DU Speed Booster Review : Optimize your smartphone within Second

The DU Speed Booster App is a one of a kind application for the phone which has many features that optimizes the phone’s battery, power while optimizing the speed. It also takes care of frequent trash clean ups and shutting down background operations.

If an app is not eating up battery life then it’s occupying too much space and if it fits in a small memory space, and then it starts hampering the smooth running of the phone. One way or the other, user’s phone does get affected. But this new application called DU Speed Booster has been launched by a very trusted and high-tech company, who know what they are doing. The number of acclamations it has got so far does suggest that they know the real deal.


This app even has features like permissions manager, flashlight. The app boosts games by 50%, speeds up the phone by 60% and also cleans up the junk from the phone by clearing up as much as 850MB of memory space.

The DU Speed Booster can also be used to scan your phone device; any android phone will be compatible with this app. It found 2.4GB of files it could delete. Then we switched to a rival app. It found only 880MB of files to delete – cache files from apps like YouTube and Twitter, which are well-known for building up masses of data they don’t really need to store.

Features of DU Speed Booster:

Let’s take a tour of all the features that this application has in the below mentioned section.


Battery Booster

Any application nowadays straight away tends to drain the battery. It is a very troublesome characteristic of utility applications that are very useful for us. The battery booster mainly is a batter saver incorporated in the app. It is also known as DU Battery Saver.

It promises to extend the battery life by more than 50%. It is common knowledge that the phone’s system speed and power totally depends on the battery life of the device. Therefore, it is of great importance to enable the battery saver. This can be done very easily by clicking on the ‘Start to Saver’ option.


Power Booster

With the help of this feature, you will be able to run your Android games and apps at the fastest possible speed ever. This feature lets you work with one-touch speed acceleration. This also can help you kill tasks that unnecessarily eat battery, clean background processes, stop unwanted applications, and turn off auto-start applications for cleaning up memory and for boosting the speed of your system.


Malware Detection

In addition to getting good feedbacks and strong positive remarks for the excellent malware detection capabilities of the application, DU Speed Booster has also been awarded a very high usability score for not eating up power or negatively impacting the battery life and device performance of the handset in any way.


Game Booster

This feature is meant for enhancing your game speed and experience by a great deal. It allows for manual adding and smart recognition of games installed on your device. In addition, it focuses system resources to support seamless game play and game operation, and to boost FPS (frames per second).


Security Optimizer

With this feature, you are able to scan numerous apps and files on your mobile phone quickly to protect your device from Trojans and viruses. This is a very essential feature which is not easily available with other applications. This will help protect your bank documents and personal messages from being hacked.


Freeze App Manager

This feature has been designed to clear up the memory space by freezing up unnecessary apps. As soon as memory space is cleared, the speed and power of the phone is positively affected. These phone boosting activities are performed by the app itself on the command of the user.


Process Manager

This feature helps in the day to day management of those tasks running at the background by killing away the unused and unwanted. It also provides a detailed analysis of the amount of processes to be cleared.


Auto Start Manage

This feature’s duty is to disable the automatic app start in order to create convenience for the Process Manager for the proper regulating the apps. However this acts only for rooted device.


Trash Cleaner

This feature does all kinds of junk cleaning not only for the phone memory, but for the SD card too. This feature discards the cache files from the SD card. It scans every nook and cranny of the device in order to wash away unwanted apps and indirectly increase some storage space to optimize the system speed.


Speed Tester

This is one of the stunning features of this application. It allows you to keep monitoring the network speed in a glance. It enables the user to take immediate speed measure of the sent data with the help of “Ping”. With the help of this, users can make a hassle free comparison of the network speed as it is received in other countries by using the “VS” function. This requires only one-tap, this feature lets you check the upload and download speeds of existing network.


Antivirus Protection

This feature is inclusive of free Antivirus Protection provision. Wherein there is download and installation of several heavy apps, antivirus protection is a must. To make the user more comfortable with the surfing and download process, it was a brilliant job done by the DU Speed Booster to introduce the most potent Antivirus system, AV-Test, into it. It also offers a blocking feature which individually blocks any incoming call and SMS.


App Manager

This feature basically helps in organizing all the apps on your phone device. This is a very essential task in order to get a hike in the system speed. This task is not carried out individually. There are four different managers that are part of this feature. The first three managers give an ease to the users to install or uninstall the apps simultaneously. This is done by an efficient and beneficial one-touch interface.

The APK Manager looks for unnecessary app files on both the SD card and phone memory platform, and cleans it up. The Move App2SD carries out transferring process of apps from the internal phone memory to SD card in order to make some space available in the former one.


The 5 core focus

DU Speed Booster's primary functionality focuses on just five core areas of the phone. Each of these is clearly mentioned in the app's home page. Add to it two more utilities that help the phone’s speed boosting goals. The Phone Boost acts as the core Accelerator that aims at speeding up the device, and as the name has already suggested, its main aim is to try and supercharge the device, which s achieved mostly by clearing out apps that don't really have any business of running in the background. This activity helps in freeing up more memory space for other uses for more essential apps to use.

Language Compatibility

It is currently available in 17 languages worldwide, and is compatible with mobile devices running Android 2.3 and up.

Permissions Manager

This is one of the new inclusions in the app of the DU Speed Booster.


This feature is for those phones which do not come with a flashlight.

Other Features

The DU Speed Booster can be used with just one tap — the user can simply hit the big button at the top of the screen and the app will start cleaning out any trash and also stop apps running in the background. There is also a widget present on the home screen which, when dragged, becomes a little spaceship that launches off the user’s screen in order to quickly speed up the device.

This widget looks very cool and can be removed from the app’s settings but it has a host of other functions that might make you want to keep it, even if the look and feel of the app doesn’t impress you enough — when tapped instead of dragged, it gives the user quick access to the device settings like Wi-Fi, screen brightness, and volume, as well as quick access to the owner’s installed games that launch using Game Booster. Yes the Game Booster is also a different functionality that is gathering a lot of eyeballs of the youngsters. Simply put this is a great app which has been designed for all age groups.

Final Words

After a few months of careful analysis it has successfully come up with multiple apps, some with only a small amount of data to save, but cumulatively adding up to as much half a gigabyte on one of the devices we tested. Besides from simply cleaning up apps, there are a few other things you can do here, like setting which apps to automatically kill - that is, prevent from auto-starting - schedule phone boosting sessions, and white list which apps to save from being killed.