DU Battery Saver app Review : Increase Smartphone Battery Life

Enter your text Do you wish that your Android Phone’s battery could last long? I hope you do. We all know that Android phones face a lot of issues in terms of battery consumption and usage. There aren’t many Android phones available in the market which has efficient battery. Even though Android phones keep getting updated with bigger batteries but no matter how big the battery is, it ultimately drains out quickly.


In such cases, Battery saver apps play a crucial role in helping prolong the battery life of your Android phone. Another useful application available in the Android market is DU Battery Saver application. Launched by DU Apps Studios, DU battery saver application is available for download from Google Play store with in app purchases. This 8.1 MB app has over 500 million downloads from play store. stands out to be the latest version of app which was last updated on 17th November 2015. It requires Android 2.3 and above version and now compatible with Android 5.1.1. Here are some of the highlight features of this application by which you can get clarity about DU Battery Saver Review...

Features of DU Battery Saver



Let me provide you detailed DU battery saver review by which you can judge about its feature and usage. If you look at the interface, it will provide you summary about current battery usage, how much time left for use, battery capacity, temperature and even voltage. It also has a optimize button with different combination of settings and techniques. If you look at the saver tab, you know about the battery tuning capabilities of this app. The smart tab available in the interface also has an added functionality by which you can configure which all the applications you want to kill during optimization and which not. One can even Here you can even set up different new modes, profiles or do further settings.



The app comes along with some of the amazing features which you will not be able to find in other battery saver apps. It has range of options and switches along with easy controls of usage. You can monitor the power consumption even after closing the application. It is also not even complex to use and you will feel it quite easy to navigate around the different options and settings available more comfortably.


Phone Cooler

Android phones are prone to getting heated quite usually while playing highly battery exhaustive or while using GPS. Now this new phone cooler feature detects temperature or other problems which may cause heating of phone and then reduces the heating by cooling down its temperature. This is one unique feature in this DU Battery Saver app, which is not available in other battery saver apps.


Fast Battery Saver

Are you looking at a quick fix to reduce the battery consumption of your phone? Using an optimize button available in the application, you can quickly resolve all the android problems and helps in saving battery quite instantly. This one-click optimization can fix the battery problems and even fine tune the energy settings of your phone.


Intelligent Battery Manager

This is one of the most important features of DU battery saver app as it helps in managing all the background processes ongoing in your android phone. This feature kills the useless processes or stale process and also manages your phone hardware and software more effectively.


Smart Home Screen Widget

The most convenient thing about this application is that it gives you a smart home screen widget which allows you stop all the power consuming applications that can boost the battery life of your phone. With this widget, you can even manage the background applications more effectively and also your phone hardware easily. It gives you one click optimization feature which is not available in other applications.


Battery Skin Shop

Using the same old battery skins can be boring and you may wish to customize them. Using this feature, you can create your own battery skin.


DU Aurora Engine

This is one of the advanced saving mechanisms available in DU battery saver app. It can help close unused background process and closes the non-running applications which could be left unclosed while using. With the help of this engine, one can save more battery in Android Phone.


New Mode

Now you can use Smart pre-set battery power management mode and even customize your own performance mode and save your battery in better ways. You can create your own battery mode according to the usage of your phone. Different modes can be used which includes prolong, sleep, general and also a customized mode which can be set according to the needs and preference of a user. Even users can add a mode suiting their requirement, such that it can be used in situations which have not been taken care of in other available modes.


Healthy Charging Manager

​There are so many customizations and settings available in the app by which you can conveniently optimize your phone. With the help of effective battery saving mechanism available in this app, you can save a lot of your phone battery life and even extend the battery life of your phone in better ways.


Screen Lock Auto clear

​This feature clear the applications open on phone, whenever screen is locked. So, you need not have to worry about the open applications consuming battery of your phone, as it will automatically be closed by this so useful application.


Notification Saving

​Generally the notifications remain there on your phone unless you manually close them. In the background, all the applications related to those notifications also keep running. You can save the power consuming applications which are located on the notification bar as the application closes all the notifications which are not required.



​Another amazing feature of this application also enables the user to manage its application and inquire about what all applications are still working on the phone. These applications might affect the battery life of your phone, thus with the help of this application user can close it and thus enjoy increase battery life.


Schedule by Power

​Imagine, your phone power was low and it got switched off when you needed it the most. I am sure this is one thing you would not like to happen. This is the situation when DU batter saver can really help you. With this application on your phone, the mode on your phone will automatically be changed to a power saver mode, as and when your phone reaches to a low battery level. So you need not have to worry if you missed seeing low battery, it will all be taken care of by the app and you will be able to use the phone without any interruption.


Schedule by Time

​With this feature, user can schedule a time when mode will be selected automatically over your phone, thus helping you save on battery. This will undoubtedly increase the battery life of your phone and enable you use it for a long period of time. The time can be scheduled according to the usage of phone, especially in those hours when consumption of battery is quite high.

Pro Version Features

There are some added features which are not available in the free version. For getting these below features, you need to purchase the professional version of this app. With the normal free version, you can save approximately 50% of your phone battery life but with this pro version, you can save almost 70% of your phone battery life. The pro version is available for download from Google Play Store for 185.08 INR...

  • Screen lock Auto Cleaner – This feature helps in cleaning all the applications when screen lock is done. This helps in saving battery to much greater extent.
  • Auto Clear Apps- This automatic cleaner helps in clearing apps that are not used but still running in the background. It helps in saving battery.
  • Time Scheduler- With the help of this feature, you can change battery saver modes based on the performances required in a day.
  • Network Control- This feature helps in disabling the network automatically once the screen is off.
  • Lower CPU Frequency- CPU is the core unit of your phone and consumers most of the phone battery. This feature helps in reducing the CPU clocks or frequency when your phone screen if off or not in use. It can help save battery in better ways.

Good app. it really does extend battery life on my power hungry Samsung galaxy S6. However, you need to periodically optimize to get the most battery life. Also, the Optimize shortcut doesn't seem to work as well as going into the app itself to optimize. Phone cooler seems to work only some of the time. I hate all the games it advertises, but I guess that's the price of a free app. Would like it better if it constantly closed down power hungry apps. Perhaps the paid version does this better.

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Tom Taylor 

Final Say

Above we have provided a brief DU battery save review which provides you details about its features and usage. We all know that Android phones are made of different hardware and software processes which keep running and consume a lot of phone battery.

Most of these processes are not required but still keep running.With the help of DU battery saver application helps you manage all the hardware and software processes in effective way and thus helps in extending your phone battery life.

If you go through the DU battery saver review, you will be amazed at the ease and simplicity of this app. With the help of this app, you will be able to protect your phone from bad charging, battery consuming applications, overheating and extend your phone battery life.