Fresh Store Builder Review: Create Your Amazon Affiliate Store [Pro Pick]

Fresh Store Builder Review: Amazon is among the biggest eCommerce business across the world. Amazon has an ultimate Affiliate program, after joining which we can choose from millions of products to promote as an affiliate. However, when it comes to manage the Affiliate store of Amazon, you may face a little trouble, if you are not having any solution to build your own Amazon Affiliate Store.

Today, we are presenting a Pro Picked solution to build your own Affiliate Store which is Fresh Store Builder. We are going to review it and judging it by throwing light on the features and flexibility it offers. Let’s get started.

What is Fresh Store Builder?

Fresh Store Builder is a tool or service which can be used to create beautiful Amazon Store which you can use to promote or sell the affiliate products as an affiliate of Amazon. Under it, all of the orders will be processed by Amazon and you do not need to get into any hassle. The interesting part is by simply promoting the products without having any care of order fulfilling, you will get the legible commission on all of your sold orders every month.

What All You Have to Do?

You can build your Amazon Store with Fresh Store Builder in two simple un-magnified steps.

1). You need your Amazon Account which you are using as an affiliate of Amazon.
2). You have to follow the steps instructed by the Fresh Store Builder support to create your Amazon Store.

We will have a magnified view of the above mentioned two points later on this review article.
Now, before discussing anything else let us quickly point out the features offered by Fresh Store Builder in detail.

Features Fresh Store Builder:

Here below, we have listed down 15 Features after having a review of Fresh Store Builder Store. Have a deep look on these features which are really amazing.

Here we’ve explained the above listed features in detail so that you can have a full review of each and every feature you required to build a store which can meet your needs of running an Amazon Store successfully



It offers you a simple dashboard with all of the required features and you can access your Dashboard anytime, from anywhere. Thus it makes the task of managing your Amazon Store from anywhere in this world and anytime too.According to them, their dashboard and its functionality

According to them, their dashboard and its functionality is so simple and pretty that you will be surprised to see it. As we know, Dashboard is the primary requirement of any website or blog to manage its content or even for an eCommerce store. That’s why a Dashboard is must in the scenario of managing an Amazon Store too which Fresh Store Builder is providing with a lot of cool features.



Fresh Store builder seems to be offer many of the design features. Designs are necessary as part of attracting the visitors. Nobody would like to visit and shop on such a store which would have ugly design. Specially, if we talk about the eCommerce stores, designs have the upmost relevance.

Many surveys have found that the sites, whatever kind of it is, whether a business site or an eCommerce store, the site having better design, seems to have more sales too. With Fresh Store Builder, you don’t need to worry about any kind of design problems as it has all of the required features to help you to have the perfect design for your Amazon Store.



As featured on their Homepage, Fresh Store Builder is completely suitable for beginners to create their own Amazon Affiliate Store. This is because most of the things that you generally needed to create an Affiliate store or any other kind of eCommerce store are automated in the case of Fresh Store Builder. Isn’t it interesting?

In other words, you do not need to do all of the things manually. The cool featured tools offered by the Fresh Store builder would automatically many of the tasks to build your Amazon store from the beginning till the final built. Even, you have to just sit back and relax to observe what amazingness it is creating for your Amazon Affiliate Store. It simply saves your lot of time!



Search Engine Optimization has always been an issue of the niche based or even for the multi-niche based eCommerce websites such as the Amazon affiliate stores sites. But with the use of Fresh Store builder tool, you don’t need to have worries regarding the Search Engine Optimization of your created Amazon Affiliate Store.

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features included in the Fresh Store Builder tool are automatic site map and other page map generation, pining and internal linking. All of these things are highly beneficial in Search Engine Optimization if done properly. And here we have a creative automated tool to manage all of these things for us. That’s why the people who are not SEO friendly may be blessed with this.



Themes, along with the Design and the navigation of an Affiliate store based site is also an important factor of promotional results. Many other things are dependent on the themes. Themes are the core factor which may be called as the embankment of a website. As I was researching about the themes that Fresh Store Builder build, found that you have the options to choose from 6 different skins.

These are relevant to provide the true trust among the users and represents the uniqueness of an eCommerce store too. Have you ever noticed every unique popular eCommerce store is different in the sense of choice of theme and their relevance colours?



Content Management is the most basic necessity of any tool or CMS software and the only primary thing for what it is chosen. The more products you will be having in your Amazon Affiliate store, more it will be difficult to manage but along with it will be more profitable if you managed it properly to handle the content.You have the full flexibility and ease of managing the whole content, by content here we mean the listing of the new products. You can quickly add the new products in your Amazon Affiliate Store. This relieves you from the worry of managing the heavy amount of content. Thus, you can forward your steps towards earing huge commissions!



