How to get rid of hickies

This post having descriptive content related to “how to get rid of hickies” but First of all we should know what is hickey? Hickey is a mark given by your loved one while making love and goes wild. It occurs when your partner sucks and slightly bites on your delicate skin areas like your neck and arms for longer time and blood clots are made.  This mark can be reddish or of purple color .Hickey can be given intentionally and unintentionally it depends upon your partner. For some people hickey is the way of showing their love towards their partner and for some it is just for having fun.

how to get rid of hickies

Some people do not feel shame if this mark occurs on their skin and some feel very awkward and try to get rid of this or to hide this nark temporarily. When people find hickey on your skin they use to gossip about you and stare at you that can make situation awkward for you.  To avoid such situations you can hide bruise by have scarf or full sleeves clothes and make up.


A hickey is simply a bruise. It does not mean that it can be treated like any other bruise? The treatment will depend on two things – how intense was it, and he body part that has been affected.

Causes of Hickeys:

The smallest blood vessels in our body are capillaries and when someone bites or sucks your skin; capillaries get brooked and ruptured, resulting in bleeding then, produces the blood clots. Initially, the color of hickey is red, but as there is no oxygen supply to the affected area, it turns out brown or purple.

Symptoms of Hickeys:

a. Swelling in affected area by your partner.
b. Blood clotting as cells gets damaged.
c. Skin color turns to Brown or purple or reddish sometimes.
d. One can get severe attack due to blood clotting and less of oxygen supply.
e. Another result of such bruises can be paralyzed body.

If you are a home manager than you have enough time to recover your wound but if you are a working woman than you need to worry about your bruise to avoid embarrassment on public place and office. Easiest way to hide hickey is to cover the mark with your clothes or make up and after that you can go with some of the medications or home remedies whatever you wanted to go with.

how to get rid of hickies message

If you are willing to go with medication rehealing than you need to opt for vitamin K substances. Vitamin K have tendency to strew blood clots. Vitamin helps in speeding up the healing process for faster results.

a. You should take vitamin K rich food like spinach, soybean oil, broccoli, fish oil and brown rice, in your daily diet.
b. You can take vitamin k supplements for faster results.
c. You can apply some lotion and creams to affected area thrice in a day. You can also go to dermatologist for faster results and medication suggestions.

If you do not like medicines than there are many home remedies are available through which you can recover your skin condition. Hope these home tips will help you for sure and be careful next time to avoid all headaches. You can share with your loved ones about the situations that you ought to face because of these unwanted marks so that they can be more careful next time. Prevention is always better than cure.

Treatments for Hickiys

1. Treatment with ice bag

Blood clots needs to be broke for treating such marks and cold compression is the helpful in breaking blood cells. For cold compression Ice bag is easily available at home and easy to use for faster results. We only need to apply this ice bag as per instructions which are as follows:

a. Take some ice cubes in a ice bag and then press it against your affected area at least for 15 minutes. If will help in breaking blood clotting.
b. Repeat this process several times in a day for good results.
c. Do not apply ice directly to your. Always choose a medium in between ice cube and your skin.
d. Applying in a correct way will reduce redness and will give result in short time.

Applying cold method can also cause frost bite and may trigger asthma attacks. So be very careful in treating your skin. Do not apply to cold objects directly to your skin.

2.  Get rid of hickies by massage

get rid of hickies message

Massage is also a good option for treating hickey. Usually you do massage with cold equipments like cold spoon over wound. This helps in breaking out blood clots.  Massage is needed to be given in an appropriate manner to get the best results. Instructions are as follows:

a. If you are giving massage with a spoon than give it in a circular direction.
b. Now you will do opposite, now you will give hot massage because capillaries have been healed and you want to fresh blood to go through.

While massaging bruise one thing must be in your mind that do in a gentle way otherwise you will have to face a lots of pain unnecessarily. Use finger tips to get the best results.

2. Get rid of hickies by reshaping

Reshaping hickey is also a good option because it obviously takes some time to go down tilled that you will not have to feel embarrassing at your workplace. You can make any excuse of reshaped wound to your friends family and colleagues.

3. Using tea bag:

Use of tea bag helps in many skin problems and allergies. Tea bag also helps to get rid of hickies.

a. Take a wet tea bag and put on affected area for 15-20 minutes.
b. Do the same process 4-5 times a day. It will help in lighter the bruise.

4.    Get rid of hickies by Coin Method

It is quite painful method but useful for breaking blood clots fast. But you should only go for this method if your skin is not too much sensitive.

a. Scratch over the wound gently. Wound can be painful and your skin can get red marks.
b. These marks will be for short time you need not to worry about these marks.
c. Apply cold compression for cooling on scratched wound to get relief from inflammation.
d. This will break out blood clot easily and new blood will start to flow soon and your mark will disappear.

