Leo Privacy Review: No.1 AppLock for Android

Breakthrough technology has entered the domain of present day handset market where smart phones have set a mark for being the most wanted and desired type of mobile phones. The ease of use connected with these new age smart phones has brought to light several developments of new applications and programs that can be installed and used without hassle on these phones. What notice however does a user give to his security on the online space that these applications and programs develop for him?

Also, how can a user ensure that his private stuff stored on the phone remains hidden from prying eyes? Surely, new age users need an application which is brimming with features to help them keep the contents of their phone safe and secure. LEO Privacy is one such application that runs conveniently on the Android platform and supports every range of smart phones in a seamless manner.


The application is built around a dozen features that amplify the experience of using this application immensely. For more information on this application, read ahead to know more about its features:


One Touch Scan

The home screen of the application welcomes the user with a highly graphical privacy status scan. Upon pressing this scan button, the user is redirected to a Privacy status screen. Where the application runs a scan on the contents stored on the users phone to identify the trouble areas that require immediate attention by adding privacy. The features runs smoothly to display in a visual manner, the applications, pictures, videos and more content that should be made private according to the analysis of the application. The feature also allots a rating to the privacy status based on present status of the contents.


Application (App) Lock

Perhaps one of the most needed features, the app lock is a true life saver. How often do you come across bugging people who browse your phone unnecessarily? Get rid of them with this feature. Not only can you choose which apps to keep locked from a bugger, you can also choose your own style of making absolutely sure that no one touches your phone. Innovative app covers include beauty cover, error, unknown caller and finger print options that let you choose how you want to keep your apps protected. Only you will know how to really unlock those apps.



Losing your phone can be a disaster. Not only do you suffer loss of capital invested in your phone, the loss of content in the form of files, folders, audio, pictures and videos can be a trouble. This feature can protect your phone in the rare event that you lose it. By allowing the application to use some SMS privileges, the anti-theft function can locate you lost phone accurately. Protecting your phone against theft couldn’t be easier. A one touch function can be used to enable the feature instantly.


Hide Images and Videos

Images and videos are perhaps the most sensitive data on a user’s phone. Be it funny, candid or special images or videos, no one really wants everyone to see them. They are meant to remain private and that is what LEO privacy is all about. With its high end features and top notch security, you can keep images and videos absolutely private from prying eyes. Simply visit the feature and select images and videos to add them to the list of hidden images and videos. With an easy access lock, you will be able to view them anytime.


Privacy Monitor

Surely every person’s is pretty much busy and occupied as it is. Smart phones have only added to the tremendous amount of things we have on our ‘to do list’ every day. So undoubtedly, there is a need for a feature that can take care of maintaining phone security on its own. The Privacy Monitor achieves just that with simple Leo Privacy feature. It monitors the privacy status of the phone on a continuous basis and even informs you from time to time about the privacy changes needed in your system. Whether it is your apps, photos or videos, the privacy monitor covers them all.


Wi-Fi Security

Wi-Fi is like an integral part of every device these days. The existence of the world seems to be impossibility without Wi-Fi. However, Wi-Fi brings along with it several security threats to your device. Usage of Wi-Fi on the phone can invite viruses, malwares and threats to your device. If you want to keep your phone safe from such threats, this feature will prove to be very useful. The feature monitors data usage and Wi-Fi operations when it is connected. As a result, you can come to know about complete Wi-Fi details on your phone.


Break in Alert

You would hate to see someone peeking inside your phone and even daring to control the LEO privacy app. You would certainly want to know who the intruder is. This app and its sophisticated feature make the task so simple for you. Every time someone tries to access this app and inputs a wrong password, the feature will automatically click a picture of the person making the access so that you will come to know who tried to use your phone. Keep your phone safe from intruders with this amazing feature.


Data Usage

We all use data plans on our phones when we step out of the Wi-Fi zone. It enables us to stay connected online. However, availability of data plan is limited and there are enough apps on every phone to consume irrelevant data. With the Data Usage feature, you will now be able to control how much data you use every month and which app uses maximum data. In this way, you will be able to ration your available data plan around your monthly usage for efficient results. You can get more information about it from a graphical view of the data usage pattern.


Battery Usage

Battery is a major issue in every smart phone today. While some are not satisfied with the performance of their phone, others find a hard time managing battery life around the day. What can really help you at this stage is to know which application and system processes are consuming battery from your phone. You will be able to disable several applications consuming battery needlessly. Also, you will be able to view the current status of battery on your phone in a visual manner. A Power optimisation feature lets you clear apps running in the background.


Harass Interception Callers

Who wants to deal with unwanted calls and crank calls from strangers? It is a sheer waste of time and peace of mind to even attend such calls. Getting them on repeat is completely harassing. In order to prevent such callers from calling over and over again, the app allows users to add unwanted numbers to blacklist so that crank calls can be prevented. It also detects interception from unknown numbers and adds them to blacklist to avoid receiving unknown calls. Adding numbers to this list is easy and one can also detect recent strangers from call logs.


The LEO Privacy is like a miracle application amidst the jungle of application available on the play store. Very few applications on the play store are authentic and genuine and actually do what they say. LEO Privacy comes down to stay true to every word stated in its description and helps you keep your phone safe and secure. What is more? The application is available for download on the Google play store absolutely free of cost. You pay nothing to get the benefits of this wonderful app that will help you secure every corner of your phone against intruders. Get the app today and enjoy its fantastic features.