Coming to the user experience. Your visitor’s first activity will be to find the suitable required products on your website. For this purpose all of the eCommerce stores have a Search option on their website. Search options allows the visitor to browse the product they required to buy. But not every site succeed in proving the Best possible relevant results.

But if you are making use of Fresh Store Builder Builder then you can have the Best possible search experience for your store visitors. The better experienced your visitors would have, greater are the chances of the increment in the number of affiliate sales you are having.



It is good that Fresh Store Builder is automatic but if somebody wants to really customize their store the way they like then even they can. It supports coding so that you can customize your amazon Store up to the maximum possible extent. You can make your store your very own by giving it your taste.

Although, it is always a good idea to adopt the automatic options for building the site but the full flexibility is in the joy of building each and everything as you like. That’s all the coding feature of Fresh Store Builder provides you. Doesn’t you like this combination of the automation and manually addition of coding?



Amazon is a very big eCommerce website. It has different variants of eCommerce store for various countries all across the blog such as Amazon UK, Amazon India etc. Doesn’t matter whichever country’s affiliate store you joined as an affiliate, you can build your Amazon store with the Fresh Store Builder as it supports all of the Amazon Stores.

Generally, many of the affiliates face problems when they have to hassle out with the country based affiliate promotions and sales as if the affiliate sale is not from the country whose Amazon store you are promotion then you may lose your commission. Here, Fresh Store Builder may help you to get you free out of this hassle.



If you want to have growth in your Amazon Affiliate Store business, you may need to analyse the present conditions of the store and its sales. Only after that you may further think further and build plans and strategies. Here many of the affiliates got confused what to do next because they do not have valuable data to research with.

But not in the case of Fresh Store Builder. It provides you the complete details of your visitors. You may track what your visitors do on your website, what they like the most. These things will directly help you to improve your store to get more and more sales. One more thing, you can also observe your sales and the earnings reports.



Sometimes, you may need quick changes in your eCommerce stores as per the changes occurring the business environment. That’s why it is necessary for you to choose an ongoing solution which will help your to edit your eCommerce store on the moment.

Fresh Store Builder helps to edit everything on your store live. You can make live and quick changes in your Amazon Affiliate store without doing anything special. It also provides you the visual editor which has the power to help you edit your store with full of ease and flexibility.



Cookies have an important role to play in the Affiliate sales. Whenever somebody goes with your affiliate link, a cookie works behind it. And if the person who goes with your affiliate link even buy the product in the some days after going through the link, you may retail your affiliate commission.

Fresh Store Builder provides you the feature of such smart cookies. It has a 90 day cookie policies feature. This simply increases the chances of your earnings after promoting the products on your Amazon Affiliate Store. Niche based stores are expected to have great benefit of these cookies.



This is something necessary for any site live on the Internet but in case of an affiliate store its relevancy increases a lot. Nobody would like to visit and purchase from such a store in which things like page loading time, navigation etc. are poor. In other words, the stores having no optimization of Data are considered to have poor rankings and performance.

Fresh Store Builder provides the necessary tools to keep your Amazon affiliate store optimized from each and every side up to the maximum possible extent. It take care of the things running behind to serve your visitors the best possible user experience by simply keep them optimized.



Many of the eCommerce stores failed to provide their visitors the right product filtration in the search. This is the sign of poor quality of the store. But, you may never need to worry about the product filtration in case of a store created with the Fresh Store Builder.

It helps your visitors to show them the right products according to filtration they applied in the search. Moreover, the categorization of various products in the right categories is necessary especially in the case of multi-niche eCommerce stores. Fresh Store Builder will help you so to get the right categorization of the products.



All of the above listed features are the major ones but Fresh Store Builder provides much more than these. Here is a screenshot of the official page of features of the Fresh Store Builder website which displays a lot of features.

Even more than this…..

Although most of the features are listed above yet there are lot to discover which you may feel only when you try the Fresh Store Builder to build your very own Amazon affiliate store.



The Support offered by them is just ultimate. They have blog and help resources to help you. More than this they have a big community of the Fresh Store Builder users which you can join via the forums to get any type of help regarding building your Amazon affiliate store with this tool.

They keep on publishing guides and support blog posts regularly on their blog regarding which you can even get notifications within your Dashboard of the store. This kind of support is necessary when you are having a professional store that is helping you to earn huge commissions and growing your business. Moreover, support binds our trust on any service. Better Support a service provides, better is the response it get from its users.

Checkout Fresh Store Builder YouTube page for video tutorials.

