ES File Explorer Review

These days, smart phone user eventually face a number of issues related to operating their phones in a smooth manner after mere use of few months. Although, technology has enabled us to come closer to accessing and using the power of reaching the world instantly, most of the smart phone users tend to face a growing dissatisfaction with their phones over periods of continued usage. The cause that can be pointed to this disappointing experience is the slow and poor performance of Android phones, because of which, a user has to suffer the dismay. As every day smart phone users, most people fail to realise that their phones are capable of operating smoothly and efficiently quite easily, provided they are equipped with a manger that can get your phone rid of unwanted files and keep the system running secure.

ES FileExplorer is a sophisticated application that provides unique features that enable a user to manage phone applications in a simple manner. ES File is an Android application which is available free of cost at the Android play store and acts as a fully featured manager for your Smartphone. It even offers a classic range of features to its users which can be used to customise the applications on the phone and run the device smoothly.

ES File Explorer Features



The homepage feature of ES File Explorer lands a user to display a page with detailed contents of your phone. Here, you can easily view the images, videos, documents, and applications etc., presently stored in the internal and external memory combined. Storage capacity and available capacity of the device can also be viewed at this page.Access to various other tools available with this app are also displayed on this screen.


Sending Files

User is allowed to send and transfer files to a targeted network instantly. The user get the benefit of instantaneously sharing files with other users or over a network rather than transferring them over low speed Bluetooth networks.


ES File Cleaner

By detecting wasteful storage in the phone, the app displays the results to users and also provides an option to choose the junk that a user wishes to remove from their phones. It helps in categorising the junk into diverse categories like Recycle, residual junk, obsolete APK’s, Ad junk and download junk. A list of files that are deemed junk by the device are also displayed on this screen so that they can be removed for optimum performance of the device.



ES file enables a user to add server networks on their phones so they can maintain their data easily over a cloud, across various devices. A cloud network offers various benefits to a user. Accessing various servers and devices with the help of cloud services is easy and simple. Adding a new server is easy and can be done in an instant as well with this feature.


Remote Manager

ES File Review clearly gives the proof of trustworthiness of this app. Remote Management Utility option makes it convenient for the users to use this app. Users can easily get connected to other PC system over a network for managing the work over several devices. You can easily set this feature on your Android phone and work without any trouble.


Network Selection

ES File explorer permits the user to choose from different networking options on their smart phones. If a user wants to operate some other network on his/her phone then this function might come handy for the user. A network will identify various available networks and display them in list form. These networks might be Cloud, TV, LAN or any other type.



The application lends a bountiful of features among which is the Windows feature that can be used to select multiple views of the screens. New screens can be created by users, a particular screen can be created as default and useless screens can be turned off, all according to the choice of the user.



The home screen of the app provides an option for a sidebar. Here, the user can select different features and operating tools that can be used by the user on his device. All these tools give a synopsis of what functions can be performed by the user using the app.


Local Application Display

Users can make use of the application display screen to view the number of folders relating to various applications existing on their phone. As per the ES file review, this feature was found to be highly useful and convenient in order to instantly view the contents of various applications. It gives complete details to the user of various junk files that exist in specific folders of various applications.


User Applications

Users get the option to view various applications installed on their devices and allows them to control the operations of each of those applications. Every user can have varying uses of different applications which is where this feature comes in use. Current versions and specific permissions granted to each application can also be viewed by using this feature.

Final Say :

ES File Explorer android application has over 300 million downloads on the play store. The ES File Review reveals the satisfaction of various users who have installed this app and are using it on their devices. As a file management application, ES File Explorer has set a benchmark in the play store. As per the ES File review, the user friendly support in over thirty languages is a pleasing feature for most users. Owing to its features and multi-purpose functionality, ES File explorer has won many accolades. It offers compatibility with several other applications such as DropBox, SkyDrive and Google Drive. This application is programmed to offer networking benefits and connectivity support so that users can get a hassle free and smooth operating experience. ES task manager and App Locker can be synced easily with this app adding an extra utility for its users.