facebook groups & Fan Page, do Facebook comments, send bulk emails, build email subscriber list, and much more. The results can be seen within few days when you start driving traffic from the shares and get high rankings on search engines.

Ninja Blaster- The Best Social Marketing Tool

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg is well aware about such software and scripts running on Facebook, so he had already put limitations on your sharing in different groups. But when you have Ninja Blaster, you need not to worry at all. Ninja Blaster takes care of everything well and saves you from Facebook Account ban that may be caused due to over sharing or posting on different groups. You can drive massive traffic from your Facebook page or through your shares on Facebook or Pinterest using Ninja Blaster. Let us learn more about this fabulous tool.

Ninja Blaster – Top Highlights

  • Easily post and share on boundless Facebook groups.
  • Gives you access to Facebook Administration & Automation services like commenting, page like, post scheduling, status sharing and lots more.
  • Pinterest services are also available including bulk image poster, bulk pin poster, and pin sharer.
  • Pinterest services are also available including bulk image poster, bulk pin poster, and pin sharer.
  • Get social boost and improve your social presence.
  • BGet the list of related keywords from different search engines.
  • A great way to build craiglist and Gmail subscriber list.
  • You get proxy addresses for high speed downloading & surfing.

Ninja Blaster Features: Brief Explanation

Here are some of the coolest features of Ninja Blaster discussed in brief. Go through the list and decide whether you wish to use this service or not.


Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects that must be done before your start promotion. Ninja Blaster is efficient enough in doing related keyword research and suggest you the list of keywords after accumulating data from different search engine including Google, Yahoo and Bing. You can easily find the long tail keywords and import this keyword list. All these things are done nicely on Autopilot mode.


Image Resizing

The images can be downloaded on basis of related keywords and can be resized by just a single click. It is a fast process and saves a lot of time. Moreover, you save a lot of bandwidth in the whole process.


Online Marketing

The best thing about Ninja Blaster software is that Facebook is unable to detect it. So, you can update your Facebook account, Facebook page, or Facebook groups every minute. The support is just overwhelming. The new features are added regularly. You can try this software free for 3 days.


Save your Time Online

It will definitely please you with the time saving efficiency it has got. The results can be seen instantly and you can drive huge social media traffic in no time. It is capable enough to make your business go viral.



The emails can be easily saved into .txt file. You can even scrap the FB emails and can import in the Gmail sender. Moreover, it is fast enough to use.


Promote Your Brand

One of the best Gmail Senders can be found in ninja Blaster. You can easily send around 500 mails in an hour and the mail limit is unlimited for the day. The promotion work has been made really easy by this software.


Craiglist & Gmail

Unlimited Gmail mails and other mails can be scraped and you can save them as .txt files. You can also import in Gmail sender. You can grow your subscriber list and gain more customers for your business.


Facebook Group Marketing

Ninja Blaster is built for Facebook marketing. You are allowed to select the groups in which you want to share. You can schedule the posts with a time gap. This time gap will ensure that the post is published in strict time duration. You can tell Ninja Blaster that how many groups you want to join and things will be done with just a single click.


Facebook Fanpage Scheduler

If you do not have enough time to update your Facebook fan page then leave it to Ninja Blaster. It will update your Facebook fan page at regular time intervals. You can easily schedule different posts on your page with its one click scheduler. This also saves a lot of crucial time.



This feature was added few times back and allows you to do bulk pins, re-pins, post bulk images and share different pins on your Pinterest Board.

Ninja Blaster: Pricing Plans

The three different plans ensure that it is suited for every buyer. It gives a range options to the buyer. SO, choose up from one of these plans.

  • If you opt for one month package then you can access all its features for a month at $9.95. The plan can be renewed automatically or manually as per your selection at time of payments.
  • If you have used the free trial package and are impressed then you can even go for yearly plan which will cost you $59. You can utilize it for 365 days and then decide whether to renew it next year or not.
  • If you wish to use it throughout your lifetime then the lifetime package could be bought at just $97. This means that you have to pay just onetime fee and utilize all its services throughout the years. The updates will be included in this just onetime fee and utilize all its services throughout the years. The updates will be included in this package.

You must note that all these packages work totally on autopilot mode, though you may found some manual options too. It offers really affordable plans that no one can resist. The packages are for everyone. You can give a try to 3-days free trial package so that you can decide whether to buy this software or not.

Final Thoughts

Ninja Blaster is a promising social media marketing tool that is good enough to make your business go viral in just a few minutes. The results can be seen in fewer times, and the best thing is that you need not work hard when you are using this software. Leave all things to this software and take a nap whenever required!!