Features of Fresh Store Builder to have a look on the official page of features offered by the Fresh Store Builder.


Let us now quickly discuss out the pricing. Pricing of a product is most relevant thing to look after looking on the features as it will tell whether the product is suitable to choose.

Here is the screenshot of the official Order Page of the Fresh Store Builder.

It allows you to create unlimited stores for the price of $97 as an offer. As you can see in the above screenshot, it seems to have a price of $497 but under the limited time period offer, you can grab this tool to create your Amazon Affiliate Store for just $97.

At the pricing, the features seems to really amazing and incredible. The profits that you are going to have after making your Amazon Store with the Fresh Store builder are ought to be really high just because of the ease, flexibility and the kind of automation it offers.

How to Get Started with Fresh Store Builder?

Let we quickly try the Fresh Store Builder to test its functionality.

1). Click on the free demo link on the official Homepage of the
2). Enter your Email address there and proceed.
3). You will get the sign in details in your email. Go with them and sign in into your Fresh Store Builder account.
4). Your Dashboard will look like as shown in the following screenshot. Now you are ready to build your Amazon Store.

Here is how the Dashboard of Fresh Store Builder looks like.

And here is how the default site looks like.

Let’s learn little more about the functionality of the dashboard.

I have added the screenshots of the respective tabs so that you can have a clear look of the features.

Get Started Menu

Categories Menu

Products Menu

Content Menu

Templet Menu

Spinning Menu

Reports Menu

Tools Menu

Explore Menu

Every menu has fast number of features and options to perform. This simply represents the power of Fresh Store Builder to build an Amazon Store.

Now, I am going to show their quick setup.

Step 1. Selection of Template

In this section, we have to choose a template for our Amazon store from a variety of a few templates. We can pick any of them and can use them as the theme of the Amazon Store that we are going to build. Here is the screenshot of the page.

Step 2. Store Settings

In it, we have to set some of the settings related to our store. The screenshot of this page is given below. In this we have to give our store a name also.

Step 3. Amazon Keys

In this step, you have to setup the Amazon keys. You have to connect the store you created with Fresh Store Builder with the Amazon details. Here is the screenshot of this page.

Step 4. Categories

In this step, you have to fill out the details regarding the categories you want in your Amazon store. There are a lot of categories which are already there and you have to just edit the settings. Thus, it makes the complicated work for selecting the categories very much easy. Here is the screenshot of this page.

Step 5. Setup Complete

So, here is the final step which will show you the congratulations message. It displays that you have just completed building your Amazon store and now you can view the overview of your freshly created Amazon Store. Here is the screenshot of this page.

Afterwards when you will click the “View Store Overview” button, you will see the page as shown in the following screenshot.

So, this is how easily you can build your Amazon Store as an affiliate by using the Fresh Store Builder.


Build your online shopping store without any coding skills, only using drag and drop features and also you can apply pre-design high conversion templets

I was really surprised with FSB dashboard. It was way more professional and useful than what I was expecting. I like the software very much. I've had very good experience with the support as well, they addressed my issues very quickly. Guides are great... Videos tutorials are the best for everyone, with or without experience on the field. Also good support and ideas from forum and Facebook group. I am pretty happy with FSB so far and it's just much more than what I expected really. Definitely recommend to anyone who wants to get on Amazon affiliate business.

Fab Mika 

I am creating my first Amazon affiliate store with Fresh Store Builder software, which is surprisingly easy to use, and picking up lots of tips from the members forum. Great work Carey and the team...

Steve Butt
Azhar Ahamad

I have tried almost every system out there, WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, Cart66, Oscommerce, Woocommerce, almost everything and I always found it hard in different sort of ways. From setting up the store, adding the products, changing layouts, website themes, these things will take weeks, even months only to start online store, but thanks to Fresh Store Builder which really saved alot of time with just a few clicks. Honestly, I love it, just upload the script on your server, complete the setup and your store will be up in a few minutes. You can start adding the products with just a few clicks. I am really very satisfied with my purchase. Thanks to FSB and the team.

Walt Nelson

Fresh Store Builder and Carey's team really work hard providing excellent software and support for creating your Amazon Affiliate stores. If you are just starting out, I couldn't imagine a better place to start your online marketing adventure.

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Fresh Store builder is really amazing in the terms of a tool to create a perfect Amazon store to promote your affiliate products. It is already very difficult to find a tool which will help you get everything for you automatically at such a great price, but Fresh Store Builder is there to take away still! Hope this review will guide to help to choose the Best tool to create your very own Amazon Affiliate Store. Thanks for being here to get the right concern.