5.    Get rid of hickies by Brushing

This method can be useful for speeding up the recovery process. But be gentle while doing this process. Becoming harsh can damage your skin.

a. Take a soft tooth brush and scratch through its inner and outer part to the hickey in circular motion.
b. You are speeding up the recovery process. Initially affected area will become red. Apply cold compression method immediately.
c. The brush reduces the intensity of the discoloration on the affected part by spreading the clotted blood. But be careful while brushing affected area.

6. Get rid of hickies by Peppermint

Peppermint works as a cooling agent for treating hickey. They also help in improving blood circulation. As soon as blood will circulate properly, your wound will start to recovery speedily.

a. Apply peppermint oil on wound and massage with slowly in circular direction.
b. Peppermint will not produce any inflammation to your wound it will give you cooling.
c. Is improves blood circulation so new fresh blood starts flowing and wound starts to get lighter day by day.
d. Do not apply peppermint oil method more than a single time in a day. Wash it with the warm water.
e. It gives the best results when it is applied as soon as applied after having hickey.
f. You can also try peppermint based toothpaste. Apply toothpaste for 15-20 mins a day.

7.  Get rid of hickies by Aloe Vera

get rid of hickies by aloe vera

Aloe Vera is the natural skin care product. You can see many cosmetic companies are also using aloe Vera extract to give your skin a soothing effect. It can also be used in healing hickey. It has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that will help the burst capillaries to heal faster.

a. Extract pure pulp of aloe vera and massage of it over wound gently. Do this for five to six times in a day.
b. If you do not have natural aloe vera at your home than you can go with the substitutes o f aloe vera available in market place.
c. Apply aloe vera cream or lotion for two to three times in a day. You will see your mark is fading day by day.

8.  Get rid of hickies by Banana Peel

Banana works as a cooling agent for your skin. It contains some of the properties which help in skin recovery faster. So get ready to use banana for healing effect for your skin.

a. Peel off the banana and cut the ripe of banana equal to the size of wound you have.
b. Wrap the ripe into the peel and put it over your wound for at least 15-20 minutes.
c. Do this for three to four times in a day to fade  wound.

9. Hide hickey with make up

get rid of hickies by mackup

Make up can change overall personality of a person so to hide a small wound with the help of makeup is not at all a big deal.  Youu can try the following tricks to hide your bruise by makeup.

a. First of all apply the yellow corrector inside your wound.
b. Now apply green corrector to hide yellow corrector and now you will be completely not showing its redness after applying these two correctors.
c. Now apply a foundation one skin darker to your skin tone.
d. After applying foundation now you should apply canceller on wound. Now you can see amazing results that your wound is not visible like as was before make up.

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10. Hiding a Hickey

hiding a hickey is the best way to feel comfortable. All the treatments do not show results instantly so hiding is the best possible option. If it’s a winter time than you can go for turtleneck jacket, shirt, blouse or scarf. You can try a heavy neck peace that best suits to your dress and hide your hickey.

a. Obviously, wearing a turtleneck in sunny days will only draw more attention towards your look.
b. You can also try some different hairstyles to cover that bruise.
c. Avoid wearing big neck dress dresses in this crucial time. Wear dresses which are helpful in hiding hickey.

11. Use of alcohol

If you have got hickey in just some passed hours than alcohol can work as a cooling soothing and non inflammatory agent for your skin. It can help you to get rid very soon from this hickey.

a. Use a cotton ball and apply alcohol on your mark.
b. Rub the area for sometime this will deduce redness on your skin immediately.
c. Alcohol will make your skin dry so use some cream or moisturizer.
d. Repeat this process many times in a day for one to two days.

12.  Get rid of hickies by Arnica Salve

Arnica salve is natural medicine to reduce swelling and redness of bruise. There is no scientific proof that is reduces swelling. But some people have seen positive results of arnica for reducing swelling.

13. Applying heat to hickey

Applying heat to hickey can also makes you feel relaxed. Have a clean cotton ball or cloth. Wet it with warm water and then heat hickey with this wet warm cotton ball. This will help in reducing redness and will help in blood circulation.

a. The hot method is only used after a period of forty eight hours since the hickey is occurred on skin.
b. Normally, after forty eight hours, the broken capillaries have healed and the reason for the discoloration on skin is because of the blood clot on the tissues surrounding the broken capillaries.

14. Eye Drops

Pour eye drops to the affected area and let it be free for 20 minutes, after that rinse it with cold water and wipe with clean hanky. You will feel relaxed somehow.
If none of the above is working solution for you than you do not need to worry. Hickey will go naturally with time just be passionate and be careful next time.

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